Closures two much for some

Canterbury flooding

It has been a weekend of weather of almost Biblical proportions.

What nice people


OPINION: Kate and Wills and baby George have been and gone, in a whirlwind of skirts and teeth and flag waving

Taking the high road

caravan registration

Buying votes is a long-standing political tactic. Usually it's achieved by promising tax breaks, interest free student loans, incentives for first home buyers - that sort of thing.

Barminess that relieves gloom


It's cloudy again this morning. In fact, it's been gloomy weather now for what seems several weeks.

Letter: Roundabouts

wai-iti morgans intersection

Regarding recent publicity on roundabouts, it is not the roundabouts that are to blame it is the drivers who do not listen or read how and what to do when approaching them.

Letter: Sheep shipments


In reply to David Schofield's letter (Monday), where has he been for the past 15 years? Live sheep shipments have had nothing to do with the present state of the sheep industry, it's got to do with price and a huge change of land use to dairying which is far more profitable.

Legal high gesture

Legal Highs

It is a nice gesture that local communities have been given the chance to decide where synthetic cannabis can be sold.

Coffee cats paying a high price too

palm civet

If we are to believe news reports from Brazil - and why shouldn't we - the price of coffee will rise. Last time this commodity reached record high prices was in 1975 when severe frosts, known as the Black Frosts, wiped out around 70 per cent of Brazil's coffee crops for two years in a row.

Letter: Roundabout rules

wai-iti morgans intersection

Traffic management seems to be a hot topic in Timaru at the moment, with recent articles about lights and roundabouts with different opinions, reasons why, reasons why not. If I may add my two cents worth.

Letter: Illustrations

john key nazi poster

The so-called painting of John Key in Chris Trotter's article depicting what is intended to be a Nazi uniform may be clever in your columnist's view but to others it is insulting to John Key and to all of us, another cheap trick to denigrate a man who is leading the country out of depression. As for the terrible connection of the prime minister's family to the Holocaust, what was the artist thinking?

Power in numbers

BNZ Building quake damage

It makes sense that the local bodies of the lower South Island have joined forces to try to influence post-earthquake building laws.

Prefering drama unscripted


How easy is it for you to suspend your disbelief?

Nothing's as it seems


Everyday housewife Harriet Wakefield shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Nostalgia covers up painful reality


Recently an ex-All Black died at a relatively early age and quite rightly there were condolences and sympathy for his family.

Public has the power


OPINION: It can be easy, as a tax-paying, rate-paying, bill-paying member of the public, to feel like everything's getting more and more expensive. And to feel there's really not a lot we can do about it.

Letter: Telecom's bill

telecom phone bill

I enjoyed reading Wednesday's editorial which took a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the spin that Telecom is putting on the $1.50 charge to customers who have broadband accounts or who pay monthly mobile plans.

Letter: No accident

St John's Ambulance

On April 1 a gutless wonder of a driver cut me off just before the Seadown passing lanes and despite my vehicle ending up in a ditch drove off. The purpose of this letter though is to thank the wonderful, supportive people who are out there.

Letter: Synthetic cannabis

Legal Highs

I have delayed writing to the letters column hoping that someone else would by now have taken up the case against the sale of legal high drugs (synthetic cannabis) to the young people of our town.

Life a risky business

	 train station, school kid

OPINION: It must be a nightmare to organise a school trip these days.

Letter: Bus services

bus stop

While I approve of towns that have public transport services, Timaru's needs thought. So efficient is Timaru's service that all buses run five minutes early. Those of us on time, still miss the bus.

Letter: Political issues

Simon Bridges

Dear me, yet again the Government shoots itself in the foot. How can a minister, exceptionally well paid at that, not know the domain of his portfolio?

Bring on traffic lights

Traffic lights

OPINION: Some things are sent to try us, and in Timaru traffic lights seem to be one of them.

Letter: Founding documents

Treaty of Waitangi

In response to D H Darling's letter on Wednesday, can I suggest he reads the Treaty of Waitangi document, study the history of the settlement of New Zealand by the Europeans and their subsequent unlawful land confiscations.

Letter: Not in our interests

TPPA protest

Further to Neil McKinnon's letter on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (Monday), I understand that in its secret clauses there are some real threats to our health and judicial systems.

Pay rate poser

Generic money

Some readers will have spluttered over their cereal when reading that directors of Timaru District Holdings Ltd (TDHL) are to be paid $200 an hour.

Pity the airline, too

Malaysia conference on MH370

At the time of writing the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still baffling the world.

Letter: Be more efficient

Power, electricity, power lines, power pole

I wish to comment on your opinion piece on Saturday, regarding the electricity industry.

Letter: Democracy at risk

Election voting paper

The last sentence in your editorial on Saturday: ''Ah, for the good old days, when the New Zealand Electricity Department ran everything, and wasn't profit driven'' must be woefully repeated by almost all New Zealanders with the exception of some past Labour and National party politicians who, despite warnings from knowledgeable people, proceeded to destroy a highly efficient system.

Letter: Oil exploration

Oil exploration

There was a feature in the Herald (March 31) about global interest in NZ Oil & Gas stating some international exploration giants will be searching in several locations around the country. It would be wonderful if at least one of these sites was found to be able to produce commercial quantities of oil or gas.

A niggling little fee

telecom phone bill

OPINION: It's only $1.50, but the extra charge by Telecom to get your bill in the mail will niggle with some people.

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