Old Boys down Craighead A

Old Boys showed they were a well-oiled machine decisively beating Craighead A in last night's premier netball competition at the SBS centre.

Craighead showed they were a young team in the rebuilding stage with a mixed performance. Although they have room for tightening, they showed good fight and at times able to penetrate the much stronger Old Boys team.

The first quarter was the one to watch.

Old Boys immediately driving the ball down the court, making swift passes but Craighead were finding the space and held the more experienced side 8-6 in the first quarter.

Old Boys Wing Defence Shanla Hayes and goal attack Genae Manson stood out in the second quarter.

Both had seamless court time and Craighead started to unravel. A short injury break and Craighead had a quick burst of energy but were losing 20-12.

The third quarter saw Old Boys play their most decisive passing game but missing the strong passing game Hayes had played. She had been put on the bench giving Stacey Mason court time.

Craighead goal keep Zara McLellen was able to read intercepts well making in-roads into the Old Boys game.

A final score of 27-20 saw Old Boys head the competition leaderboard and deny the schoolgirls a bonus point. The final quarter saw Old Boys appearing flustered and tired with Craighead goal shoot Amber Horne.

Meanwhile, the other competition powerhouse, Harlequins, suffered their first loss of the season to Roncalli A.

The first half was Roncalli's to lose.

An out-of-the-bag performance saw them lead 18-11 at half time.

However, a feisty Harlequins fought back to dominate the third quarter. They netted nine goals in a row to end the quarter 20-all.

The nail-biting final quarter saw Roncalli find their earlier rhythm for a 27-23 upset win.

Roncalli B fought for their place in the premier grade after smashing home a 27-24 win over Mackenzie Old Girls last night. Despite a new shooting combination, the girls proved that doing the basics right wins games.

Mackenzie shot to an early two-nil lead but were overtaken quickly with Roncalli netting five goals to gain the lead, finishing the quarter on top 6-5.

An even second quarter with Roncalli maintaining the lead 12-11.

However, in the second half the older Mackenzie lineupseemed tired and started making easy mistakes.

Roncalli A inched ahead to a 27-24 win.

One more win for this team, or a loss by five or less points will secure their place in the premier grade this season.

The 14-year-old goal attack Emily Gilchrist is one to watch. Her confident shooting and well placed footwork was a stand- out.

In the final game of the evening Timaru Girls High A crushed Pleasant Point A 46-26.

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