Barminess that relieves gloom


It's cloudy again this morning. In fact, it's been gloomy weather now for what seems several weeks.

Coffee cats paying a high price too

palm civet

If we are to believe news reports from Brazil - and why shouldn't we - the price of coffee will rise. Last time this commodity reached record high prices was in 1975 when severe frosts, known as the Black Frosts, wiped out around 70 per cent of Brazil's coffee crops for two years in a row.

Prefering drama unscripted


How easy is it for you to suspend your disbelief?

Nothing's as it seems


Everyday housewife Harriet Wakefield shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Nostalgia covers up painful reality


Recently an ex-All Black died at a relatively early age and quite rightly there were condolences and sympathy for his family.

Pity the airline, too

Malaysia conference on MH370

At the time of writing the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still baffling the world.

New rules are robbing F1 of its X factor

Lewis Hamilton

Something has happened to Formula One. Granted, not everyone is interested in motor racing but Formula One is not simply the pinnacle of its field, it is what dreams are made of.

Anger management? Me?


ACT Party donor and Auckland mother of two Danyel Southwark is traumatised after police visit her luxurious home - and follow up on a complaint that she's assaulted her daughter.

Look at my 'cricket' injury


Are you a bruiser?

Feeding the powers that be

power prices

I've just received my monthly power bill and it's for nearly $200, even though we are hardly in the middle of winter.

Life goes on ... but why is there life?

big bang

Last week readers were tempted with the possibility of an answer to the meaning of life.

Safety or easy money?

Speed camera strap

This is one of those columns I start not knowing how it's going to finish up. Which might not be ideal, but it happens. More often than not, in fact.

Lyrics cast pall over week

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Everyday Housewife Harriet Wakefield shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Court forms good and bad

family court

Back in April 2011, the New Zealand Government commenced a study by the Ministry of Justice about the workings of the Family Court and to review how it was perceived.

Coffee solace for indignity


OPINION: Satirist Steve Braunias takes a peek in the diary of Auckland housewife Danyel Southwark.

Nowhere close to being a world game

cricket ball

OPINION: Wow, that world Twenty20 tournament has been a cracker, hasn't it? Nailbiting encounters wherever you look.

Long live meat-lovers


Recent research carried out in the United States claims that middle-age people who have a high-protein diet are at much greater risk of dying from cancer than those with a less protein-rich diet.

Adelaide has an undeniable sense of style

disco cuttlefish

If you haven't been to Adelaide then you should go, now. Seriously, right now is the best time to go there.

Let's resurrect language gems


It was hard to eat with him sitting opposite me.

Partner liability in fraud bill

Money man, fraud

Before it becomes law, a bill (or a proposal for a new law) has to go through a few stages.

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