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15 pointless travel items

Pretty woman photographer taking photograph using dslr camera......Image ID : 15617354...Image Type : Stock Photo...Model Released : Yes...Copyright : Bevan Goldswain

Paper maps, rolls of film and money belts have joined travellers cheques as things of the past.

UK hits NZ with health charge

Kiwis wanting to spend more than six months in the UK on their OE will soon have to pay up.

Exploring the Great Wall

An endless Indian summer


Horror in the corn

Omaka Maize Maze owner Paul Baker, left, and Blenheim filmmaker Aaron Falvey are getting ready to shoot the promotional video for the horror maze night.

"I expect a lot of screaming... But you'd be surprised, with the maze being so dense you don't hear much in there."

Blenheim chef on culinary pavilion

"It's cool for us, being a little restaurant up the road."

Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar owner Ryan McQuillan, left, Scotch Bar owner Dan Gillett and Yard Bar and Bistro owner Joe Johnstone are throwing a street party at Bythell Place on Saturday.

Big weekend ahead

The biggest party in Marlborough is not a standalone event, with plenty of other activities on offer


Govt 'won't fund beach campaign'

Government minister Paula Bennett says there are no plans to kick in money to a beach crowdfunding campaign.

11:29 AM  "It's not our intentions at this stage to put money in," Paula Bennett says.

Morgan: I don't want it all

Philanthropist publishes map showing how little of Abel Tasman beach he would use.

'Small victory' for Sikh man

Emirates sets Auckland pricing

travel troubles

Couple hit with $4000 change fee

Air New Zealand said its usual change fee for the route was around $174.

Their flights to NZ cost $600 - but trying to change them cost this elderly British couple $4000.

'We're all going to die'

Intoxicated man hurls abuse and mini alcohol bottles at passengers before being escorted off Alaska Airlines flight.

Auckland trains getting back on track

Cyclone could ground flights

south america

An amazing Amazon adventure

The Napo River runs through the Amazon Rainforest, delivering its watery lifeblood to the villagers living along its banks.

No one will be able to hear you scream in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Photos: Rio Carnival gallery

The glitz and glamour, as well as jaw dropping costumes, from Rio's Carnival parades.

The Kiwis of Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval video

The country taking Airbnb by storm

middle east

Kiwis key in Dubai's zipline video

Been there? Done that? You've probably not seen anything quite like Dubai's XLine before.

A steep, 90m drop is only inches away as the building drops straight down to the concrete below.

A toast to Shiraz

Facelifts, nose jobs, chadors teamed with Japanese sun visors, rare artefacts and friendly people – Iran is a fascinating paradox.

See the home of Star Wars

20 reasons to visit Dubai with kids

pacific islands

Life on a private island

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an island to yourself?

Castaway bliss

There's no TV or wi-fi. Just the soothing melody of Fijian waters gently lapping.

A spectacular Fiji sunset captured at Tropica Island Resort on Malolo Island.

Fiji for a first-timer gallery video

How do you enjoy Fiji when you can't swim, hate the sun and are scared of coconuts falling on your head?


Creating a meaningful experience

Grayson Perry, Portrait Claire, 2014, photograph: Pal Hanson

My Pretty Little Art Career offers up a comprehensive mid-career survey exhibition of Grayson Perry's work

Top 6 Tassie whisky distilleries

Find out why Tasmania is getting a name for itself as the whisky capital of Australia.

Brunswick Bay Islands

Photos: Amazing WA gallery

Take a bird's eye look at the incredible landscape of Western Australia.


10 reasons to visit southern Italy

Alberobello​ may be the most-photographed village in Italy.

Don't be fooled by the tranquility - Puglia is one of Italy's most fascinating regions.

European cruising at risk

Last year's hot, dry European summer may have a roll-on effect for those eyeing up a European cruise.

Roman pyramid on show

A holiday in the dark

uk and ireland

Inside Jimi Hendrix's flat

Jimi Hendrix with Kathy Etchingham in 1969.

8 min ago  The guitar legend's London flat is restored to the just way he had it.

Why you should go solo in London

Who needs company when you've got pubs, parks and plenty of tours to keep you entertained?

How to get into London's exclusive clubs

Wandering into a wizarding world


Who goes to North Dakota?

Josh Duhamel, a native of North Dakota, is serving as ambassador for the state.

Well not many, but Transformers actor Josh Duhamel is trying to change all that.

NASA men share love of space video

An Apollo 13 astronaut and a leader from the Mars mission talk about space travel.

Slumber party with penguins

Surviving a wilderness course

canada & alaska

Get it while it's cold

Kayaking through a floating iceberg.

The sun is out, the water is calm, and the adventure is on, with a nice, wild Alaska edge.

Fine dining on the rails

"It's like a symphony," says executive chef Jean Pierre Guerin from inside the Rocky Mountaineer's Goldleaf Service kitchen.

The town no-one wants to leave

Rumbling through the Rockies gallery video


Stuffed animals that travel

Sock monkey

Too busy to enjoy a holiday? Never mind, you can send your stuffed animal instead.

Do the Maldives on a budget

Discover the best (and cheapest) way to explore the watery world of the Maldives.

Modelled on the Eiffel Tower, the red Tokyo Tower is a beloved icon of the city.

Top five tall places in Tokyo

These are the best places to go in Tokyo for a view of the city - or the worst, if you're scared of heights.


Titanic II set for maiden voyage video

An undated artist's rendering of the proposed cruise ship Titanic II.

Date given for when replica of the Titanic will take to the seas.

European cruising at risk

Last year's hot, dry European summer may have a roll-on effect for those eyeing up a European cruise.

Love on the high seas gallery

Cruisy summer


No, it's not a Yeti

The "Yeti" was allegedly sighted in Formigal, a ski resort in northeastern Spain.

12:49 PM  The existence of the Abominable Snowman has not yeti been proven.

Kiwi caught in US snow storm

As record US blizzard rages on, Kiwi looks on the bright side and enjoys a few days off work.

Ski fields battle for early birds

Boeing 757 touches down in Antarctica


'No chance of buying the beach' video

Gareth Morgan won't reveal how much he's prepared to put forward for the campaign.

1:05 PM  ''If there is another bidder, they are bound to be defeated,'' says Gareth Morgan, as beach campaign nears $2m.

Can you trust TripAdvisor?

Generally, yes, But here are a few warning signs to watch out for in reviews.

Gareth Morgan says he'll only use a small portion of the Abel Tasman beach for sale.

Morgan: I don't want it all

Philanthropist publishes map showing how little of Abel Tasman beach he would use.


Inside Jimi Hendrix's flat

The guitar legend's London flat is restored to just the way he had it.

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