I like to think I'm pun-ching above my weight

Peter Sellers

Grant Shimmin stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other dads, continuing a fine tradition that likely began in prehistoric times.

Missing the boat this cruise season

Tourist operators up and down the country will be rubbing their hands with glee, but Timaru appears to have missed the boat.

No rest for the guest in the spare room bed

Slat attack

It was a hard day's night for Derek Burrows' guest, when the slat bed attacked.

Is a liking for puddings adding to the podge?

As the days get colder, there's nothing like a proper old-fashioned steamed pudding to warm you up.

The Old Chook confesses to a sweet tooth, but wonders whether puddings might contribute to excess podge.

When is a taxi not a taxi?

071211 NEWS Photo:Jason Oxenham/FAIRFAX MEDIA. Andrew Auld, a taxi driver who is working on Christmas Day.

OPINION: It's one of the most bizarre scenarios to have played out in South Canterbury in recent memory.

Day provides antidote to fellow Aussie's asinine antics

Jason Day of Australia celebrates with his caddie, Colin Swatton, after winning the 2015 PGA Championship with a score of 20-under par at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

It's time for a sensational confession.

Cowards quick to judge

Jacs Smith and Luca Fassbender, 2, from Timaru. Smith received a rude note after parking in a mobility car park.

So, some gutless person thinks it is their right to play parking warden.

Run it up the flagpole and see what will fly

Our flag

It's time to accept the flag referendum is a reality and look at what's likely to fly, says Derek Burrows

Letters to the editor: August 18

Every three years the fishing and hunting licence-holder public gets a chance to vote for Fish & Game council members in their region.

The apple of my eye, but russets weren't to everybody's taste


The Old Chook reflects on childhood tastes as she peels a pile of apples.

Answering the important questions in life


Grant Shimmin finds that a technological version of the pub quiz night can be dangerously distracting.

At least they smiled

Waiting on the end of the line

Is there anyone who doesn't get frustrated by long waiting times when ringing a call centre, asks Derek Burrows.

Giving family a voice

Fire victims: Tej Kafle, 49, Tika Kafle, 41, and Prem Kafle, 8.

The public's reaction to media coverage of the fatal fire in Waimate this week has attracted mixed feedback. Some positive, some negative.

No doubts he got to the top clean

South African Marius Corbett on his way to winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Columnist Grant Shimmin reflects on a top level athlete he has no doubt was clean.

Cow cruelty causes tears: letter

Timaru's Helen Curnow shares her disgust over an article about animal cruelty.

Close-knit family in mourning

Waimate Mayor Craig Rowley has opened an account to support the family left devastated by fire on Wednesday morning.

The horrific fire which claimed three lives in Waimate serves to remind us to have a plan - just in case.

Rich get richer: letter

On a business page story in The Timaru Herald last week there was a column headlined "Rich lister slams new breed of selfish super-rich Kiwis".

Set sights on senseless killers

Cecil the lion was a popular attraction among visitors to the Hwange National Park.

When columnist Derek Burrows heads to Africa next year there'll be one majestic creature he won't be seeing.

Elderly can be naughty little liars

Stock Photo - Elderly woman lifting weights Image ID : 36234884  resistance weight training
weight; hard; woman; senior; heavy; health; care; concept; work; arm; power; pension; happy; strong; old; senior; glasses; grandma; ancient; caucasian; person; dumbbell senior health wellbeing fitness prevention

OPINION: Grandma is 96. Her brain is sharp as a tack. It's the body that is starting to give way.

Letters to the editor: July 31

Submissions to ECan with regards to the state of our air quality has reminded me that I had written to Nick Smith as Environment Minister early February 2015.

Work dries up for politicians: letter

The article in The Timaru Herald regarding the closing of Bar One should be seen as a cautionary warning of things to come, says Roger Fagg.

Support for silver fern as debate rages on

The flag debate has been pub talk for months now and The Timaru Herald has received many letters on the subject.

Still a smoking hot issue

Environment Canterbury's smoky chimney issue is still being debated in and around South Canterbury. Here is what some of our readers think.

Time we starting taking an interest in cyber hacking affairs


Cyber hacking threatens more than revealing who's been cheating, Derek Burrows writes.

E-reading doesn't cater to all the senses


OPINION: I confess to being a bit of rebel when it comes to books.

Dobbing smokey fires 'dictatorship' - letter

Environment Canterbury recently broadcasted a suggestion that our populace anonymously report smoky chimneys.

Caught on camera consternation

Caught on camera.

Unearthed camera footage can lead to embarrassment no matter how long long ago it was filmed, Derek Burrows writes.

Letters to the editor: July 21


Timaru Herald readers share their views.

Web of supply and demand that's got out of kilter

Stu Gray

Head of Fonterra’s cooperative affairs (Canterbury) Stu Gray, is frank when he says he never thought dairy prices would drop so far.

The home of golf

John Daly kisses the trophy, the old claret jug, after winning the 1995 British Open.

There's an aura, a mystique, about St Andrews, and particularly the Old Course.

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