Celtic youngsters kitted out thanks to $1500 grant

19:19, Feb 13 2014
celtic cricket club
HOWZAT: The Celtic Cricket Club's junior teams will not be short of gear after receiving a grant of more than $1500 from the ANZ Cricket Grant Scheme to help them compete this season.

Celtic Cricket Club's junior ranks could be even harder to beat after receiving gear worth more than $1500.

The ANZ Cricket Grant Scheme has supplied more than $1500 worth of new bats, balls, pads, gloves, stumps and helmets to Celtic's five primary-aged teams.

The scheme is running throughout New Zealand and attracted more than 500 applications.

The club's junior coordinator, James Blackstock, said having proper equipment would help the young cricketers get to the next level in the game.

Celtic president Ants de Joux was delighted with the windfall.

"It will really help us out."


Celtic lead both the primary A and B competitions and de Joux said it was down to hard work from the club and dedication of the young cricketers.

"We have current or former players coaching the junior and the club pays for South Canterbury's two English imports to come to JAB training."

While Celtic had dropped a couple of teams this year through smaller numbers, de Joux was hoping the Black Caps' success would reverse the trend and that more youngsters would either take up or return to the game.

The Timaru Herald