Babysitting puts cooking skills to test

"Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep."

You can't turn your back on Timaru for a minute before all sorts of interesting things go off.

Indulgence is not an option

Jogging might be too hard to take up, but walking is about the right level for some people.

New routines are hard to start, writes the Old Chook.

Spare me the buzzing

Mozzie at midnight? Goodbye sleep.

OPINION: It didn’t take too long to reacquaint myself with one of the sounds of my youth.

A lesson in perspective from nature

Were those eyes sending me a message?

All week it's been bubbling away under the surface.

Opportunity knocks

Debbie Doudle, owner of the Paws N' Claws Op Shop in Temuka, that contains many objects of desire for Bob Irvine.

"I'm not ready to play the cripple card just yet."

Japan win 'beyond miraculous'

Ayumu Goromaru of Japan celebrates scoring the second try during the 2015 Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan.

OPINION: Japan's win against South Africa must surely rank as the biggest upset in sporting history.

Why kill thy fearful symmetry?

Oz growls at the camera in his enclosure at Hamilton Zoo.

OPINION: Hamilton City Council made a blunder by refusing to rule out euthanising Oz.

'Evita' a step up - Letters

12092015 News. John Bisset/FaifaxNZ,  Dress rehearsals for Evita at the Theatre Royal . pictured in centre is Kate Esler playing Eva Peron

The drama league performance of Evita is faultless, a writer says.

Forgiveness, key to moving on?

Hayden Kelly died on a Nelson bridge in 2003 after being struck on the head 25 times.

To forgive does not automatically mean you have to forget.

Motorists ignore sirens - Letters

17/10/2008  photo: Warwick Smith   
St John's Ambulance - details for Feature article. Flashing light (right) and search light.

A reader is disturbed by motorists ignoring the signals of emergency services.

Changing Bowie for the rugger

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield's zero-gravity rendition of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' got a little more worldwide attention than my adaptation of 'Starman'

OPINION: Brace yourselves, folks, I'm about to sing to you.

'Underbelly' could carry day - Letters

The Red Peak flag, designed by Aaron Dustin.

Germany is leading the way with the refugee crisis, but how's New Zealand doing, Neil McKinnon asks.

Time to live up to reputation

The Government's stance on refugees has changed to keep up with the mood of the public.

OPINION: In a sense, the Government's lacklustre response to the refugee crisis was overwhelmed by public opinion.

Drivers, slow down - Letters

10092015 News. John Bisset/FairfaxNZ. Timaru woman Penni Naylor was hit by a car while she was cycling home from work. She is not out to name and shame the diver who hit her, but wants drivers to be more aware of cyclists on the road.

I think some Timaru drivers just need to slow down and look more carefully.

Still stealing our stuff

Professor Mary Fowler, physicist and great granddaughter of Sir Ernest Rutherford, in front of a painting of her famous ancestor at Nelson College, during a visit in 2008.

OPINION: When it comes to claiming citizens, the answer's vexed, writes Grant Shimmin.

TBHS boys fine example - letters

Gallipoli. 24/04/05. NZ flag paraded by the Turkish army during the Turkish commemoration ceremony. Pic Peter Drury  Fairfax.

Behaviour of TBHS hockey players readers encountered in Auckland was outstanding, they write.

Cartoonists lash Key - letters

Cartoonists are having a field day with John Key's stance on refugees.

Cartoonists having a field day over Key's refusal to comply with refugee obligations, writes Neil McKinnon.

William had a way of finding the words that fit the bill

William Shakespeare

Grant Shimmin discovers Shakespeare had more influence on the language we use today than he'd realised.

Letters to the editor: September 1

Well what a mess Serco has made of the running of Mt Eden Remand Prison.

Digging deep into donkey's years of detritus

An Uzbek pottery version of Donkey, of Shrek fame, pulling a cart.

Derek Burrows embarks on a decluttering spree, discovering the dangers of living in the same house for 20 years.

I like to think I'm pun-ching above my weight

Peter Sellers

Grant Shimmin stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other dads, continuing a fine tradition that likely began in prehistoric times.

Missing the boat this cruise season

Tourist operators up and down the country will be rubbing their hands with glee, but Timaru appears to have missed the boat.

No rest for the guest in the spare room bed

Slat attack

It was a hard day's night for Derek Burrows' guest, when the slat bed attacked.

Is a liking for puddings adding to the podge?

As the days get colder, there's nothing like a proper old-fashioned steamed pudding to warm you up.

The Old Chook confesses to a sweet tooth, but wonders whether puddings might contribute to excess podge.

When is a taxi not a taxi?

071211 NEWS Photo:Jason Oxenham/FAIRFAX MEDIA. Andrew Auld, a taxi driver who is working on Christmas Day.

OPINION: It's one of the most bizarre scenarios to have played out in South Canterbury in recent memory.

Day provides antidote to fellow Aussie's asinine antics

Jason Day of Australia celebrates with his caddie, Colin Swatton, after winning the 2015 PGA Championship with a score of 20-under par at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

It's time for a sensational confession.

Cowards quick to judge

Jacs Smith and Luca Fassbender, 2, from Timaru. Smith received a rude note after parking in a mobility car park.

So, some gutless person thinks it is their right to play parking warden.

Run it up the flagpole and see what will fly

Our flag

It's time to accept the flag referendum is a reality and look at what's likely to fly, says Derek Burrows

Letters to the editor: August 18

Every three years the fishing and hunting licence-holder public gets a chance to vote for Fish & Game council members in their region.

The apple of my eye, but russets weren't to everybody's taste


The Old Chook reflects on childhood tastes as she peels a pile of apples.

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