Burrowsian bumbling on big day

Rachel and Atkins' big day fortunately wasn't spoilt by the writer's bumbling.

OPINION: Regular readers of this column will by now be well aware that I've had an interesting time in the past few weeks.

Justice for the Hillsborough 96

Columnist Grant Shimmin

OPINION: Desperate years dealing with a heart breaking tragedy

Silver lining to second red error

Fortunately Derek Burrows' transport to a Zimbabwean bush camp managed to avoid the fate of this vehicle on its return ...

Red is a universal sign of danger, right?

In the garden of my dreams

Gardens all over New Zealand were overrun with white butterflies.

OPINION: Hi folks, are you a garden lover? Do you talk to your plants?

Whose legacy really reigns supreme?

Musician Prince has died, aged 57.

OPINION: What weird hour was this I have just lived through?

Caution on the lion walk

Columnist Derek Burrows gets close to the king of the jungle on a walking with lions tour near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

OPINION: It's important to wear the correct apparel when communing with nature, write Derek Burrows.

Steely resolve from Masters meltdown

Jordan Spieth and caddie Michael Greller react after a disappointing finish to the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta ...

OPINION: I couldn't see exactly what was happening, but it was clearly something momentous.

Napping - it's hard work

Columnist Grant Shimmin struggles to combine his love of sleep with the exposure of an open-plan office.

OPINION: To the surprise of colleagues, Grant Shimmin reveals a secret past of sleeping at work.

A real leader steps up, a wannabe is exposed

Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli celebrate victory during the ICC WT20 India Group 2 match between India ...

OPINION: What's leadership all about?

Too early for such a sharp focus?

Rowing is a big sport in New Zealand schools, but do those schools need to employ their own sports scientists?

If I had a child who was set to start high school and wanted to satisfy myself he/she was in good hands, who would I talk to at the schools on offer?

Winging wedding finery across the world

Fortunately we don't have to transport this  wedding cake, the eight-tiered monstrosity for the 2011 royal wedding of ...

OPINION: It wasn't the most promising start to packing for our trip to Zambia.

No vuvuzelas without a bribe?

Soccer fans blow vuvuzelas while awaiting the start of the 2010 World Cup Group F soccer match between Paraguay and New ...

OPINION: So, but for a bribe, might we never have been introduced to the delights of the vuvuzela?

This research's a howler

Researchers seem fascinated by the bodily functions of howler monkeys - if the subjects of their studies are anything to ...

OPINION: News item: Monkeys with smaller testicles scream louder to compensate, study finds.

NZ the way it used to be

Duncan Garner says they're tough buggers in the deep south.

OPINION: Forget the rat race in the main centres, the deep south is our-best kept secret.

Speed wobble on my downhill dash

The shuffling Saffa and the Flying Scotsman (right). The picture suggests I have a double chin. As if. That's just the ...

OPINION: It was the heat. And it was my feet. But most of all it may have been the fact that I was just too darn fast.

Still no answer to this mystery

Crew aboard the Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield move the US Navy's Bluefin-21 autonomous underwater vehicle into ...

Editorial: Two years, and counting.

Mourning loss of wonderful words

Prepare to be groaked if you're out drinking on St Patrick's Day.

 OPINION: Blame it on the tweeters, or twits, or whatever the regular users of Twitter call themselves.

What I hope he knew

Martin Crowe bats during the cricket World Cup match between New Zealand and Pakistan in 1992.

OPINION: I've found myself hoping a lot in the last day or so, hoping he knew just how they felt, and how deeply they felt it.

Why are some roads more dangerous?

A motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a car near Hampden, North Otago.

EDITORIAL: Dangerous roads don't exist. There's no such thing as traffic blackspots.

Time to make our decision

The old or the new. Which one will it be?

OPINION: From Thursday we get our chance to say whether we want a new national flag.

I'm fighting for the beach

The jewel of the Timaru District. The beach at Caroline Bay on a cloudy morning.

OPINION: It's a completely unexpected state of affairs, but I feel a little like Winston Churchill right now.

Beach buy is cause for celebration

An aerial photograph of Awaroa Inlet and Awaroa Bay.

EDITORIAL: A true 21st Century example of Kiwi pride and spirit in action.

Subpar stats don't tell the whole story

Brendon McCullum in the huddle with his team-mates as New Zealand take the field in the first test against Australia in ...

OPINION: In one sense, it seems to me to have arrived suddenly, this weekend's watershed event.

Minority ruining it for majority

OPINION: Staying at a backpackers or hostel while on an OE is – for most – an unforgettable experience.

Frozen by my fruity predicament

The list of instructions wife Jill left for Derek Burrows to deal with their ripening produce even includes tips on ...

OPINION: Abundance is not something we acquire; it's something we tune into, American philosopher Wayne Dyer said.

Confronting a winged tormentor

My nemesis is a black-billed gull like this one

OPINION: I've found myself contemplating violence several times in recent weeks.

A bit rich coming from Key

06022016 Feature Photo: Jason Dorday/ Fairfax NZ Prime Minister John Key talks to media about Waitangi Day celebrations ...

OPINION: It might be time for one of John Key's confidantes to ask him an important question.

Are our Aussie neighbours tougher?

A tough little Aussie blue penguin swims into Timaru.

OPINION: Are Aussies just harder than Kiwis? Please, don't shout.

Vivid visions of the war horrors

Visitors to the Gallipoli, The Scale of our War Exhibition at Te Papa place poppies on an exhibit.

OPINION: Derek Burrows was moved by a war exhibition that hinted at the horrors his grandfather faced a century ago.

Free education 'social investment'

280614. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Close of a hand writing on a paper

arm, assignment, author, background, blue, bracelet, ...

EDITORIAL: Encouraging more people into more study will improve the chances New Zealand can further diversify its economy.

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