Title hopes put to sleep

19:43, Nov 11 2012

Timaru mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Scott MacGregor had an early nap in his New Zealand supremacy featherweight title fight in Dunedin on Saturday night.

The Timaru Freestyle Martial Arts fighter was choked out in the second round of his main-event bout.

The 27-year-old said he felt like he was in control of the fight until his Auckland-based opponent, Ev Ting, took his back and with it control of the fight.

"I was told I had won all the minutes before the end of the fight.

"In the end, I lost to a fighter who was too fast and too fit and really skilled.

"I felt really good until I gave him my back and by the time I realised he had slipped his hand under my chin to try to put me away, it was too late and I went to sleep pretty quickly.

"I enjoyed the experience, but I hate to lose."

The former amateur wrestler was offered a rematch straight after the fight, but he said he wanted to earn another title shot by beating other opponents.


The Timaru Herald