Abuse of umpire earns suspension

20:07, May 17 2012

Cambridge's Jarrod Parmenter has received a one-match suspension after verbally abusing an umpire during a division one game last Saturday.

Parmenter was sent off in his team's 4-3 loss to Northern Hearts. He had already been yellow-carded for a hard tackle.

A Hockey South Canterbury disciplinary hearing declined his appeal against the red card. The mandatory penalty is a one-game suspension, so it is the lightest possible punishment.

Parmenter's is the second red card for verbal abuse in the senior competition this season.

Cambridge coach Bruce Small said he had mixed feelings about the outcome, having hoped there would be no suspension.

"We're disappointed but not surprised by the outcome.


"There is a very good process which [Hockey South Canterbury] allows for this situation and we accept the outcome and look forward to getting on with it and playing some good hockey."

Hockey South Canterbury president Bruce Rayner said the independent panel could only rule on the information put in front of them.

He said it continued to be difficult to get independent backing for what the umpire heard.

"It's the same old story, when you have one umpire who's at the centre of it and the other umpire on the other side of the field, and 20 players in the middle.

"It makes it very difficult for the umpire."

Rayner said he was confident players would now tone down their behaviour, and he believed a one-match suspension was enough of a deterrent for players.

The result means Parmenter will miss tonight's game against Excelsior but will be free to play against Tainui tomorrow.

The Timaru Herald