Golfer finds it pays to watch TV

20:09, Aug 12 2013
Graham Cadigan

St Andrews golfer Graham Cadigan is heading for much warmer weather after winning a trip to Hawaii.

Cadigan will play four top courses during his six-night holiday, staying at five-star resorts, after winning a competition on television programme Golf World.

He will be accompanied by the show's co-host Laura McGoldrick.

Cadigan couldn't credit his luck after originally thinking they had rung him to say he had won a pair of golf shoes, the minor prize.

"I couldn't believe it.

"I watch the show quite regularly and emailed the lucky word each week."


Cadigan is passionate about his golf and is a member at Levels as well as St Andrews.

He has played overseas before but "nothing quite like this."

There are several courses around the resort where he will be staying but he hoping to play Kapaula.

"That would be pretty amazing."

Cadigan was a relatively late starter in sport and only took it up seriously having turned 40.

"I played squash in my 30s, golf in my 40s and I guess it will be bowls in my 50s."

The eight handicapper said it was a great feeling watching the programme, knowing his name would appear as the winner.

"There would have been lots of people watching hoping it was them."

Cadigan showed his sense of humour by sending his good mate Robbie Rankin and a few others the news by mobile phone.

"I took a phone shot of my name when it appeared and recorded the voice saying who the winner was."

Cadigan, who turns 48 on Thursday, said it was a great birthday present.

"I'm only expecting socks from others now."

The golf programme itself has strong links to Timaru, having been created by St Patrick's High School old boy Phillip Leishman.

After his death, his brother Mark took over the reins.

McGoldrick's father, Brynn, was born in Timaru, and Phillip Leishman was Laura's godfather.

"It's a privilege to work on the show because of my relationship with Phil, and I know how hard he worked to create it," McGoldrick said.

Timaru has also been lucky in terms of the show's competition winners.

The 2009 winners to Shanghai were Brian Tonks and Catherine Elliot.

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