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Readers' pics of the week


This week's travel photo entries take us from Ho Chi Minh City to New Caledonia.

Cruising currency conundrum

If your cruise stops at ports with different currencies, transactions can get confusing.

How to find the perfect travel companion

Pittsburgh: it's not the pits


Key 'gutted' to miss Air NZ invite

Prime Minister John Key has not received an invite into Air New Zealand's Elite Priority One club.

John Key "gutted" he missed an invite into Air NZ's most exclusive club.

Airlines spruce up their safety messages

Buckle yourself in for the best in air safety videos in the business.

Air NZ's secret society revealed

Wineries urged to cater for Chinese tourists

travel troubles

Engines cut out on Singapore Airlines jet

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 at Perth airport, similar to the plane that lost power.

Airbus carrying 194 people descended 13,000 feet after losing power mid-flight.

Delta orders pizza for passengers

One US airline has figured out how to keep frustrated passengers happy - feeding them pizza.

Roads closed as waves hammer coast video

Sir Bob escorted from flight


Tourism booming in Marborough

Cruise ship Voyager of the Seas docked at Shakespeare Bay, in Picton, in December last year.

Marlborough's tourism industry is on the up following an excellent summer of increased visitor numbers and more spending.

One for the birds

At dusk, the silvery notes of the native birds steal all the attention from the sweeping views.

The view of the stunning Southern Alps is the real attraction.

Recharge by the river

This retreat is set among the scenic valley of the Hurunui River. Pack for stargazing, roaming and a soak in the outdoor tub.

pacific islands

Fiji’s manta mantra video

260515 Travel Photo: Chris Stevens The Barefoot Manta resort sits at the north end of Drawaqa Island in the Yasawa archipelago in Fiji. Manta rays gather to feed, mate and get cleaned in nearby channel. FFX-travel

No trip to Fiji’s Yasawa Islands would be complete without visiting the resident manta rays at Barefoot Manta.

Raft of secrets

A two-day rafting trip through the remote highlands of Viti Levu is an adventure to remember.

10042015 News Rebekah Parsons-King/Fairfax NZ. Anjalee and Andrew Coers at the encloure in Niue where Anjalee is in quantine before her arrival at Auckland Zoo

Top 5 things to do in Niue video

The coral atoll of Niue is a different kind of Pacific destination. Here are 5 things to do on the island.


Fancy a home under water? gallery

A new development will see 42 boat-like residences moored off Dubai's The World island.

A development in Dubai brings new meaning to the term "sleeping with the fishes".

Nudists increase the bottom line

Nakationing - as in naked vacationing - is a growing trend in the US, and it goes well beyond topless beaches.

Top 10 food markets: Fresh food meccas

The 10 most irresistible food meccas gallery

For a gastronomic adventure into the unknown, you can't beat these top 10 food markets.

south america

A bird lover's paradise high in the Andes

At Tapichalaca Reserve, a clear day reveals the road that leads to Peru winding across Cerro Tapichalaca, for which the reserve is named.

In southern Ecuador's Tapichalaca Reserve, armies of hummingbirds' beating wings are so loud they sound more like bees.

Where rustic meets riverside

A rustic riverside hacienda in Chile takes guests back to 70s with a dash of modern Scandi style.

South America: It's not that hard

My brief life as an Argentine cowboy

middle east

World's largest hotel to open

An artistic impression on the Abraj Kudai, the world's largest luxury hotel set to open in 2017.

The world's largest luxury hotel, set to open in Saudi Arabia in 2017, will house 10, 000 rooms.

Seeing Wadi Rum by camel

A three-day camel ride through one of Jordan's epic landscapes offers fascinating insights into the vast, echoing and godlike world of Wadi Rum.

Daredevil Jetman soars over Dubai video

Just deserts


Survival of the slowest

A flatback turtle digs a hold to lay its eggs in on the coast of the Timor Sea.

A rare flatbacked turtle lays her eggs on the shores of the Timor Sea - under the eyes of a group of fascinated tourists.

20 minutes to France

There's a whiff of France about the Barossa, Australia's premier wine region.

Rising above lush rainforest and the lagoon, the two mountains are a majestic sight.

Howe's that for an island escape

The challenge is to find a spot which is attractive enough to tour without being dominated by tourists.


Where Bali meets Europe

Surfing at Odeceixe beach in the Algarve, Portugal.

Yoga, surfing and spectacular beaches. Sound like Bali? Think again.

Watch for 7 minutes of peace

Need a break from a stressful day at work? Take 7 minutes off to watch "the world's most relaxing film.

Nude art classes hit UK pubs

Most liveable city's now most visible

uk and ireland

Nude art classes hit UK pubs

A model poses during a life drawing class at The Lion pub in London.

Forget karaoke, sketching nude models with a pint in hand is the hot new trend in British pubs.

Stay in a floating house on the River Thames

You could stay in a floating house on the River Thames for a night.

London to revive 'ghost stations' video

The odd case of Toast Mahal


Little Havana has unique appeal

Don Pedro Bello Sr., from a long tradition of tobacconists, sits on a chair in front of his Cuba Tobacco Cigar store on the street known as Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

It's not in Cuba - but the Miami neighbourhood has a cultural identity of its own.

The weird museums of NYC

The city that never sleeps boasts an apartment filled with actual dirty, an exhibition on the sex lives of animals, and a gallery featuring taxidermy squirrels hanging out at a bar.

Best of San Diego's Balboa Park

Disneyland braces for crush of visitors

canada & alaska

Sailing in Alaska

The Jackson's yacht Sunstone at the foot of a glacier.

Sailers in Alaska learn to quickly to gusts and lulls, and to carry pepper spray when going ashore.

The best place to watch grizzly bears

At the confluence of two streams, one glacial green, the other silver grey, it's salmon carnage.

Top 6 Alaskan wilderness lodges

Living on the edge


Beauty of Japan's Matsushima islands

The full moon is seen through clouds above Fukuurajima island in Matsushima Bay, Japan.

The scenic beauty of the islands in Matsushima Bay and the view of the moon has been known in China and other foreign countries from ancient times.

Nine cool Indian music festivals to attend

Music festivals are magical, combine them with an exciting travel experience and you have the best holiday package.

Spa Village Resort Tembok, a doof-doof free zone.

Healing the mind and body

The shaman princess spoke to her first departed spirits when she was a child, or so she tells me.


Cruise visitors spark tourism growth

Marlborough Shuttles and Tours owners Lynn Wong and Dave Porter have bought Picton Shuttles.

The number of passengers arriving in Marlborough on cruise ships doubled over the summer.

Dancing Queens sail into Liverpool

Liverpool played host to the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria in a 175th anniversary celebration.

Cruising in Fiordland

'Passengers should be charged'


Big dumps on southern skifields

Remarkables Ski Area manager Ross Lawrence uses a snowblower to blast snow from the ski area building entrance.

Southern Lakes skifields are reporting variable dumps of between 30cm-60cm across their mountains.

Going it alone (with kids)

The recipe to a successful solo-parent trip with kids: Equal parts planning and positive attitude.

Mt Hutt fires up snowmaker video

What's hot this ski season?


Roads closed as waves hammer coast

Massive storm churns up sea to cause disruption and delays on east coast.

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