South Canterbury Union records surplus

Mark Goodhew
Mark Goodhew

The South Canterbury Rugby Union has recorded a surplus of $29,709 at its 125th annual meeting.

It was $13,018 over its budgeted profit, but the union did receive a grant of $11,573 to upgrade the lighting on the No 2 ground at Alpine Energy Stadium.

The positive result means the union has been in the black for six of the past seven years, with a net gain of $256,029 since 2006.

Finance committee chairman Mark Goodhew noted the 125th jubilee and Crusaders preseason match contributed to the surplus, but these were offset by increased expenses including wages, ground and building costs.

Goodhew said the costs of the Heartland team ($145,475) and other representative teams still needed careful management in the future.

The statement of financial position shows the union soundly placed with an excess of $1.2 million, with working capital of $425,402, which compares favourably with other unions, he said.

Chairman Brent Isbister said the 125th celebration had been a highlight of the year, including the capping of the province's centurions.

On the field winning the Lochore Cup, having three players in the Heartland side and Chester Scott appointed assistant were also significant, he said.

Isbister said the union also faced three significant challenges with a major brawl at a club game, a chief executive being appointed then resigning, as well as some Heartland players at the centre of a police investigation (for an alleged rape in Whanganui) of which the outcome was still pending.

''Unfortunately these things overshadow the good things that are happening in our sport.''

Only three nominations were received for the board from incumbents Brent Isbister, Mark Goodhew and Grant Norton, so no vote was necessary.

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