The great Kiwi flag debate

Do we really need a new flag?

Most Kiwis happy with their lives

The data is out and it reveals Kiwis are a happy bunch. Well most of us.

Bare-faced cheek of pubs

A pint and a paintbrush please, bartender.

OPINION: Punters are lining up for a pint and a paintbrush in London, but will it ever catch on here?

Catering to the needs of Chinese tourists

25052015  News, John Bisset/FairfaxNZ Stephen Le Corre from Aoraki Polytechnic prepares Chinese food

Kiwi roadside food is not impressing some of our Chinese tourists, research has found.

Facing up to the reality of miracle creams

Face creams might not be the miracle you're hoping for.

The Old Chook is yet to be convinced about the effectiveness of miracle creams.

A celebration of SC's sporting success


OPINION: South Canterbury is punching well above its weight in the sporting arena, says sports editor Stu Piddington.

Ignorance a headache for migraine sufferers

Migraines aren't just a bad headache.

OPINION: Warning: This column has some graphic content, so if you're eating, you may want to finish before reading it.

Beneficiaries are the winners

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 22:  Finance Minister Bill English speaks during a post-budget breakfast at Queen's Wharf on May 22, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. The National party government yesterday delivered the budget, unveiling a $790 million child poverty package, the axing of Kiwisaver $1000 kickstart payments and $52m allocated for developing spare Crown land in Auckland for residential housing.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: A give and take budget - with beneficiaries coming out winners.

Uncertain time for counselling service

The Relationships Aotearoa office on Beswick St, Timaru

OPINION: Another national non-government agency with a Timaru branch is in the spotlight due to a last-ditch effort to keep its doors open.

An emotional toll as well as costly

Temuka Golf Club greenkeeper Richard Shaw is upset that someone has ruined the grass.

The act of vandalism not only lightens the wallet but can have an emotional cost.

Shift the problem; share the wealth

Auckland traffic

OPINION: Sharing the benefits of Auckland's business boom could also help resolve some of our biggest city's problems, Derek Burrows writes.

You say goodbye and I say hello

South Canterbury Regional Editor Sarah Jarvis.

It's an exciting time for the modern newsroom.

The day Fat Bryan came to visit

A cat's life isn't all rats and naps. The risk of intruders mean always being on your guard.

OPINION: Moo the Magnificent deals with the indignity of interlopers, with a little help from the humans.

Clothes maketh me warm

The art of darning.

OPINION: The day might be warm but at night the chilly touch reminds me that winter is just around the corner.

Letters to the editor: May 15

23/04/14  Fairfax Media. Picture by David White. The New Zealand flag. Generic Business Economy

John Key should be charged with treason for encouraging a flag change, a letter writer says.

Knack of getting among the people

Prince Harry hands out cupcakes during a visit to the University of Canterbury's Student Volunteer Army.
on May 12, 2015 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

OPINION: Say what you will about Britain's royal family, but they know how to work a crowd.

Ponytail tug earned rap


Pulling a little girl's ponytail earned one letter-writer a whack across the knuckles.

Stadium wishes present a challenge

There appears to be some troubled waters when it comes to coaching at the council operated CBay.

OPINION: The Timaru District Council will have welcomed the number of submissions it received to its long term plan.

Letters to editor: May 12

26050212 Press Drive Photo Dave Moore
Fuel duty: The UK government is not afraid of milking the motorist for all it can get.
petrol pump gas generic car pump transport energy

Have motorists produce their licence if they want to buy petrol, a letter writer suggests.

Meals on wheels not for corporate pockets

Graze Out caterers meals on wheels

OPINION: Derek Burrows ponders the potential pitfalls of the decision to outsource hospital meal preparation in Dunedin and Invercargill.

Earthquake rules a balancing act

A seismograph records volcanic activity after Mount Sinabung volcano sent a new, powerful burst of hot ash and debris into the air at Simpang Empat village, in the district of Tanah Karo, in Indonesia's North Sumatra province, September 3, 2010. After laying dormant for 400 years, Mount Sinabung erupted on Friday for the third time this week, shooting a mushroomed-shape plume of smoke 3 km (2 miles) into the air and prompting the second evacuation of terrified residents.   REUTERS/Beawiharta   (INDONESIA - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT)

Setting new earthquake-proofing rules for buildings was always going to be a balancing exercise.

Reasons to celebrate

Pic shows cup cake. Goodliving 20th birthday.
Pic supplied by Jennifer Soo. Shows a cup-cake with a burning candle on it / birthday cake / anniversary

The Old Chook muses on birthdays, name days and party planning.

Letters to editor: May 11

03022015 News. Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ. The New Zealand Flag Flying above the Beehive with obvious repairs.

The New Zealand flag debate continues with our letter writers today.

Club merger makes sense

06052015 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Fairfax NZ.
Timaru Town and Country club stock generic building

A merger between the Timaru Town and Country Club and the South Canterbury Returned and Services Association makes sense.

What Grandma hears

Beck Eleven journalist at The Press

OPINION: A couple of weekends ago, I visited the Mother Ship. Timaru. Home of my childhood years and the town where the majority of my extended family remain.

Letters to editor: May 8

220612 News. Photo: Grant Shimmin/Timaru Herald. Generic photo of traffic merging after the Te Weka st traffic lights.

The council responds to a letter writer's inquiry about traffic congestion in Timaru.

Pink-paddled penguin pops in for a visit

The yellow-eyed penguin that made a rare visit to Caroline Bay.

OPINION: It was as foggy as I've ever known it at Caroline Bay on Tuesday, the morning I happened on Pink Paddles.

Flag questions wrong way around

Flag of the future?

The New Zealand flag "campaign" was officially launched this week.

Tax on salt unpalatable

06052015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - saltshaker

alone, background, bottle, cap, chrome, close, closeup, container, cook, cooking, crystal, crystals, cuisine, down, eat, flavor, food, full, glass, home, hungry, ingredient, isolated, kitchen, macro, meal, metal, mineral, nutrition, pot, powder, recipe, restaurant, rock, salt, season, seasoning, shaker, sodium, spice, spicy, spill, stainless, steel, table, taste, tasty, turn, up, white

Tricky, tricky, tricky. A tax on salt to stop us eating so much of it.

Letters to editor: May 5

130812.Photo:Peter Drury/Waikato Times. Solid Energy coal stock pile near Huntly West/Rotowaro

A call to ban the sale of coal with a high sulphur content has drawn a suggestion from model engineering enthusiast Hayden Brown.

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