Time we starting taking an interest in cyber hacking affairs


Cyber hacking threatens more than revealing who's been cheating, Derek Burrows writes.

E-reading doesn't cater to all the senses


OPINION: I confess to being a bit of rebel when it comes to books.

Dobbing smokey fires 'dictatorship' - letter

Environment Canterbury recently broadcasted a suggestion that our populace anonymously report smoky chimneys.

Caught on camera consternation

Caught on camera.

Unearthed camera footage can lead to embarrassment no matter how long long ago it was filmed, Derek Burrows writes.

Letters to the editor: July 21


Timaru Herald readers share their views.

Web of supply and demand that's got out of kilter

Stu Gray

Head of Fonterra’s cooperative affairs (Canterbury) Stu Gray, is frank when he says he never thought dairy prices would drop so far.

The home of golf

John Daly kisses the trophy, the old claret jug, after winning the 1995 British Open.

There's an aura, a mystique, about St Andrews, and particularly the Old Course.

Dairy farmers have seen better weeks

It's been a week dairy farmers would like to forget.

Letters to the editor: July 16

Waimate's Roger Small wrote saying he believed letter writer Tom O'Connor was "right on the money regarding nutrient rules made for a select few high polluting farmers''.

Disrespectful attitude not taken lightly

Jodi Magi, 39, has been arrested in Abu Dhabi.

There would be nothing more frightening than being arrested while on holiday or living in a foreign country.

Letters to the editor: July 14

Timaru man Roger Fagg questions why a vehicle hub can't be built at Washdyke with a view to transporting goods to the port by an existing railway system.

Letters to the editor: July 11

So the NZ Flag Consideration Panel has completed the 25 public meetings around the country at a cost of $200,000 of our tax-payer money

Letters to the editor: July 10

Air New Zealand at long last has decided to offer South Canterbrians the opportunity to fly to their Capital City for $49 for a limited time only.

Demand steadily rising for police checks

Minister Anne Tolley.

You might consider yourself a worthy citizen by offering to do community work for voluntary organisations.

Another tragedy unfolds in Ashburton

Ashburton has once again been rocked by another tragedy.

The cost of dying

The Timaru City Council have just increased the cost of six foot of ground at the cemetery.

An age-old dilemma

We all have them. Those 30-something aged friends who skite about being asked for ID when purchasing alcohol at the supermarket.

My solar impulse to charge the power company

Soon our array of solar panels will be connected and we'll be looking forward to the day we can sell power to the power company.

Perhaps it's appropriate that we've just had some solar panels installed.

Winter artwork to admire

Frosty mornings.

The Old Chook recalls some special winter artwork she admired as a child.

Letters to the editor: July 3

I always appreciate reading in The Timaru Herald about efforts to clean racial and referee abuse out of the game of rugby.

Long-awaited leap into lexicon


It's not for FOMO, but Grant Shimmin has decided it's time to make his entry into the lexicon of the English language.

Letters to the editor: July 1

Your article on "Minister sour on sugar tax" highlights a major danger in democracy - money talks.

Parents will welcome free visits to doctors

The introduction today of free doctors’ visits, and prescriptions, for children aged under 13 years will be welcomed by parents.

Malapropisms are a mouthful

A mouthful of malapropisms.

Derek Burrows delves into a melting pot of malapropisms and mangled words.

Bracing myself for cooler conditions

Embracing cooler days.

OPINION: These days ... I am prone to centre my thoughts on temperatures rather than beauty.

Mundane setting for momentous moment

South African president Nelson Mandela presents the World Cup to winning captain Francois Pienaar

OPINION: I was alone in my elation.

Those in pain seeking other options

Ra, Brad and Mark Timms. The family would like to see medicinal marijuana available for Brad who has Batten Disease.

People who use cannabis for medicinal purposes are calling for the drug to be made legally available for those who need it.

Letters to the editor: June 25

Lynley Simmons shares her views on the recent live sheep shipment from Timaru.

Merger should come as no surprise

A merger between Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru and Christchurch's CPIT is imminent.

EDITORIAL: Struggling against a number of factors, Aoraki Polytechnic is looking to merge with Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT).

Food for thought in cheesy sex survey

There are bound to be a few holes in this theory.

OPINION: In the US, every day of the year is dedicated to a particular food, but one survey found cheese has particular benefits, writes Derek Burrows.

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