Funding grant allows gym project to advance

18:59, Jun 04 2014
David Fridd
MOVING FORWARD: South Canterbury Gymsports president David Fridd is happy funding has been secured which means work will start on the pit at their new home, the former Century Pool.

South Canterbury Gymsports will start work on Monday completing its pit at its new home.

Securing the funding needed had slowed progress at the former Century Pool building but a $17,000 grant from Pub Charity meant the work could progress.

South Canterbury Gymsports president David Fridd is delighted the project can move forward again.

"We also raised $6000 and felt if the pit did not go in we would not be making the most of the facility," he said.

The pit was needed to allow the necessary height so no-one was in danger of hitting the roof during certain routines and also allowed for a trampoline.

Plumbing and electrical issues had blown the organisation's tight budget, but the pit needed to be built before the concrete floor was poured.


The old 33-metre indoor swimming pool in Craigie Ave was demolished last August.

Fridd said he hoped to have the new centre up and running in three months.

The revamped complex will be used for gymsport training and competitions as well as a movement development centre.

Meanwhile, Fridd was still concerned by themindless vandalism that had occurred and asked that anyone noticing unusual activity call police.

A large number of the exterior windows had been broken, which meant they had to be taped over.

Fridd said vandals had also got inside the complex and smashed doors and furniture and thrown paint around.

"There is graffiti as well, it is mindless stuff but will cost thousands of dollars to repair."

Fridd suspected it was the work of bored teenagers."We have been to the police and asked them to keep an eye on it."

He said it was not easy to secure the building until the contractors had finished laying the floor and new doors were added. Once finished Fridd said it would be a great facility and another excellent asset for the community.

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