Self-belief does not turn will into skill

23:41, Feb 10 2013

Just because Sonny Bill Williams is keen to get in a boxing ring, does not make him a talented boxer.

By the time you read this, the fight will be done, sorry to those of you who wanted some coverage of it in this edition of The Herald but deadlines counted against us.

Hopefully, Williams was beaten by South African journeyman Francois Botha so this ridiculous circus act can come to an end.

I doubt Botha, dubbed ‘The White Buffalo' will have been able to achieve the feat but if he has, it should put an end to Williams' time in the squared circle.

I don't wish the 27-year-old any harm, but I hope his lack of technical ability was exposed and provided him with a swift realisation that fighting legitimate boxers is a step too far.

Credit to the former All Black for believing in his abilities but just because he has the balls to face the prospect of being punched by another man for the entertainment of the paying public, does not make him a multi-talented sportsman.


He does not even rate as the most successful person to switch rugby codes in my view. That honour has to go to new Highlander Brad Thorn, whose resume may not have the same number of dollar signs after it as Williams' but he does have all of the winners medals and photos holding all the major trophies in both rugby and league to prove he is a cross-over star.

Williams may have the New Zealand Heavyweight title, but who cares?

Certainly Shane Cameron didn't care when it was hanging up in the back of his garage for several years.

Good on Williams for giving this a go, but he hasn't proven anything to anyone other than the fact he is a man willing to hit and be hit (maybe) for the right price.

If this is Williams' last fight, then I'll be more than happy.

The Timaru Herald