Vincent has to live with actions

DISGRACED: Former Black Cap and match-fixer Lou Vincent.
DISGRACED: Former Black Cap and match-fixer Lou Vincent.

Lou Vincent's life ban from the sport of cricket is exactly the sort of punishment I was hoping for.

The only thing more appropriate would have been a jail term as well, but a life ban will do.

Vincent's deplorable actions, being involved in match-fixing, have left a black mark against the sport in this country, and indeed the world, that's never going to be erased.

His ban, imposed by the England and Wales Cricket Board, means he can't play, coach or have anything to do with the game ever again.

He can't even step foot into a ground to watch a game.

Vincent is a cheat, plain and simple, and now has to face the consequences.

It's amazing what some people will do when pressured by the lure of cash, especially when one of your "heroes", as has been the case with Vincent, is influencing things.

That's no excuse though.

Vincent could have done the right thing and said no.

He talks about how he's shamed the sport, his family and pretty much everyone else.

Unlike other players, however, at least he's come out and attempted to explain why he did what he did and the reasons behind it.

I've lost a lot of respect for Vincent because of his involvement in match fixing, but that shouldn't necessarily tarnish what he achieved as a player when he was involved in the national side and not at the mercy of money-hungry bookmakers and their cronies.

He seems to be a pretty likeable chap who's made the biggest mistake of his life that he's going to regret forever.

The timing of his statement wasn't ideal either.

It took a little bit of gloss of the Black Cap's fantastic test series win over West Indies in the Caribbean but ultimately that side's achievements are going to live longer in people's memories than the actions of Vincent.


Rugby league's image has to be at an all-time low at the moment thanks to Todd Carney's efforts in a night club bathroom recently.

It's essentially ended his career after the Sharks sacked him.

The fact he hadn't learned his lesson after being sacked by the Roosters in 2011 for breaking an alcohol ban, and the Raiders in 2008 for several alcohol-related incidents defies belief.

No club in Australia will take him on now and any club in England would be mad to.

It's a shame because he's a very talented player.

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing a guy with all the talent throw it away for stupid reasons like Carney's done.

John Hopoate and Joel Monaghan, just to name a couple, are other talented players to have thrown their careers away by committing unbelievably stupid acts.

League needs to clean up its act in a hurry, but that doesn't look like happening any time soon which is sad for those of us who enjoy the on-field action, but hate what goes on off it.

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