We are super saturated

18:36, Mar 04 2014
malakai fekitoa
KIWI BATTLE: The Highlanders take on the Blues in round one of this year’s Super Rugby competition. The Highlanders eventually prevailed 29-21.

Super Rugby ain't what it used to be.

Back in the day, the Super 12 competition was something new, something fresh and was genuinely exciting to watch.

Today, Super Rugby has become so saturated even traditional, die-hard fans are getting turned off and it's little wonder.

The confusing conference system is to blame and really doesn't make any sense. It's actually quite baffling for your average punter.

The difference in quality of teams in the New Zealand, Australia and South African conferences are huge and makes the competition as it stands a lopsided mess.

New Zealand's players are getting sick of Kiwi teams playing each other so often and I agree it's a bit much.


Local derbies are fine, but not all the time. As far as Sanzar wanting to add another two teams from 2016, one from South Africa and one from Argentina, that's just nuts.

To an average New Zealand fan the Super Rugby season is long enough as it is without more meaningless games

Who in this country can honestly say they would get up at 3am to watch a South African side take on an Argentinian one?

South African teams have finished bottom of the table 13 out of 18 years the competition has been around. That in itself tells a story.

Clearly, the decision to add another team from the republic isn't based on performance.

As is the case more and more these days, it will be based on television ratings and money. As far as a side from Argentina goes, the national team hasn't exactly set the world alight during the Rugby Championship.

Most of their top players play in Europe and get paid plenty to do so.

I can't see them taking a massive pay cut to play for a team that's pretty much destined to fail if it comes about. How competitive is a provincial Argentinian team really going to be?

Why the teams involved can't just play each other once to qualify for four semi-final positions then a final I don't know.

Maybe it's too simple in this complex world in which we live.

If it's absolutely necessary to expand the competition, which most people will tell you it isn't, why not include a team from the Pacific or even Asia?

A Pacific team would be hugely popular here and it would help develop rugby talent in the islands.

In Asia, the game is on the rise and a Super Rugby team would certainly create plenty of interest. For now though, Sanzar seem determine to ruin what was once a great competition.

South Canterbury