Letter: Court case

While catching up on recent headlines I came across the case of a local woman (July 11) who stole around $85,000 from the South Canterbury Gym Club.

Now, I've done a lot of work for a long-standing volunteer organisation in the past 13 years (half my life) and a lot in my local sports club, and I find it very hard to see how someone who stole essentially $132,000 can be saved (from prison) by good character.

What's good character about doing that to a kids' organisation and her own family? And as for the low chance of re-offending, she's gone to a lot of trouble to not be found out. Surely this warrants concern.

How often does somebody get jail time for a small dairy robbery, or a tagger being taken around town to clean up their mess?

Yet a crime of this scale gets a wet bus ticket and an article almost portraying her as a victim.

I find it quite outrageous.



The Timaru Herald