Dedicated few enriching salmon fishery

My word of the day is "dedication".

Of relevance is the recent success at McKinnon's Creek salmon hatchery, on the Rangitata River.

President of the South Canterbury branch of the New Zealand Salmon Anglers Association, Phil de Joux, says "in terms of adult fish returning to the hatchery it has been our most successful year to date. Around 950 fish [both male and female] have been through the trap this year.

"Many have spawned in McKinnon's Creek, some were shifted to Ealing Springs and we have around 500,000 eggs under incubation. We have supplied Otago harbour with their requirements for the year and have assisted our good friends at Mt Cook Salmon.

"When we started this venture, we never had any idea that the hatchery could be as successful as it is and play such an important part in the enhancement of salmon in our region," de Joux said.

And it is all because of the dedication of the hatchery team and a group of volunteers dedicated to the task.

The same can be said for a number of similar hatchery operations in the South Island. None of them would be successful without the conscientious effort of a lot of volunteers who spend endless hours augmenting the resource for which the South Island fisheries are known by so many overseas anglers.

It's a resource we once took for granted, but today it's realised that there have been changes and the value of hatcheries has increased markedly. But it's only happened through the dedication of a few. More volunteers would be appreciated.

The Timaru Herald