Will Greek leaders decide to default on debt?

OPINION: Labour leader Andrew Little has promised the next Labour government will ensure New Zealand has the lowest unemployment rate in the developed world.

Selling state houses affects people

OPINION: Don't forget - the big numbers in the Government's state housing plan represent actual people and their homes.

Leave grieving mother alone

OPINION: It is hard to imagine a more horrific way to lose a child.

Dog bite incident a timely reminder

OPINION: It's a fair call from the Timaru District Council to not separate small dogs and large dogs in Timaru's new dog park.

Aucklanders, come hither for the good life

OPINION: So, it takes anywhere from eight to 10 years worth of the median Auckland wage to buy a median-valued Auckland house.

Hard road to fix phone dependency

OPINION: Do we need hands free cars - or is there an easier way to stop driving while texting?

Water shortage everywhere you look

OPINION: There will no doubt be grumbles about the now-stricter water use regime and, if a fire ban is put in place, still more about that.

Proper merging could have avoided close call

OPINION: I've sat on this topic all week, because I think it requires a considered response.

Safety programme only goes so far

OPINION: The Government's $30m driveway safety programme is money well spent.

Review needs to be constructive

OPINION: Mixed messages. They're a problem in many areas of life.

Let's do our part to fight drought

OPINION: I've been through a few droughts in my time, when water restrictions were fairly harsh.

Tolerance of bad drivers wears thin

OPINION: If you spend any time behind the wheel of a vehicle, you'll likely have plenty of stories about bad driving.

Climbers shouldn't be embarrassed

OPINION: The German climbers did everything right.

Paris atrocity an assault on democracy

OPINION: There was a lot of nonsense being spoken yesterday in the wake of the slaying of 10 staff members and two policemen at satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Black Caps fightback a flick at Halberg judges

OPINION: It should have taken just a few hours for the Halberg Awards judges to start squirming a little about their list of nominees for the team of 2014 yesterday.

Relief from TV tedium, please

OPINION: I want to take this opportunity to express a diverse array of hopes and wishes for the next 12 months.

Raft of factors cause danger on roads

OPINION: The observations in today's lead story from a senior Timaru police officer, Mark Offen, on driving over the holiday period, are welcome ones.

Flames licking close to home

OPINION: This year it's a little too close to home.

Girl's heroic effort an inspiration

OPINION: Who could fail to be moved by the brave actions of little Sailor Gutzler?

Crash stats paint southern picture

OPINION: We perceive overseas drivers to be involved in a fair proportion of crashes, but there will be surprise at just what that proportion is.

Drink-drive law has wider purpose

OPINION: It has been a month already since the lower drink-drive limits have been in force.

No one big story, but big topics

OPINION: As I try to think of what the biggest news story of the year has been I keep coming back to a topic, rather than a single article.

Dinners, cats, penguins and tradition

OPINION: From an impressive 250 community dinners to a great escape at the cattery, it's been a mixed bag this Christmas.

Nature reminding us who's boss

OPINION: Three months ago, it was being called a green drought.

Cracks show in drug crackdown

A day rarely goes by without news of methamphetamine manufacture and use and its harmful impact.

Careful consideration needed

OPINION: It seems that almost every day now, a story emanates from the United States about a fatal shooting.

Letters to the editor: December 20

Herald readers share their views on news and events far and wide.

Split-second moments can live forever

OPINION: Are there split seconds in your past that have stuck with you for the rest of your life?

What it's really like to be poor

OPINION: There are some eye-opening observations in a social justice report recently completed in Timaru.

Time to look at options

OPINION: There is a hefty dose of realism in Aoraki Polytechnic's announcement that it is looking to "form a new entity" with CPIT.

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