Editorial: The day it has arrived

17:48, Dec 23 2012
timaru christmas angels
SIGN OF THE SEASON: Christmas lights over Stafford St herald the festive season.

So Christmas Day is almost here, arriving slightly quicker than it did last year, which came around faster than the one before that.

We've stocked up the fridge, dug out the Christmas tablecloth and scoured the shops for presents.

There's every chance, then, that we're knackered.

Good thing we don't have to go to work tomorrow.

Unless you're a taxi driver, particularly of those maxicabs with the wheelchair lifts.

Or a doctor or nurse, waiting for the first person to arrive after falling off the new trampoline or scooter. Or a traffic officer, policing the 4kph tolerance level. Or a baker, a pilot, or corner store dairy owner.


Or for that matter a petrol pump attendant, a rest home worker or a journalist (there's no paper tomorrow, but there is one on Boxing Day).

There are the volunteers at the Christmas dinner, and priests and ministers obviously. A busy day for them, some overtime even.

So we'll spare a thought for all these folk as we frantically load the table, overeat and clear it all away again.

For what? The chance to get together, to enjoy each others' company, to take stock of the year that's been.

The focus for many will rightly be religious, but we all need an excuse to divert from whatever our normal lives deliver. And tomorrow brings that excuse.

So enjoy, celebrate, and be merry.

Even if you're working.

Another thing: How many Christmas cards did you get this year? At home, I got two, which is approximately how many I sent out.

We used to get lots (at least a dozen).

At work this year we got nine. One from an electricity retailer I haven't heard of, two from book publishers, one from an art gallery, one from Environment Canterbury and one from Aoraki Development Business and Tourism.

There were three political ones, each personally signed, from John Key, David Shearer and Jo Goodhew.

So now I'm feeling guilty, as I do each year. Really, I should have sent more.

So I know this is cheating and it's not the same as getting a card, but a very merry Christmas to you all.

The Timaru Herald