Letter: Caroline Bay

01:22, Mar 17 2014

Roger Fagg has our complete support regarding a Caroline Bay cafe/bar/restaurant being located at the left hand side of the lookout, or better still, why not on the top of the lookout, which is very seldom used?

I was walking along the beach this week and from the lookout what an amazing view out over the Benvenue Cliffs to the sea and to the port.

It is made for a restaurant with three-quarters in glass with outside dining and see-through wind protection. How amazing would that be.

Come on Timaru, if Oamaru can have its portside restaurant and Lake Hood its restaurant, both of which are extremely popular, how can we in Timaru, where we have such an amazing bay, not use it to its fullest.

The council is doing a wonderful job with the Bay and it is great seeing so many people of all ages using it.



The Timaru Herald