Krause rant costs Hearts

20:30, Apr 26 2012

Northern Hearts have been slapped with a $250 fine after their team manager and a spectator were banished from the sidelines during their 2-2 draw with division one football rivals Meadowbank United, at Aorangi Park, last Saturday.

Competition co-ordinator Paula Irvine said Hearts would receive the fine after team manager Aron Krause was ordered from the coach's technical area late in the second half of the match for continued verbal abuse towards the referee.

A Hearts supporter was also told to leave the ground and the pair received yellow cards.

Irvine said the fine was against the manager, not the supporter, and was in the Football South rules and regulations and was not a New Zealand Football initiative.

She said if Krause was removed from the sidelines again this season, Northern Hearts could expect the fine to double.

Hearts felt they were on the wrong end of the calls for most of the game, which culminated when they lost midfielder Ariel Ortiz to a red card four minutes into the second half.


Irvine said the yellow cards carried no additional punishment as they were only shown as a sign of intent by the referee.

"That doesn't mean much, the referee had to show something and he wasn't too sure on the rules," Irvine said.

Irvine said South Canterbury clubs were "well aware" of the rules and fines but they would be reminded of them again following the incident.

Northern Hearts player/coach Matt Chambers said the situation had been "blown out of proportion".

"It wasn't a direct comment towards the referee but he's made a call, so what can you do?"

Chambers said Krause was apologetic for the incident to his team after the game.

"As soon as he came into the changing room after the game, he said sorry to the boys for what had happened."

Chambers said Northern Hearts would hold a committee meeting to see whether Krause would need to pay the fine.

The Timaru Herald