Barber gives Robbie Fruean the X-factor

21:36, May 31 2012
Robbie Fruean
FRESH LOOK: Timaru barber Pat Tupuola gives Crusaders centre Robbie Fruean a new look ahead of the Super Rugby match with the Highlanders, in Christchurch, tonight.

Crusaders centre Robbie Fruean used to channel Mr T with his hairstyle but thanks to Timaru barber Pat Tupuola he is set to debut a new look for tonight's Super Rugby match against the Highlanders.

Fruean has left the 1980s A-Team look behind and has traded-up to a 21st century Vin Diesel-inspired look which saw Tupuola design a three-X pattern in the back of his head similar to the name of action movie trilogy xXx which Diesel starred in.

The 23-year-old had sported a Mr T mohawk haircut for most of the Super Rugby season before shaving it off for a cancer fundraiser a couple of weeks ago.

The chance for Tupuola to help with the new look came purely by accident.

"A (representative) came down and saw my work in the window and said she was involved with the Crusaders and asked if I could do something with Robbie," Tupuola said.

The 27-year-old said maintaining an image was becoming a bigger part of sport.

Tupuola said Fruean came up with the look himself and was "a really humble dude, who was cool to talk to" during the process, which took 30 minutes.

A centre for Celtic in the Hamersley Cup competition, Tupuola said it was a great experience.


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