Geraldine High School proving a major force

18:59, Jun 25 2014
Nic Prue
HIGH BALL: Harlequins goal defence Nic Prue is fully focused on the ball as she takes a high pass during last night’s victory over Roncalli B.

Newly promoted Geraldine High School announced themselves as dark horses for the top four of South Canterbury premier netball with a 39-27 win over Pleasant Point last night.

The schoolgirls led from start to finish and looked just as impressive as they did in their first match against competition heavyweights Old Boys in their debut the previous week.

Harlequins, Roncalli A and Old Boys also had wins in week two.

Harlequins' defence was strong from the opening whistle. Goal keep Kate Johnson and goal defence Nic Prue stifled the Roncalli B attack while Courtney Robson was a menace in the mid court.

Roncalli B exerted some defensive pressure of their own through goal keep Ruby Harper, but still trailed by six at quarter-time.

Harlequins stretched their starting the second quarter. Goal shoot Summer Phiskie created space for herself with good holds but her shooting was not as consistent. and Roncalli B stuck to their task to close the gap to four by halftime.


The speed that helped Harlequins early began to put them under pressure as they began forcing the pass, but their defence remained solid, even with the introduction of Myra Adams to goal defence and Kara Hayes to goal defence.

Roncalli B remained hungry for the ball but Harlequins held them off and stretched the margin to 12 by fulltime.

Geraldine High School, fresh off giving the competition favourites a fright in the opening round, soon did the same to Pleasant Point.

The battle between Point goal keep Pip Oliver and Geraldine goal shoot Rosie O'Brien fluctuated early, with each winning the odd battle.

After a deadlocked first quarter, Geraldine scored the first six goals of the second.

It was a lead they would maintain for the remainder of the half.

Point played decent netball but struggled to cut into the lead.

Geraldine's speed through court and superior fitness showed in the third quarter.

The lead continued to grow in the final quarter as Geraldine showed they are a major force in this competition.

Roncalli A completely dominated Craighead to score more than 40 goals for the second straight week.

Mackenzie Old Girls managed the first two goals against Old Boys, until the top side hit their stride.

Goal defence Ellen Davey impressed early while the battle between goal shoot Lindsay Anderson and Mackenzie captain Cindy Robertson was uncompromising.

Old Boys earned a double digit advantage by halftime as Mackenzie's initial burst of energy began to falter.

Mackenzie found their second wind and kept pace with Old Boys in the third quarter through improved defensive pressure but Old Boys pulled away again with the pressure off in the final quarter, as they showed why they are the most well-balanced team in the competition so far.


Harlequins 32 Roncalli B 20
Roncalli A 48 Craighead 23
Geraldine HS 39 Pleasant Pt 27
Old Boys 33 Mackenzie OG 21

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