Letter: History listing

23:49, Jul 22 2013

Why has a rumour which turned out to be false been given space under the Today in History column in Friday's paper concerning the Christchurch earthquake regarding Israeli ''spies''. It has been published without the added words - and there was room on the line - to say that it was proven to be false?

On Wikipedia it states: ''An investigation that involved the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service concluded that there was no evidence of such an operation, or their involvement with Israeli intelligence.''

The New Zealand search and rescue team said Israelis were efficient in finding all their nationals and identifying the three Israelis killed. One member commented: ''I've got to say, over the last few days with all this spy rubbish, I feel ashamed to be a Kiwi.''

There are ignoramuses who take every opportunity to slander Israelis and Israel.



Footnote: The listing on Friday was correct in stating that on that day in 2011 a diplomatic and political flurry was triggered by news reports that a group of young Israelis killed in the Christchurch earthquake five months earlier might have been spying for their government against New Zealand. I accept though the fact this was later found to be incorrect should have been added. - Editor.


The Timaru Herald