Editorial: How hard to carry a bag?

18:49, Nov 08 2012
hayley davidson
NOT IMPRESSED: Runner Hayley Davidson has questioned why dog owners can’t dispose of their pet’s deposits properly, rather than leaving them for her to step in while out running.

WARNING: If you are eating your breakfast, read this later.

It's about poos. Doggy poos.

Which is just as disgusting as people poos, even if some dog owners don't think so.

But watch out. Rebellion is in the air.

Well, maybe not a rebellion, but more people are complaining about dogs pooing in public places, and the Timaru District Council is reacting. More signs, and fines.

In fact, three people have copped instant $300 fines in the last four months.


Not because of what they've done, but because of what their dog has done. Dogs that are in their care.

Actually, if the owner does the defecating, it may in fact cost less than $300. If you don't count the offensive behaviour charge on your record.

Job interview question: "So what's this criminal charge about?"

Answer: "I was out and about and didn't have a plastic bag with me."


A $300 fine is fair enough, although I wonder how many dog owners are aware that's how much it could cost them.

Interesting, too, that one of the recent fines resulted from a complaint from a member of the public, and subsequent identification of the owner. And, presumably, some matching of the offending material with the offending dog.

And in these days of camera-capable smartphones, everyone's a potential poo policeperson.

The most vigilant in this, though, should be other dog owners, particularly those campaigning now for greater freedom to walk their dogs.

And that includes dogs wandering off paths on to grassed areas and doing their business.

Here's the test. If you think it's disgusting for a person to do it at a particular spot, then it's disgusting for your dog. What's left behind amounts to the same thing.

How hard is it to carry a plastic bag?

Remember, not everyone likes dogs. This is just another reason to like them less.

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