Sophie takes step towards stardom

19:46, Jan 30 2013
sophie beard
LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Timaru basketballer Sophie Beard, left, is back from a trip to Australia with the New Zealand under-14 Koru basketball team.

Timaru's Sophie Beard enjoyed her experience with the New Zealand under-14 Koru basketball team in Australia.

Beard's team finished fourth in their section with three wins and three losses, and the 13-year-old saw plenty of court time as temperatures soared to 43 degree Celcius.

Beard said she really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, and is hoping to trial for the team again this year.

She will not get much of a break as she has been included in a trial for the Canterbury County team early next month, together with two other South Canterbury basketballers Maggie Bolina and Grace Black.


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