Editorial: Really hard to concentrate

A potpourri of thoughts, because at this time of year it's hard to concentrate on one thing.

Now, where was I?

Oh, that's right.

Timaru may have just developed a new tourist attraction. By default. Fifty penguins now call Caroline Bay home, and if that many have, you'd imagine more may come.

And for some reason, people like penguins. They look cute, walk funny and are more attractive than, say, chihuahuas.

Do it right, and people will even pay to look at them (the penguins). Oamaru's 130 breeding pairs attract 75,000 visitors a year.

But we're a long way from that. First of all we've got to develop an appetite for it. And so far we don't have that.

Just an idea, but might it work in with the proposal to build a cafe on the Bay?

And another thought, if the penguins do become a tourist attraction, will that mean we'll restore some opening hours just lost from the Timaru i-SITE visitor centre?

Still on tourism, the Alps to Ocean cycleway continues to excite. How did we miss out on it coming to Timaru again? Too many hills in the way?

And another thought, if the cycle trail does take off, will that mean some opening hours lost from i-SITES up that way will be restored?

Completely new topic, if you're a teacher and you don't get paid thanks to Novopay, can you sue for breach of contract?

Or, if Novopay overpays you by $1 million, are you obliged to tell them? And if you don't, can you keep the interest?

Or, again, can you withdraw the overpayment and ask that they come around to collect it. Or is none of this Christmas-like?

And finally (hum along now): "If you go down the woods (shops) today, don't worry, be happy."

Sorry, might have mixed up my songs there.

Told you it was hard to concentrate.

The Timaru Herald