Dog bite incident a timely reminder

OPINION: It's a fair call from the Timaru District Council to not separate small dogs and large dogs in Timaru's new dog park.

Aucklanders, come hither for the good life

OPINION: So, it takes anywhere from eight to 10 years worth of the median Auckland wage to buy a median-valued Auckland house.

Hard road to fix phone dependency

OPINION: Do we need hands free cars - or is there an easier way to stop driving while texting?

Water shortage everywhere you look

OPINION: There will no doubt be grumbles about the now-stricter water use regime and, if a fire ban is put in place, still more about that.

Proper merging could have avoided close call

OPINION: I've sat on this topic all week, because I think it requires a considered response.

Safety programme only goes so far

OPINION: The Government's $30m driveway safety programme is money well spent.

Review needs to be constructive

OPINION: Mixed messages. They're a problem in many areas of life.

Let's do our part to fight drought

OPINION: I've been through a few droughts in my time, when water restrictions were fairly harsh.

Tolerance of bad drivers wears thin

OPINION: If you spend any time behind the wheel of a vehicle, you'll likely have plenty of stories about bad driving.

Climbers shouldn't be embarrassed

OPINION: The German climbers did everything right.

Paris atrocity an assault on democracy

OPINION: There was a lot of nonsense being spoken yesterday in the wake of the slaying of 10 staff members and two policemen at satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Black Caps fightback a flick at Halberg judges

OPINION: It should have taken just a few hours for the Halberg Awards judges to start squirming a little about their list of nominees for the team of 2014 yesterday.

Raft of factors cause danger on roads

OPINION: The observations in today's lead story from a senior Timaru police officer, Mark Offen, on driving over the holiday period, are welcome ones.

Flames licking close to home

OPINION: This year it's a little too close to home.

Girl's heroic effort an inspiration

OPINION: Who could fail to be moved by the brave actions of little Sailor Gutzler?

Crash stats paint southern picture

OPINION: We perceive overseas drivers to be involved in a fair proportion of crashes, but there will be surprise at just what that proportion is.

Drink-drive law has wider purpose

OPINION: It has been a month already since the lower drink-drive limits have been in force.

No one big story, but big topics

OPINION: As I try to think of what the biggest news story of the year has been I keep coming back to a topic, rather than a single article.

Dinners, cats, penguins and tradition

OPINION: From an impressive 250 community dinners to a great escape at the cattery, it's been a mixed bag this Christmas.

Nature reminding us who's boss

OPINION: Three months ago, it was being called a green drought.

Careful consideration needed

OPINION: It seems that almost every day now, a story emanates from the United States about a fatal shooting.

What it's really like to be poor

OPINION: There are some eye-opening observations in a social justice report recently completed in Timaru.

Time to look at options

OPINION: There is a hefty dose of realism in Aoraki Polytechnic's announcement that it is looking to "form a new entity" with CPIT.

Restored faith in programme

OPINION: I have always been sceptical about the Mackenzie Country black stilt recovery programme.

Terror or terrorism, it doesn't matter

OPINION: What to think of the Sydney siege?

Why we need spy laws

OPINION: A Timaru court case last week shows just why agencies should be allowed to spy on ordinary citizens.

Court outcome damning for SFO

OPINION: The largest fraud trial in New Zealand's history and one person is sentenced to 12 months' home detention and 400 hours' community service. No reparation is sought.

Are we overlooking penguin opportunity?

OPINION: I'm swimming against the tide here, but I'd be interested to know what you think.

Forecast real test of resilience

OPINION: The farming adage of making hay while the sun shines will never have seemed more apt than it did yesterday.

Pub smoking ban was one more nail

OPINION: It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since smoking was banned in pubs. Ten years today, actually.

Nothing to see here, or is there?

OPINION: The privacy commissioner is to question councils on how they collect and store CCTV footage.

Time to ditch carrots for stick

OPINION: Timaru is recording more than 12 times the number of air quality breaches allowed, with just over a year to go to clean up our air.

Removing patient tag works wonders

OPINION: You go into a rest home, looking forward to being waited on hand and foot. You deserve that, right.

Education not what it used to be

OPINION: When I went to school the most significant thing I crafted was a skinny wooden bird on a stand.

Poverty message we'd rather not hear

OPINION: Nadine Lucas is "flabbergasted at the number of people who need help".

Still place for speed-limit give and take

OPINION: When police Assistant Commissioner Dave Cliff last week said police were removing any tolerance to the speeding limit, it sounded like he was lowering it.

Bouncers still have their place in cricket

Cricket is one of the few sports where a legitimate tactic is to aim at the head of an opposing player.

Meaning of feminism eludes Upston

OPINION: An interview with Louise Upston, who took over the role of minister for women in October, is a bafflement of contradictions and confusion.

Setting camping bylaw the easy bit

OPINION: What is the tourism-rich Mackenzie up to? Trying to kill the golden goose?

We can still be giga-world rock stars

OPINION: Well, we're not Gigatown. All the hype, all the effort, all the money, all that time . . . for what?

Property values and my rates, the basics

Today we're going to talk about property valuations and the impact on your rates.

A good news story, with a niggle

The confirmation yesterday of a further $400 million investment at the Glenavy dairy factory is obviously good news.

Bags not judge the Halbergs this year

There are about 4.5 million of us Kiwis. That's like, a suburb of New York or London or Tokyo.

How far will they go?

OPINION: It's heartening that people are outraged to learn some employers are docking workers' pay to cover the cost of stolen goods.

Law for your own good

We've devoted a lot of space to the new drink drive limits in today's edition. They are a talking point around town.

Time for specifics

OPINION: That changes are required in our rules allowing overseas tourists to drive here is no better illustrated than in the coroner's findings into Grant Roberts' death.

Double-edged sword in decile ratings

The rise in decile ratings for South Canterbury schools represent a double-edged sword.

Challenges for new Labour leader

The challenge is all before Andrew Little. And it's a significant one for the new leader of the Labour Party. There are a number of reasons why.

Public to help on gang issue

OPINION: Our report on Saturday warning of gangs becoming more active in Timaru prompted some pretty emotive responses from readers.

Drills a worthwhile exercise

It's good to see our local high schools adopting the "be prepared" principle and carrying out lockdown drills.

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