Make no mistake - grammar matters


OPINION: It really was a moment to feel proud.

'Waste of time'

Ballot box

Wellington housewife and Labour Party activist Harriet Wakefield puts aside her personal problems (lesbian affair, addiction to synthetic cannabis) to focus on the election campaign.

Challenge leaves me cold

ice challenge

OPINION: Am I the only person in the world who finds the ice bucket challenge that is sweeping television and the internet slightly distasteful and extremely tedious?

Focusing on the election

dirty politics

OPINION: ACT Party donor and Auckland mother of two Danyel Southwark forgets her personal problems (fraud, child abuse) to focus on the party's election campaign.

Inform voters properly

dirty politics

OPINION: I'm really relieved I'm a swinger right now - it means I have a chance to influence the forthcoming election.

Politics, and life and death

Robin Williams

OPINION: Wellington housewife and Labour Party activist Harriet Wakefield is sidetracked when she has a lesbian affair with an Internet Party supporter ...

Tributes testament to genius

OPINION: It stuck with me the whole weekend, and beyond.

The root of ruthlessness

babe ruth

OPINION: Today we're going to talk about words.

Battle on Epsom doorsteps

david seymour

OPINION: Everyday Housewife Danyel Southwark gives her breakdown on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Billboard shenanigans

Altered Labour billboard

OPINION: Vandals have already started defacing election billboards around the country, writes Derek Burrows.

Tom's speech to business leaders

tom anderson

OPINION: After taking part in the Enterprise in Action weekend earlier in the year, Roncalli College head boy Tom Anderson walked away as one of the top students.

Too many lack living wage

jaine ikurere

OPINION: There has been no trickle down to industrious Kiwis at the bottom end of the wage scale, writes Derek Burrows.

Strange hook-ups

Dark Horse

OPINION: Wellington housewife Harriet Wakefield begins to wonder whether she made the right decision to leave her husband for a woman.

Stranded in paradise

roof tiles

OPINION: Ah, trapped in Hawaii. A glorious thought, is it not?

Shame about the beer

louis fenton

OPINION: It was one of those wonderful winter mornings that are a South Canterbury speciality.

Get that man away from me

David Cunliffe

OPINION: A trip to the bank ends with an apology - but not from Everyday Housewife Danyel Southwark.

Season for crazy cash talk

lionel messi

OPINION: Let's talk about silly money. It's that time of year.

Anyone else to clip my ticket?


OPINION: I'm fed up with the growing trend for big businesses to tack "add-ons" on to their bills.

Back country route perils


OPINION: It's not a long way from Nugget Point to the road that leads back to the Southern Scenic Route through the Catlins.

Boiling and steaming break

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: It's not an entirely comfortable week for everyday housewife Harriet Wakefield in Rotorua with her ex-lover.

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