Reid hopeful problems are behind her

20:39, Mar 13 2014
Cass Reid

For someone who cannot help but stay active, the past six weeks have been tough for Timaru's Black Stick Cass Reid.

Surgery to relieve compartment syndrome in her calf muscles in January means today will be the first time she will go for a run to test how the recovery is going.

''I basically found out in October that I had compartment syndrome in both legs which meant I had to have surgery to relieve the pressure.

''What was happening was my muscles weren't getting enough blood flowing to them and naturally they expand during exercise which was putting pressure on [the legs].

''So I'm about six weeks removed from surgery and it will be another six weeks before I'm back into things again.''

The 19-year-old former Craighead striker turned New Zealand mid-fielder said while the injury came at a tough time, she was pleased to have a confirmed diagnosis.


''It's been frustrating but it was nice to finally know what the problem was and hopefully it will make a big difference to my hockey.''

The 23-test player said she expected to make a full recovery and her trademark speed, which had earned her a surprise national callup straight out of high school in 2012, would return.

''Not being able to run has meant I've had to focus on other areas like my stick control and ball skills and trying to do more in the gym.''

The surgery has also put her chances of making the squad for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in severe doubt

''You can't rule yourself out, you never know what the coaches are thinking but if I miss out then at least I have [National Hockey League] in September.''

Reid's last chance to make an impression on national coach Mark Hager and earn a trip to Glasgow will be at the national under-21 tournament in May where she will represent Canterbury.

''That will be 15 weeks after the surgery, so hopefully I'll be ready to go.

''I certainly won't be at my peak fitness levels but hopefully I'll be able to show what I can do.''

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