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Off the beaten track stuff nation

Dave and his family have enjoyed a unique Moroccan experience.

Travelling Kiwi family continue their epic journey, this stop, Morocco.

Kiwis love plane food

We're perfectly happy on long-haul flights as long as you give us some kai in the sky.

Kiwi plumber takes on NZ

Multicultural Toronto living


Nervous tourists hire chauffeurs video

Christchurch-based chauffeur Robin Adams acts as both taxi driver and guide for overseas visitors. "I mother them all the way around."

Tourists too scared to take to the wheel, or wanting a more relaxing holiday, are paying to be chauffeur-driven around NZ.

5 reasons to be a tourist at home

Why not turn your weekend away into a full-fledged holiday?

An Air New Zealand flight attendant pours a glass of wine on the first 'Wine Flight', which paired award-winning wines with views over the landscape where they were produced.

Wine flight takes off

Flight attendants on two Q300 planes served the assembled media and wine experts glasses of wine from the vineyards below.


Banned from Egypt - over a selfie

Rules against climbing Egypt's monuments have been put in place to protect them from human destruction.

A teenage tourist who illegally scaled an ancient pyramid to take selfies can never return.

Let's buy a beach video

Join us in saving this slice of paradise for the public.

Nervous tourists hire chauffeurs video

'If you give your little bit it'll add up' video

travel troubles

Huge snakeskin in Kiwi's luggage

Auckland Airport biosecurity staff intercepted this giant anaconda skin.

Biosecurity staff in Auckland have seized a snakeskin more than two metres long.

Campervan woes ruin dream trip

American couple left disappointed after a rental van trouble turned their dream trip into a nightmare.

Spare a thought for the animal

Jet evacuated over threat

south america

The Kiwis of Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval video

The glamourous passistas of the Carnaval parades attract thousands of visitors to Rio.

As Brazil's beach capital amps up for its renowned Carnaval event, Kiwis are putting the finishing touches to their costumes.

The country taking Airbnb by storm

As Airbnb's fastest growing market, this developing country is hastily rolling out the welcome mat.

Insider's guide to Rio Carnaval video

Three Towers hike a bucket list item

middle east

Kiwis key in Dubai's zipline video

Been there? Done that? You've probably not seen anything quite like Dubai's XLine before.

A steep, 90m drop is only inches away as the building drops straight down to the concrete below.

A toast to Shiraz

Facelifts, nose jobs, chadors teamed with Japanese sun visors, rare artefacts and friendly people – Iran is a fascinating paradox.

See the home of Star Wars

20 reasons to visit Dubai with kids

pacific islands

Life on a private island

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an island to yourself?

Castaway bliss

There's no TV or wi-fi. Just the soothing melody of Fijian waters gently lapping.

A spectacular Fiji sunset captured at Tropica Island Resort on Malolo Island.

Fiji for a first-timer gallery video

How do you enjoy Fiji when you can't swim, hate the sun and are scared of coconuts falling on your head?


Top 6 Tassie whisky distilleries

Bespoke Gin Workshops are held at William McHenry & Sons Distillery at Port Arthur.

Find out why Tasmania is getting a name for itself as the whisky capital of Australia.

The real 'Straya video

This is where pioneer history and dinosaur fossils have withstood the tests of drought and distance.

To mark Australia Day, it's worth celebrating the things we do better than anywhere else, writes Ben Groundwater.

Aussie: Better than anywhere else?

According to an Australian travel writer, there are some experiences his country does better than anywhere else.


Breathtaking underwater world video

Work has begun on Musoe Atlantico, also known as Atlantic Museum.

Europe is set to open it's first underwater museum and it looks magical.

Need for Speed in Bologna

When there are two Ferraris in the airport (yes, in the actual terminal), you know you're in for a rollicking good time.

Famous 'Dog of Bruges' dies

Why Porto is the place to be

uk and ireland

Why you should go solo in London

In Hyde Park, bicyclists ride a path adjacent to horse trails.

Who needs company when you've got pubs, parks and plenty of tours to keep you entertained?

How to get into London's exclusive clubs

Fancy rubbing shoulders with London's movers and shakers? Here's how.

Wandering into a wizarding world

20 reasons to visit Dublin


NASA men share love of space video

Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise beside a picture of his younger self (extreme right) and the rest of his crew

An Apollo 13 astronaut and a leader from the Mars mission talk about space travel.

Slumber party with penguins

After the daytime visitors have left, California Academy of Sciences reopens for the second shift of explorers.

Surviving a wilderness course

Big Apple to winter wonderland

canada & alaska

Get it while it's cold

Kayaking through a floating iceberg.

The sun is out, the water is calm, and the adventure is on, with a nice, wild Alaska edge.

Fine dining on the rails

"It's like a symphony," says executive chef Jean Pierre Guerin from inside the Rocky Mountaineer's Goldleaf Service kitchen.

The town no-one wants to leave

Rumbling through the Rockies gallery video


Mystery map among nine years of gifts gallery

Nelson man Brian Wilke is responsible for a mysterious map of Nelson found in Siberia.

Mystery traveller brings Nelson to Siberia

A photo of sunny Nelson has been found in one of the coldest, most remote places on earth.

"Looking this good is exhausting!" Donza, a Southern white rhinoceros had her 8th calf in November. The new calf is called "Vita" which means life.

Cute with a conscience gallery

Baby hyenas, monkeys with luscious-locks and smiling baby hippos make up a magical adventure at Wildlife Reserves Singapore.


Love on the high seas gallery

Greece offers one of the world's most romantic escapes.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there could be no better time to plan a romantic cruise.

Cruisy summer

A boutique cruise ship arrived in Picton for the first time on Wednesday.

Amazing awaits on the Amazon gallery

Do cruise ships carry a 'black box'?


Kiwi caught in US snow storm

Snow covers the deck of Joanne Clapp's home after a massive snow storm in the east coast of the United States.

As record US blizzard rages on, Kiwi looks on the bright side and enjoys a few days off work.

Ski fields battle for early birds

Canterbury's Porters ski field has fired back in a price war with NZ Ski Group's Mt Hutt.

Boeing 757 touches down in Antarctica

Mt Hutt named best ski resort


Let's buy a beach video

Awaroa Inlet is for sale. And YOU could help buy it.

Join us in saving this slice of paradise for the public.

Beauty vs the Backpacker video

Backpacker Ben Groundwater takes on luxury lover Emma Markezic to see which style of travel rules.

A beach on the Awaroa Inlet in Abel Tasman is on the market but with your help it could be bought by all of New Zealand, for all of New Zealand.

'If you give your little bit it'll add up' video

Win or lose, Duane Major is asking Kiwis to dig deep as time runs out to buy an idyllic Kiwi beach.


Let's buy a beach

Join us in saving this slice of paradise for the public.

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