What a bunch of bankers!

Not even a protest that drew about 100 people, a significant percentage of Fairlie's population, was  enough to keep ...

Opinion: "Don't worry about us taking your bank. We're leaving you an iPad."

Left with the hardest question video

Stella the cat acts as sentry.

OPINION: Some questions it seems are destined always to remain unanswered.

Big bucks in dead celebrities

The dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she performed Happy Birthday for President John F Kennedy.

OPINION: Somewhere among my memorabilia I have the autograph of one of England's greatest footballers.

Our daughters deserve much better

NZ Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew, flanked by Chiefs coach Dave Rennie, left, and Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman, ...

OPINION: This column is dedicated to my daughters ... and to your daughters.

Hosed off in my garden

This isn't our hose, but it looks like it needs a hose reel as much as ours did.

 OPINION: There are three words that strike fear into my heart and turn my brain to mush.

His memory is on my mind

The HMS Phoebe, which my Dad was on when it was torpedoed in 1942.

OPINION: Do one's memories of people who have passed on become coloured with time?

Foolhardy adventures end up on TV

Czech tramper Pavlina Pizova talks about her experience during press conference.

OPINION: A couple of years or so ago there was a series on New Zealand television entitled I Shouldn't Be Alive.

The satisfaction of their success

Natalie Rooney on her way to winning silver in Rio. I think I know how her Dad must have felt watching her.

OPINION: Have you ever felt a deep connection with someone you didn't know?

Why give a shock jock oxygen?

Mark Richardson, left, and fellow The Crowd Goes Wild host Andrew Mulligan.

OPINION: So is it offensive to refer to someone as a "Pommy git"?

Let's have the Olympics in Timaru

Wouldn't it be great to see Natalie Rooney presented with an Olympic medal on Timaru's piazza, with Caroline Bay as a ...

So, the Rio Olympics are finally over.

I 'know' how injured athletes feel

I can imagine London Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker's frustration at injury keeping her from trying to go one ...

OPINION: How frustrating is it for an athlete to be laid up by a long-term injury?

How about these new laws?

It's something that happens every year, and Derek Burrows thinks there should therefore be a law to prevent people ...

Opinion: If you've travelled by air recently and your luggage has gone astray, don't worry.

Triumph in a 'true' Olympic sport

New Zealand's Hamish Bond and Eric Murray celebrate winning gold in the men's pairs in Rio.

OPINION: Thank heavens for that.

This is my Super Rugby campaign

Derek Burrows has been charged with making his Timaru garden look like a veritable rose garden for a wedding later this year.

OPINION: The Super rugby season is over but for me a new Super season is about to begin.

Rooney's Rio dream comes true

Natalie Rooney picked up New Zealand's first medal of the Rio Olympic Games.

Congratulations to Natalie Rooney. She is a shining star.

It looks like eyesore beats icon

An artist's impression of the proposed new development on the current site of the Hydro Grand Hotel.

OPINION: Icon versus eyesore. That's long been the debate in a nutshell.

Some things can't be avoided

In lieu of a selfie, I present the closest approximation I can find of my view on Tuesday. No, that's not my dentist, ...

OPINION: I wish I was more inclined to take selfies, and better at it.

Did I say that name properly?

MV Tiri, the boat used for Radio Hauraki's first offshore broadcasts.

OPINION: I'm surprised to learn that for 50 years Radio Hauraki has been mispronouncing its name.

Rio, I'm not missing you now

A picture I took from the foot of Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue over Guanabara Bay and Sugar Loaf.

OPINION: I love Rio, but just days out from the start of the 2016 Olympics, I'm not hankering to be there.

The unthinkable becomes reality

Even Donald Trump looks perplexed at his own nomination for the presidency.

OPINION: Incredibly, Donald Trump is now the certified Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States.

A legend in my own lunchtime

The most famous piece of toast in the country on Monday.

OPINION: It all started so innocently.

Solar levy has me all charged up

Solar power convert Derek Burrows is irked by a Hawke's Bay company's decision to charge a levy to those who use solar ...

OPINION: Surely solar power use should be encouraged, not penalised?

A cloak I'd love to don

Justin Leonard with the Claret Jug after his Open Championship victory in 1997.

OPINION: What's the greatest trophy there is?

Not exactly longing for Mother England

British Home Secretary Theresa May, the new leader of the Conservative Party, who will become prime minister on Thursday ...

OPINION: I've never been more pleased to live more than 20,000 kilometres from my homeland.

The extraordinary power of unity

Welsh players donned T-shirts bearing the Welsh and French words for "thank you" after losing to Portugal on Thursday.

OPINION: I read a good joke a few days ago. A new one.

I'm proud of my distinguished grandfather

My distinguished grandfather, William Hope Frankland.

I've been watching the centenary commemorations of World War I's Battle of the Somme.

Whose fans should be more embarrassed?

England goalkeeper Joe Hart and two defenders are crestfallen following their defeat against Iceland on Tuesday.

OPINION: When it comes to impressive wins or embarrassing defeats, what claims the title?

Stoned by Timaru Hospital service

Timaru Hospital with the sea in the background, close enough for Derek Burrows to hear it from his bed.

OPINION: I'm lying on a comfortable bed. Through a window I hear the sound of waves on a nearby beach.

Phew, I'm off the hook!

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page perform with Led Zeppelin. Their song Stairway to Heaven was released in 1971, two months ...

OPINION: I have to say I'm mightily relieved.

For your sanity avoid this gig

I didn't quite go this far to find my missing key at Caroline Bay.

OPINION: I have a recommendation for you, a strong one.

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