Rosemary McLeod

Getting stoned no boredom cure


OPINION: This could be the most self-centred generation in history, and probably is: it expects instant and easy gratification.

Featherston: A town with no values

Glen Jones killers

OPINION: What is wrong in NZ that makes terrible things like the Glen Jones killing happen?

Grand old days of innocence

Air New Zealand generic

OPINION: News that a West Coast school was in a flap over sex education made me nostalgic for the comforting imaginary past I retreat to in times of bafflement.

Cyber bullies ate Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

OPINION: It's a hard fact to swallow but some people won't like you. And never will.

True love is a sister's battle for justice

Lee-Anne Cartier

OPINION: Forget Valentine's Day. It's the love of a sister and her fight for justice following her brother's murder that interests me.

Warehouse wrong on bikinis

The Warehouse

OPINION: It's a rare event to see a chief executive put his own foot in his mouth and swallow it, but Mark Powell of the Warehouse has managed that remarkable feat.

ACC all take, no give


OPINION: Bearing in mind that I pay, and always have, automatically through my bank, what's their problem?

Fight to remember war stories

poppy anzac day

OPINION: My grandfather was a kid of 20 when he signed up for the war to end all wars.

Weighty issues in slow news season


OPINION: There's a new enemy, the looming worldwide horror story called food, which everyone needs to eat to survive.

Expect the worst if you're away from home

Southland Times photo

OPINION: There is a rule about summer holidays and it is this: disaster lurks.

Plastic not as fantastic as 'real' books

books generic

OPINION: If someone gives you a Kindle this Christmas, jump on the wretched thing.

Mandela and the power of protest

John Minto

OPINION: John Minto may be the rent-a-protester we all recognise, but thank goodness we have irritants like him agitating against injustice.

Anti-violence campaign needs role models


OPINION: Middle-class men awkwardly pledging they'd never lift a finger against women - not one looked capable of slapping a wasp on a picnic table.

Responsible attitude to sex needed

Willie Jackson and John Tamihere

OPINION: What a comment on the way the world works when advertisers can force the media's hand, not the other way round.

Dotcom for PM 'simplify politics greatly'

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: We make a mistake when we take on people far smarter than ourselves, the knowledge economy being somewhat slow to take off here, and Kim Dotcom has cheerfully made our legal system look ridiculous.

Thatcher indulged 'creep' Jimmy Savile

Thatcher feared united Germany

OPINION: Pity the rich and powerful; they have such horrible friends.

Affair 'typical for middle-aged men in power'

Maling fishing

OPINION: We may not judge philandering but ought to judge people in public office who give work to, or influence the work lives, of the people they have sex with.

Praying for a better stunt


OPINION: This week's performance piece by the Anglican bishop of Wellington, in his squat outside his cathedral, certainly provokes thought.

Dumb of Sinead to take on Miley

Miley Cyrus parody video

OPINION: There are things no older woman can tell a younger one. I'll amend that: there's nothing. What would we know?

Courts still gentle with women

Stressed woman

OPINION: It's as if that pat on the head for the little woman is so embedded in men's DNA that they can't take us seriously even when we do serious wrong.

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