What's in a photograph?

John Key

OPINION: I've been trying desperately to remember if I've ever seen the leader of another country on the front page of a publication with members of that country's leading sports team.

Hydroslide's bumpy ride

timaru hydroslide century pool

OPINION: The bizarre case of the returning hydroslide really is one of those scenarios where truth is stranger than fiction.

Family break no mistake

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Work-life balance. It's an interesting concept, and depending who you speak to, an important one for us all to be able to achieve.

Tragedy hits home

Mary Menke

OPINION: The outrage and the anguish just got a whole lot closer to home.

Adding to the grief

mh17 strap - child's toy

OPINION: Is there to be no dignity in death for the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?

The cost of country living

OPINION: City dwellers rarely now think about the speed of their internet connection.

Interesting rugby times

rugby ball generic

OPINION: South Canterbury Rugby Union has are some passionate followers who have presented challenging situations for officials.

Bus service challenge

Timaru bus

OPINION: When you see a bus whiz by in Timaru you think, how on earth can that be making money?

The issue is balance

dairy cow

We can be an intolerant lot at times. Complain, complain, complain.

The Cup, by the numbers

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

OPINION: Apparently one billion people around the world watched the World Cup final live.

So what? Who cares?

Ian Thorpe

There used to be a test of newsworthiness that was taped to many a journalist's computer screen.

Testing your limits

Scott Donaldson

OPINION: I probably admire Scott Donaldson more for his decision to call off his 2000km journey 80km short than I would have had he made it.

Good things in the news

gigatown timaru

OPINION: There's a growing realisation that the Gigatown competition being run nationally could provide significant benefits for Timaru.

Church bears triple shame

pope francis apologises for catholic church sex abuse scandal

OPINION: There is double and even triple shame in the Catholic Church's involvement in child sex.

Citing from the sidelines

rugby ball generic

What an interesting situation. A spectator at a South Canterbury rugby match citing a player.

Booze battle continues


OPINION: The tougher stance being taken on intoxicated people in Timaru pubs is a good thing.

Message undermined

David Cunliffe

OPINION: If ever we needed proof that politics is all about personality instead of policy, we got it.

Bad taste to chef's case

Fijian chef Ravindra Naidu

OPINION: You have to feel for Fijian chef Ravindra Naidu.

Why reinvent the wheel?

domestic abuse

OPINION: Women's Refuge could read National's just-announced policies on domestic abuse as a slap in the face.

We've been cheated

rolf harris

OPINION: How much, though, should Rolf Harris and Lou Vincent's falls from grace affect us personally?

Return the diplomat


OPINION: The Malaysian diplomat charged with assault with intent to rape should be returned to New Zealand to face the music.

Problem has silver lining

no vacancy

OPINION: There is good and bad news in Timaru having to hang out its "town full" sign more often.

Policies need to be clear

lucan battison

OPINION: There is a lesson for school boards of trustees in the High Court ruling over student Lucan Battison's hair, and it's a worthwhile one.

Woohoo to the port


OPINION: If we're honest, most of us probably undervalue the worth of the port to the district.

Luis, Luis, no biting

Luis Suarez Diego Godin

OPINION: Between mouthfuls, Luis Suarez is quite a good footballer. Actually, a very good footballer.

Be prepared to speak up


OPINION: It is admirable that local Maori want to protect marine stocks around the Timaru coastline.

Harsh lesson in sign saga

Wallet, cash

OPINION: So, here's the thing. A group of school kids takes on a community project to put up a road safety sign.

Hairy case indeed

Lucan Battison

OPINION: The stand-out thing in the case of the suspended Hastings student isn't the length of his hair.

Yet another diversion

David Cunliffe

OPINION: As far as transgressions go this was not a biggie, yet politics is all about perceptions.

Be heard above the smoke


OPINION: This year we've already had 14 high pollution nights, and winter hasn't even started.

Report adds some light

Owen Glenn

No doubt about it, the Glenn Inquiry report into domestic violence in New Zealand is damning.

Annihilated him, bro

All Blacks streaker

There will be no prizes for guessing which tackle will be number one on The Crowd Goes Wild's Smashed 'Em Bro segment this week.

No case for a merger


OPINION: Bigger is not always better.

Herald turns back clock

Birthday candles

OPINION: The Timaru Herald reflected on its 100 year anniversary, 50 years ago on June 11, 1964.

Good Man: Good King


OPINION: The death of King George VI prompted this editorial on February 8, 1952.

Herald backs tuberculosis appeal

Hospital corridor, generic

OPINION: The Herald gets behind a street appeal for tuberculosis, which while treatable, involved a long recovery period.

Colour television on its way

phillips k9 colour television

OPINION: The spectre of colour television draws a cautious response in 1971.

Our first editorial

timaru herald masthead

Community is at the heart of The Timaru Herald - and has been right from its start on June 11, 1864.

Prince's visit to Timaru

prince edward, 1919

OPINION: In May 1920 a royal visitor cast a spell over Timaru.

Chiding the Railways

Kingston Flyer

OPINION: On November 23, 1883 The Timaru Herald questioned the ticketing system for holiday makers heading to the Central Otago lakes by rail.

Time inroads were made

shooting strap

OPINION: About the only thing as predictable as another shooting on an American campus, this time in Seattle, is the reaction that is sure to be forthcoming.

Banks situation a right mess

John Banks

OPINION: Having Banks spend the next seven or eight weeks in Parliament, while legal, would be a terrible look.

Read's health comes first

Kieran Read

OPINION: Kieran Read is, officially, the world's best rugby player.

Parks take spotlight

mental health week

OPINION: Dog owners will be heartened by council support for a specific dog park.

Mysteries of shopping

Shopping, shopping bags

Exactly why Timaru is bucking online shopping trends is a little puzzling.

Many happy returns, Twizel


OPINION: Happy birthday, Twizel; it seems like only yesterday you were staring down the blade of the Government bulldozer.

Trying to do the right thing

Don't be an idiot driver in the wet.

OPINION: While much of the evidence is anecdotal, Asian drivers figure prominently in the stories we are told. And many of the incidents will not come to police attention.

Enlightened or insulting?

South Korea flag

OPINION: I wonder if the Timaru District Council has considered a sister city arrangement with Seoul, South Korea?

Some scary numbers

Alpine Fault

OPINION: There is a classic Blackadder skit where Prince Edmund is in flight from the enemy.

A marriage made in ... ?

Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira,

OPINION: A strident Maori activist. And a German internet millionaire under threat of extradition to the United States. Yea, that works. But really?

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