A bit rich coming from Key

06022016 Feature Photo: Jason Dorday/ Fairfax NZ Prime Minister John Key talks to media about Waitangi Day celebrations before heading out to the Nines

It might be time for one of John Key's confidantes to ask him an important question.

Are our Aussie neighbours tougher?

A tough little Aussie blue penguin swims into Timaru.

OPINION: Are Aussies just harder than Kiwis? Please, don't shout.

Vivid visions of the war horrors

Visitors to the Gallipoli, The Scale of our War Exhibition at Te Papa place poppies on an exhibit.

OPINION: Derek Burrows was moved by a war exhibition that hinted at the horrors his grandfather faced a century ago.

Free education 'social investment'

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Stock Photo - Close of a hand writing on a paper

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EDITORIAL: Encouraging more people into more study will improve the chances New Zealand can further diversify its economy.

The 'new normal' of a rare condition video

Stella on the corner of the carport roof, where she loves to sit to survey the world

OPINION: It's amazing how quickly something completely unexpected becomes an accepted part of daily life.

'Let the buyer beware'

26012016 News John Bisset/FairfaxNZ.  Diva and eight year old Fox Terrier was attacked by a dog that resulted in 50 stitches. Pictured is Riley Wood

EDITORIAL: Searching through listings of animals for sale online can be great fun.

No indication what way test will go

Passing a driving test these days raises questions about the process in Timaru.

OPINION: It’s been a testing few days – in more ways than one.

Another great flies into the sunset

Don Henley, left, and Glenn Frey on stage at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland in March 2015.

OPINION: This isn't the column you might have read if a week was twice as long as it is.

Are we better off with low inflation?

Inflation is down, but what does that mean?

EDITORIAL: We've all noticed it, haven't we?

More problems with sleeping plans

Jill Burrows goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure her guests have a good night's sleep.

OPINION: Lightning doesn't strike twice, does it?

A week of macabre symmetry

David Bowie performs during a Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley in 1992.

OPINION: It's been one of those weeks that's tough to put into words, which is a little problematic when it's your job.

Grave concerns over standing room only

Rows of headstones might be closer together if vertical burials gain favour.

OPINION: What with increasing child poverty and a growing inequality gap you'd think New Zealand had enough problems on its plate just coping with the living. 

Resolutions: who needs them?

Grant Shimmin

OPINION: Columnist Grant Shimmin doesn't do New Year's resolutions - but he does love a challenge.

My link to the great Richie

I suspect someone had just called a bashful Richie McCaw Sir Richie when this picture was taken at the press conference announcing his retirement, much to the amusement of All Blacks coach Steve Hansen.

OPINION: The New Year has already been good to me.

Anticipating a life-changing moment

Arsenal's Theo Walcott scored in a win over Manchester City.

OPINION: It's the season, isn't it? If you nodded, or muttered yes under your breath, I know where you're coming from.

Left off the phone list

Having trouble finding your name in the phonebook? Might take a while to sort out this mystery.

OPINION: It comes as bit of a shock, just before Christmas, to find you no longer exist.

Much talk of weathering the weather

A heat wave had people flocking to Caroline Bay on Monday, From left are Thomas Peters 8, Sarah Peters 6, Campbell Betts, 9, and Ollie Hicks-Sandri 8.

OPINION: We love a bit of friendly interprovincial rivalry in New Zealand. We love it almost as much as we love to talk about the weather.

Fearing a mouthful of port water

A harbour swim will take competitors around Timaru's North Mole and into Caroline Bay.

OPINION: The prospect of an ocean swim in Caroline Bay holds excitement - and trepidation - for Timaru man Grant Shimmin.

Transfer with pinch of proverbial

A Western Union money transfer billboard in Samoa.

Earlier this year Prime Minister John Key claimed some Kiwis were sending money overseas to support Isis.

Seized by a minute of terror

Stella in a box, being her friendly feline self. On Monday she was hit by a seizure that saw us asking the vet if she might be epileptic

The Week of Living Catastrophically.

Collins not going gently

Newly appointed Police and Corrections minister Judith Collins.

OPINION: Some observers might have expected Judith Collins to slide quietly off into the political sunset.

Why get rid of Christmas?

This year's traditional Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in New York, an 80-year-old Norway Spruce, is lowered into position with a crane on November 6.

It’s only just over two weeks to Christmas – well, here in New Zealand it is.

Time for a Llong hard look, Nige

Third umpire Nigel Llong monitors the action on day 3 of the day-night test between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide, on November 29.

I might not be the best person to make this point. For the most part, I'm unfailingly polite.

The grammar snob of whom your mother warned

One of the many T-shirts dealing with grammatical errors available online.
This one is at Cafepress.com

OPINION: The answer to our language's decline is to buy a T-shirt.

Time to tell Trump he's fired

Donald Trump preaching to the choir. There's no place for his bigotry in decisions affecting our children's future.

OPINION: A few days ago, a friend and former colleague put a message on Facebook to his American friends.

Jonah's words to Joost prompt a new sadness

All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu died on Wednesday, aged 40.

OPINION: It was one of the first things I thought of when I heard the news.

Lomu remains larger than life

Jonah Lomu is mourned around the world by fans, fellow sporting greats, and media.

OPINION: Stories of Lomu's selflessness show us what we've lost.

Hateful posts compound grief

OPINION: There is nothing more aggravating than reading comments on social media sites from ignorant, rude people.

Restricting myself to 800 words

Melina Vidler, Erik Thomson and Benson Jack Anthony play the Turner family in 800 Words.

OPINION: This is not so much a homage, or a review, as an exercise.

AED campaign pays off

Geraldine High School Principal Simon Coleman with the defibrillator that was used to help save a staff member who suffered a heart attack on Monday.

OPINION: Worth every minute, and every last cent.

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