Make a fuss of scheme

Timaru Herald photo

OPINION: The man behind the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme is a doer, not a talker. He doesn't go looking for pats on the back.

A fire risk from above

Sky lanterns

OPINION: We have a small window of opportunity to raise awareness of the potential hazards of using sky lanterns.

Let's dial it down a bit

Kate Middleton

OPINION: I called back page 1 of the Herald on Tuesday night, for a spot of breaking news.

The language is important

From the Beehive

OPINION: Politicians don't answer questions because they don't know the answer; they don't like the true answer; or they don't want to be held to the answer.

Spark's big fizzer

OPINION: Oh, the delicious irony of it. People trying to have a perve at nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence bring New Zealand's internet to its knees.

Let's rally for rally


OPINION: It would be a shame if a way can't be found for the Targa Rally competitors to experience a spin around Levels Raceway.

A sombre milestone


OPINION: How easy is it for you to believe that four years have already passed since the September 4 quake that changed a city forever?

Dark times abound

OPINION: There are times when it seems quite easy to think of conflict being far removed from us - though this week we've plainly been affected.

Editorial | V8s call big Levels boost


What a difference a couple of months can make in motor racing.

Tragedy just up the road

Armed police hunt for man connected to Ashburton shooting at WINZ

OPINION: Our front page today is given over to the tragedy that unfolded yesterday in Ashburton.

Nats' long weekend

Judith Collins

OPINION: There is a quote - or misquote - that has never seemed so apt, or so understated, right now.

Voter turnout a concern

Ballot box

OPINION: New Zealand used to be a world leader in voter participation at general elections, but no more.

Idiocy leads to tragedy


OPINION: Easier access to firearms means more tragedies. Period.

Time to be informed

OPINION: We asked each of the candidates to give us their top three local issues for the election. Those are important, because they affect us where we live.

SBW call sets a precedent

Sonny Bill Williams

OPINION: There's something about the Sonny Bill Williams situation that reminds me of an immortal line from George Orwell's Animal Farm.

St John's ills worrying

St John's Ambulance

OPINION: St John says it would like at least 50 more volunteer staff across its South Canterbury stations. But filling those spots won't be easy.

Just cruising in market

World cruise ship

OPINION: There's a disconnect somewhere between the outfit that oversees cruise ship visits around the country and the outfit that looks after the ships when they get to Timaru.

Speed case blows up

Chris Ellis

OPINION: It's hard not to feel a sliver of admiration for Porirua lawyer Chris Ellis.

Keep doing what 's been done

depression bullying suicide

Whatever is being done to reduce suicides ... keep doing it.

Fish & Game catches on

Generic fishing

OPINION: What's this, Fish & Game departing from the principle where we treat overseas visitors as if they were locals?

Book is not going away

Nick Fowler

OPINION: It was telling that before the contents of Dirty Politics were known, John Key was attempting to discredit the author.

Youth need debt lesson


OPINION: No one should be surprised to hear that young men are falling into the trap of easy credit.

Watergate II, or just a smear campaign?

Nicky Hager

OPINION: Perceptions and personalities matter more than policies to many people.

Facing the music, but ...

man headphones

OPINION: There's an appearance of disinterest from those closest to the issue of music piracy in New Zealand.

What chance these crims?


OPINION: What's this, nine-year-old criminals, in Timaru?

Online post too much

timaru labour party david cunliffe steve gibson

Rangitata's Labour Party candidate Steve Gibson went too far in his Facebook criticism of Prime Minister John Key.

Good things happening


People all around South Canterbury are doing their bit to make a difference in their community.

Talking up our town

tom anderson

Tom Anderson's speech today is worth a read. It leaves you with the warm fuzzies.

Getting a tad excited about Gigatown

gigatown timaru

The more that businesses realise what faster broadband will do for their productivity, the keener they become.

Not in the right spirit

Father Christmas

OPINION: Targeting Father Christmas and all the district's kiddies just comes across as mean spirited.

Can the sale be stopped?

Lochinver Station

OPINION: Land sales to foreigners is always a contentious subject, particularly when the piece of land in question is a big one.

A time to remember

Poppy flower WWI

OPINION: I'm sure the scheduling of the Commonwealth Games, to virtually run into the day that marked the centenary of the start of World War I, was no coincidence.

Our people who left


OPINION: A century ago today, life as we knew it in New Zealand changed forever when Britain declared it was at war with Germany.

Potential for distraction

John Banks

OPINION: So it's bye-bye Banksy ... Or is it?

Perspective on a number

Valerie Adams in the Commonwealth Games

OPINION: I think the excitement around the fact NZ won its 600th Commonwealth Games medal yesterday was a little out of proportion to the achievement.

System must be sorted

Minister Responsible for Novopay Steven Joyce

OPINION: Just when you thought it had all gone away ... this.

Silver lining for Walsh

Tom Walsh

OPINION: Sure, it is disappointing that Tom Walsh failed to win gold at the Commonwealth Games yesterday, but he did win a silver medal.

Hard work reaps gold

Shane Archbold

OPINION: Shane Archbold deserves his moment in the sun for his historic gold medal-winning feat yesterday morning.

Proud to call her our own

christine burke lakpa sherpa

OPINION: In Timaru, we like to think we punch above our weight, and proudly claim as our own any high achievers who have called this town home.

It's good to be happy

Phareel Williams

OPINION: If you look up Pharrell Williams' huge hit Happy on Youtube, you'll discover a smorgasbord of video variations on a theme.

What's in a photograph?

John Key

OPINION: I've been trying desperately to remember if I've ever seen the leader of another country on the front page of a publication with members of that country's leading sports team.

Hydroslide's bumpy ride

timaru hydroslide century pool

OPINION: The bizarre case of the returning hydroslide really is one of those scenarios where truth is stranger than fiction.

Family break no mistake

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Work-life balance. It's an interesting concept, and depending who you speak to, an important one for us all to be able to achieve.

Tragedy hits home

Mary Menke

OPINION: The outrage and the anguish just got a whole lot closer to home.

Adding to the grief

mh17 strap - child's toy

OPINION: Is there to be no dignity in death for the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?

The cost of country living

OPINION: City dwellers rarely now think about the speed of their internet connection.

Interesting rugby times

rugby ball generic

OPINION: South Canterbury Rugby Union has are some passionate followers who have presented challenging situations for officials.

Bus service challenge

Timaru bus

OPINION: When you see a bus whiz by in Timaru you think, how on earth can that be making money?

The issue is balance

dairy cow

We can be an intolerant lot at times. Complain, complain, complain.

The Cup, by the numbers

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

OPINION: Apparently one billion people around the world watched the World Cup final live.

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