Editorial: Annihilated him, bro

19:12, Jun 16 2014

There will be no prizes for guessing which tackle will be number one on The Crowd Goes Wild's Smashed 'Em Bro segment this week.

It will be the one by the security guard on the streaker at the rugby test in Dunedin on Saturday night.

No doubt about it.

A tackle from behind. No warning. Big man on smaller man. In any other circumstance it would be called assault. Except one of them was naked.

A bit like shooting a burglar in your bedroom.

"It was self defence, your honour."


Or was it? Some people don't think so. Too violent, you see, and this at a family event.

So naughty naked man for displaying his tackle, but the security guard's tackle was all out of proportion. Two wrongs don't make a right.

My reaction on first seeing the incident was a sharp intake of air, because the tackle was so sudden and effective. And then immediately to smile.

Smile because naked man was still alive, which made everything all right.

A bit like how I smiled when the physio from England's World Cup football team broke his ankle while jumping up and down on the sideline celebrating their first goal at the tournament at the weekend.

You're not laughing at the pain or discomfort, but the circumstance.

It's just perversely funny.

So the security bloke shouldn't be punished, although he could count himself lucky. If he had seriously injured the other guy, or if the other guy had been a woman, it would be a whole different story.

Imagine if the streaker had been carted off on a stretcher. (And yes, it's okay even to smile at that thought, because we know it didn't happen).

But in the quiet of the tunnel, in whatever substitutes for a security staff changing room, there should be some quiet words said. "Contain, not kill" might be the apt phrase.

Does this send a lesson to other wannabe streakers? I somehow doubt it. For one, you'd learn a lesson from this. Like, look behind you. And the next security guard is not going to be so stunningly effective.

Despite being widely talked about this actually wasn't the best tackle of the weekend.

That honour goes to Ben Smith on English winger Manu Tuilagi. Again, small man on big man, but it was the little bloke who came away with the ball intact. A beautiful thing indeed.

The Timaru Herald