Editorial: Got the goat wrapped?

Last updated 05:00 24/12/2013

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Ideally you'd be reading this on Christmas Day, because that's what it's about.

But we don't publish tomorrow because, well, we reckon if most of you can have the day off, so can we.

So I've written about tomorrow today, because the day after that would be too late.

And as I do it's hard to imagine two such different days so close together.

Today, as we complete our shopping, our thoughts revolve around "I am going to kill someone soon".

And tomorrow, "well, isn't this nice", assuming it is of course. And that you didn't kill anyone yesterday.

And for most people Christmas Day will be nice, if for nothing else than it brings families together. Even if for some of them this may the first Christmas mourning a loved one or lamenting some other sad event from the year just gone.

And there will be those who find themselves alone, but if so inclined there is the community Christmas dinner at the Bay. Well done to those organising that. Oh, they'll even pick you up.

Each year there's debate about the religious significance of the day, yet that reflects the diminishing following of religion generally. It's pretty simple, not as many people are active churchgoers now.

Yet that doesn't mean people can't be a little more Christian for a day, and generally they are.

And yes there's undoubtedly too much present-buying, but if it was really so bad, wouldn't we stop doing it? Or do it differently, as columnist Tim Jackson outlines next door with his policy of buying goats for Zambian villages in lieu of presents for people he actually knows back home.

Which reminds me of the view taken by Ricky Gervais' sidekick Karl Pilkington, imagining the African receiving such a goat and lamenting, "oh no, not another mouth to feed".

It all depends on how you look at things.

But here at the Herald we're far more positive than that, and we hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow. Merry Christmas one and all.

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