Getting their kicks from karate

16:00, Dec 12 2012
Bailey and Loren Gebbie
Junior shodan: Three young karate exponents, from left, Bailey Gebbie, Caitlin Bradley and Loren Gebbie have received their junior black belts.

The hard work is ahead of them but three new junior black belts are keen to continue with the Timaru Goju-Ryu Karate Club.

Brother and sister Bailey and Loren Gebbie, along with Caitlin Bradley, received their junior shodans after five years in the sport.

Their next goal is their full black belts gradings but that will not happen for five or six years and in the meantime they must stay focused and keep training.

Loren said she took up the sport along with her brother as her parents wanted her to learn self-defence.

Caitlin Bradley was talked into trying out karate by her father, Alistair, who is a black belt and sempai (senior) at the club.

The trio said the hardest part of gaining their black belts was the 60 push-ups and holding their hands out for a long period.

They trio were graded by their sensei, Tigana Payne, with Alistair Bradley assisting.

Payne said the three had put in a lot of effort outside of classes.

Bradley said there was strong interest in the junior part of the club with about 25 members, who all trained at the Gleniti School hall.


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