Triple spans generations

19:26, Nov 20 2012
FAMILY AFFAIR: The Temuka Bowling Club had its first team that included three generations of one family when John, Steve and Adam Burgess played triples together.

Three generations of the Burgess family played bowls together for the first time in Temuka.

John, son Steve and grandson Adam turned out for the Temuka Bowling Club's triples tournament.

John, who turned 79 on the day, has been a regular at Temuka for the past 30 years and been the greenkeeper for the past nine.

He was made a life member recently, while Steve is also on the club committee, having taken to the greens five years ago.

John spends about six hours a day, Monday to Friday, and also Saturday mornings keeping the greens in order.

He plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays and just loves the game.


"I had to do something to fill in the time when I retired and it is good to help out down at the club."

Following in the family footsteps, 21-year-old Adam is in his first season.

John says it is great to have the family do something together.

"We won two and lost two games during the tournament, so that wasn't too bad up against some big guns." Team Burgess, it seems, is likely to play together again in the future.

John said one of his highlights came this year when he was in one of the six Temuka teams to win a centre title.

Adam says to celebrate he planned to pay for a tattoo for his granddad's birthday present after playing together.

Granddad however was not too sure.

"There are a few in the family but my wife is not a fan so it's not likely."

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