Internet changing attitudes on privacy

There are two words to remember when dealing with digital data: Be careful.

Study on sports facilities would be welcomed

Keen: Paul Alo-Emile likes getting out on the field.

OPINION: The Timaru District Council appears to be taking a step in the right direction regarding future big spending on sports grounds. In this week's annual budget meeting, there were a couple of surprises.

More data needed on foreign driver issue

OPINION: A better breakdown of foreign driver crashes is needed to get a clear picture of how best to deal with the issue.

Little choice in Isis fight

OPINION: Isis may be baiting us all into a war with beheadings, but doing nothing isn't an option.

Greater expertise needed in Bain compo case

OPINION: The one thing you can say about the David Bain compensation case is that it has been a mess.

Finally addressing smog issue

OPINION: So now we're getting to the nitty-gritty to fix Timaru's winter smog problem.

Won't be easy to change habits

OPINION: Given the cost of food, it is surprising that anyone would throw quite edible stuff in the rubbish.

Goodbye Celia

OPINION: The passing of Celia Lashlie was a shock, because it came so suddenly and because she mattered.

Inaction a load of rubbish

OPINION: Will the person who dumped rubbish on the Opihi River get away with it?

Bids to beat water restrictions not on

Local authorities are, on the whole, averse to carrying out prosecutions of residents and ratepayers who break the rules.

Video hook-ups just moving with the times

OPINION: Some may see a move to allow Timaru District councillors to attend meetings via video conferencing as a watering down of democracy.

A struggle to question timing

OPINION: Just in case you hadn't realised it until now, we're in a drought.

Let's show the world a good time

OPINION: The phoney wars are over, now it's time to brace for the real action.

In-depth analysis of incident needed

OPINION: Thankfully it's not an everyday occurrence to find log trucks parked up in Timaru's CBD on a weekday morning.

Heads should roll over licence renewal gaffe

OPINION: Helped by the Kiwi dollar's decline against the greenback, the United States is on the verge of becoming the New Zealand wine industry's biggest export market.

Today's a family day

OPINION: The Waitangi National Trust describes Waitangi Day as a day for New Zealanders to "commemorate" the signing of the Treaty.

Midwives bridle at accountability

OPINION: Two widely publicised lapses in standards have bruised the midwifery profession's reputation in recent days.

One silent, one expansive exit

OPINION: The amount of information each contained was one big difference between the resignation announcements of Northland MP Mike Sabin and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman. The way the resignations were announced was another.

Time to pray for rain?

The cloud on the horizon in South Canterbury these days is that there isn't a cloud on the horizon.

Will Greek leaders decide to default on debt?

OPINION: Labour leader Andrew Little has promised the next Labour government will ensure New Zealand has the lowest unemployment rate in the developed world.

Selling state houses affects people

OPINION: Don't forget - the big numbers in the Government's state housing plan represent actual people and their homes.

Leave grieving mother alone

OPINION: It is hard to imagine a more horrific way to lose a child.

Dog bite incident a timely reminder

OPINION: It's a fair call from the Timaru District Council to not separate small dogs and large dogs in Timaru's new dog park.

Aucklanders, come hither for the good life

OPINION: So, it takes anywhere from eight to 10 years worth of the median Auckland wage to buy a median-valued Auckland house.

Hard road to fix phone dependency

OPINION: Do we need hands free cars - or is there an easier way to stop driving while texting?

Water shortage everywhere you look

OPINION: There will no doubt be grumbles about the now-stricter water use regime and, if a fire ban is put in place, still more about that.

Proper merging could have avoided close call

OPINION: I've sat on this topic all week, because I think it requires a considered response.

Safety programme only goes so far

OPINION: The Government's $30m driveway safety programme is money well spent.

Review needs to be constructive

OPINION: Mixed messages. They're a problem in many areas of life.

Let's do our part to fight drought

OPINION: I've been through a few droughts in my time, when water restrictions were fairly harsh.

Tolerance of bad drivers wears thin

OPINION: If you spend any time behind the wheel of a vehicle, you'll likely have plenty of stories about bad driving.

Climbers shouldn't be embarrassed

OPINION: The German climbers did everything right.

Paris atrocity an assault on democracy

OPINION: There was a lot of nonsense being spoken yesterday in the wake of the slaying of 10 staff members and two policemen at satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Black Caps fightback a flick at Halberg judges

OPINION: It should have taken just a few hours for the Halberg Awards judges to start squirming a little about their list of nominees for the team of 2014 yesterday.

Raft of factors cause danger on roads

OPINION: The observations in today's lead story from a senior Timaru police officer, Mark Offen, on driving over the holiday period, are welcome ones.

Flames licking close to home

OPINION: This year it's a little too close to home.

Girl's heroic effort an inspiration

OPINION: Who could fail to be moved by the brave actions of little Sailor Gutzler?

Crash stats paint southern picture

OPINION: We perceive overseas drivers to be involved in a fair proportion of crashes, but there will be surprise at just what that proportion is.

Drink-drive law has wider purpose

OPINION: It has been a month already since the lower drink-drive limits have been in force.

No one big story, but big topics

OPINION: As I try to think of what the biggest news story of the year has been I keep coming back to a topic, rather than a single article.

Dinners, cats, penguins and tradition

OPINION: From an impressive 250 community dinners to a great escape at the cattery, it's been a mixed bag this Christmas.

Nature reminding us who's boss

OPINION: Three months ago, it was being called a green drought.

Careful consideration needed

OPINION: It seems that almost every day now, a story emanates from the United States about a fatal shooting.

What it's really like to be poor

OPINION: There are some eye-opening observations in a social justice report recently completed in Timaru.

Time to look at options

OPINION: There is a hefty dose of realism in Aoraki Polytechnic's announcement that it is looking to "form a new entity" with CPIT.

Restored faith in programme

OPINION: I have always been sceptical about the Mackenzie Country black stilt recovery programme.

Terror or terrorism, it doesn't matter

OPINION: What to think of the Sydney siege?

Why we need spy laws

OPINION: A Timaru court case last week shows just why agencies should be allowed to spy on ordinary citizens.

Court outcome damning for SFO

OPINION: The largest fraud trial in New Zealand's history and one person is sentenced to 12 months' home detention and 400 hours' community service. No reparation is sought.

Are we overlooking penguin opportunity?

OPINION: I'm swimming against the tide here, but I'd be interested to know what you think.

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