South Canterbury finish 30th at nationals

The South Canterbury under-17 netball team finished 30th at its national tournament in Auckland after a win and a loss yesterday.

They managed to beat Rotorua 33-32 yesterday morning before losing to North Harbour 2 36-30.

While the end result was lower than a top-20 result coach Jen Hooper had been hoping for, she was still satisfied with the effort.

"I think it's a fair reflection of where we stand in the country," she said. "The girls tried really hard."

The team did well to beat Rotorua after trailing them by nine goals after the first quarter.

Laura Dorgan was shifted in to goal shoot, with Maddie Lysaght moving to goal attack in an effort to raise the shooting percentage.

The move worked in both games with South Canterbury shooting over 80 per cent for the first time this tournament.

"That's what kept the defensive end going, I think - the fact that when they turned the ball over it was going through the net.

Hooper said a low mid-court press against North Harbour 2 had her feeders baffled.

It was the first time in the tournament her team had struggled to bring the ball through the court, she said.

She said all but three of the teams would be eligible again in 2015 which should see an improved performance as the girls become more confident playing at the higher level.

Dorgan was also named part of the tournament team which recognised the top players for the week.

Auckland 1 beat Waitakere 1 41-26 in the final.

The Timaru Herald