Commitment to skills saves lives


OPINION: It was empowering to realise that, in an emergency situation, I would be equipped to do something that might just contribute to saving a life.

Piece missing from many circles

bayli elliot

OPINION: It will be months, or longer, before we know exactly what happened to Bayli Elliot, who died in Timaru in the early hours of Monday morning.

Don't be fooled, flu jabs are worth it

Needle, injection, blood test, medical, immunisation, innoculation

OPINION: If you have been smitten with the flu you have a god-given right to complain.

Well-intentioned idea doesn't stack up

An unofficial sober driver service sounds, on the face of it, like a good idea.

People come hither

Wool scouring

OPINION: What a great couple of business stories this week, even if both may take a while to kick off.

Subdivision plan sparks interest


OPINION: "Once rural land is lost of urbanisation, there is no going back" - that's the warning from one submitter to a hearing committee examining a subdivision proposal.

Pistorius reaction surprising

OPINION: The most surprising aspect of the Oscar Pistorius sentencing is the acceptance of it from Reeva Steenkamp's family.

Don't panic, but Ebola's pretty scary

OPINION: In New Zealand we'd expect to be better able to manage Ebola than most other countries, but there are no guarantees.

Unpopular, but wharf move is right

timaru port wharf no 2

OPINION: The decision to ban fishing at a popular spot in Timaru makes sense.

The huge cost of car crashes

OPINION: Cath Moore's story in The Timaru Herald illustrates the devastating long-term effects a head-on collision can have.

Not such a stunning overture

OPINION: "Catholic Church makes stunning overture toward gays," read the headline. Or variations on that theme.

This is today's biggest story?

Chocolate milk shakes up news agenda


OPINION: How can chocolate milk dominate the national news agenda for the best part of a day?

Not even close to case of the century

robert white, edward sullivan, lachie mcleod

OPINION: What for years has been touted as New Zealand's largest fraud trial has turned out to be a fizzer.

Only fair to name food culprits

Foodstuffs Christchurch

OPINION: It would seem reasonable, wouldn't it, that we should know by now what food is carrying the yersinia bacteria?

A whole lot of want in our trolleys


OPINION: For the South Canterbury folk who took part in the Living Below the Line challenge last week, the weekend must have offered a veritable smorgasbord of taste sensations.

Digital photographs dangerous things

It sounds like it started off as something innocent enough, and then got wildly out of control.

Come on, those figures can't be right


OPINION: As a born and bred Timaruvian I'm always interested in what others have to say about OUR district.

Some warning signs for dairy industry

Dairy cows.

OPINION: Of course, dairy farms need to make a profit, but looking after workers should be paramount.

Baby made to order, but whose order?

A baby

OPINION: The country's first "made-to-order" baby is in gestation. Scary stuff? You bet. Morally suspect? Not so sure.

Cold coffees not half of it

electricity 300

OPINION: Oh my, we do like to hate on Auckland, don't we?

Crunch time for sports

rugby ball generic

OPINION: If sporting clubs don't start to do some longer term thinking, they are going to shrivel and die.

Clean water will take time

River water quality

OPINION: When I was a kid there was never any question about drinking the water of rivers we swam in (unless one of my brothers was upstream).

Crime drop staggering


OPINION: Notice your letterbox being kicked over less often? Or a shorter than normal police notebook in the Herald? Well, you should.

The cost of justice

Judge, court, gavel, justice

OPINION: Asked if rich people get better justice than poor people, eminent defence lawyer Peter Williams QC was quick to say yes.

Bad taste in the mouth


OPINION: This 1080 poison warning in fish is quite a big deal. Even if the Conservation Department is trying to play it down.

Is new leader enough?

David Cunliffe

So, the Labour Party is in the market for a new leader.

Know how to be a hero?

300 medic

OPINION: Out story on the front page today would have to get many of us thinking.

Where is everyone?

lawn bowls

OPINION: A common theme emerged in two quite different stories this week. And the theme was, a shortage of people.

Chance to come clean


OPINION: A coroner's finding usually brings closure in cases of unexpected deaths, but not in the case of Dale Bellaney.

Paying back to their roots

Marc Ryan, Hayden Roulston, Shane Archbold

OPINION: South Canterbury's Anniversary Weekend had the usual array of sporting fixtures, but a closer look shows something special was going on.

Why such a low turnout?

John Key

OPINION: So that's that then. National's in government for a third term and Labour has recorded its lowest result since 1992.

A vote for stability

John Key

OPINION: What were the National Party's policies again?

Sentence about right


OPINION: There's sympathy for each side in the case of a Temuka man sentenced to 100 hours' community service for selling sports fish, namely salmon.

Confused? Still vote

Ballot box

OPINION: Oh the bliss if your political beliefs are so ingrained that your vote tomorrow is a no brainer.

Gigatown, who's in?

gigatown timaru

OPINION: Step 1. Make the gigatown finals. Tick. Step 2. Win the finals. Pending.

Spy novel unfolds

Edward Snowden Moment of Truth

OPINION: Workable coalitions are unclear, parties with some good policies and people also have bad ones.

Make a fuss of scheme

Timaru Herald photo

OPINION: The man behind the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme is a doer, not a talker. He doesn't go looking for pats on the back.

A fire risk from above

Sky lanterns

OPINION: We have a small window of opportunity to raise awareness of the potential hazards of using sky lanterns.

Let's dial it down a bit

Kate Middleton

OPINION: I called back page 1 of the Herald on Tuesday night, for a spot of breaking news.

The language is important

From the Beehive

OPINION: Politicians don't answer questions because they don't know the answer; they don't like the true answer; or they don't want to be held to the answer.

Spark's big fizzer

OPINION: Oh, the delicious irony of it. People trying to have a perve at nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence bring New Zealand's internet to its knees.

Let's rally for rally


OPINION: It would be a shame if a way can't be found for the Targa Rally competitors to experience a spin around Levels Raceway.

A sombre milestone


OPINION: How easy is it for you to believe that four years have already passed since the September 4 quake that changed a city forever?

Dark times abound

OPINION: There are times when it seems quite easy to think of conflict being far removed from us - though this week we've plainly been affected.

Editorial | V8s call big Levels boost


What a difference a couple of months can make in motor racing.

Tragedy just up the road

Armed police hunt for man connected to Ashburton shooting at WINZ

OPINION: Our front page today is given over to the tragedy that unfolded yesterday in Ashburton.

Nats' long weekend

Judith Collins

OPINION: There is a quote - or misquote - that has never seemed so apt, or so understated, right now.

Voter turnout a concern

Ballot box

OPINION: New Zealand used to be a world leader in voter participation at general elections, but no more.

Idiocy leads to tragedy


OPINION: Easier access to firearms means more tragedies. Period.

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