November 9, 2012: Police Notebook

Two Timaru youths have been caught with their pants down.

Police warned a 19-year-old youth for offensive behaviour after he was seen on Stafford St with his pants around his ankles at 2.55am yesterday.

Timaru police dealt with the young man again, five minutes later, after he repeated the offence alongside another Timaru youth, 19. Both were arrested for offensive behaviour.

Police dealt with a nose to tail car crash on Evans St, near Newmans Hill, at 9.40am on Thursday.

Two Timaru men, 20 and 21, were warned for breaching the liquor ban on Stafford St. The 21-year-old was later arrested for offensive behaviour.

A Timaru man, 20, was arrested for obstruction.

A woman, 85, had $100 stolen from a Stafford St ATM machine after she forgot to take it out of the dispenser.

A Timaru man, 24, was arrested for disorderly behaviour after several Tay St residents contacted police with reports of an intoxicated man.

A Toshiba laptop and Samsung DVD player were stolen from Craighead Diocesan School between 12.30am and 1.30am yesterday.

A man, 20, was arrested for wilful damage after he smashed a wind mirror on a school van.

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