December 11, 2012: Police Notebook

18:48, Dec 11 2012

Timaru police are reminding people with diabetic conditions to be careful after they forbade a man from driving for several hours.

The man was stopped about 9.50am near Temuka after reports of him driving erratically. Tests found the driver had low blood sugar levels.

A Pareora man left $60 cash in an ATM machine at Countdown, Church St, on December 8. The incident happened at about 4.30pm. When he returned to the machine the money had been taken.

A Timaru youth, 17, was arrested for a historic case of wilful damage. He allegedly threw stones at windows in York St on December 4.

A Caucasian youth stole a pair of chinos from a Stafford St store. Enquiries are continuing.

A Timaru man, 51, was arrested for failing to provide a blood speciman after he was stopped for suspected drink driving at 1.20am.


A Temuka man was arrested for allegedly unlawfully using an eft-pos card to the sum of $4500.

A Timaru man, 24, was arrested on warrants.

A Timaru youth, 16, was arrested for disorderly behaviour on Wilson St at noon yesterday.

A Timaru man, 35, was arrested for shoplifting at Pak 'n'Save.

A Timaru man, 22, had his licence suspended for excessive demerits.

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