French luxury close to home

New Caledonia

Despite being one of our closest neighbours, New Caledonia is relatively off our radar.

Sampling Noumea's delights New Caledonia's French polish

Cruise's crooning captain

The singing captain on MV Santa Cruz proved to be a highlight of a Galapagos Islands trip.

Ski field's first chair lift

Porters is on its way to becoming a ''major'' destination thanks to a four-seater chairlift.

Make music, and money

Russia's state-run airline Aeroflot is offering big bucks for a new English-language jingle.

Pee here and be famous

A Czech hotel owner has taken an ingenious step to deterring tourists who relieve themselves in public.

Just me and my backpack

backpacking Whether it's Europe, America, Asia or any other epic journey, we want to hear your backpacking stories.

Rugby fans face price hikes

All Blacks and Wallabies fans cramming into hotels have caused price hikes on both sides of the ditch.

4 countries in 3 months

Top 5 travel selfies

Gun tourism is growing

Indoor shooting ranges with high-powered weapons are increasingly becoming a popular attraction.

Plane rude

This is the one route on which it's plane rude to recline your seat.

Do travel boycotts really work?

Full-body scanners?

Volcano erupts in PNG

Residents near an erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea are waiting to see if they need to evacuate.

Seat spat diverts another flight

Another outburst over a reclined seat has led an American Airlines flight to divert to Boston.

Airline loses granny

Unruly pair force jet back


Escape to Coromandel

Exchanging the hard, grey angles of Auckland for the soft green of Coromandel can be cruise-y.

The sexiest way to travel

Helicopters, perfect powder and luxury yachts await.

Magic in the mountains

Winter is back!

A winter escape

Sometimes winter's depths feel like an eternity away from the heady joys of summer.

BluesFest with the kids

This outstanding festival takes place when most of us at home are huddled by the fire.

Hello happiness. Hello panda.

As far as proposals for Australian tourism developments go, this one is next level.

Gold Coast's sexy makeover

Melbourne Cup: What to expect

Would you sleep at IKEA?

Need a place to stay? Why not spend a night at IKEA for free.

Ryanair launches business class

Ryanair is offering business-class tickets in an attempt to woo travellers during penny-pinching times.

Solo traveller seeking company?

A couple smooch on the balcony. Actually, scratch that - there are about 20 couples smooching on the balcony.

Teens take world's scariest selfie

Grandparents win big at Vegas

Can a hostel ruin your travel?

Hostels: they're either the best thing in the world, or the worst.

Good things in small packages

In pint-sized Slovenia, Liz Light discovers the best of Europe and a touch of home.

How old is too old on a bus?

I'm the tour's token creepy old man. Every tour has one, just the way every hostel dorm has one.

Life is the key lesson

In the lair of The Leopard

Saving a nation

As Ebola rages on, we look back at the extremes one village took while battling a plague.

Ring, ring: Hello?

Calling all London tourists: Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes and Queen Victoria want to have a word with you.

Surfing with seals

The Palace takes on GoT


A surprise for weary passengers

Visitors flying into Las Vegas got more than just their luggage when they stopped by baggage claim.

Grandparents win big at Vegas

A pair of grandparents from New Hampshire have won millions at a notoriously stubborn slot machine.

Marmot takes over ad, internet melts

Top 5 things in Sacramento

Powder day, every day

Blackcomb, Whistler You get sick of taking photos when everyday is one that you never want to forget.

A summer surprise

Explore a network of enclaves that make Toronto a virtual UN of food, music, and street culture.

Tattoo tribute to Canada

Bearing witness

The 'Korean medical wave'

K-Pop fans are heading to South Korea for shopping, sightseeing and some nips and tucks.

Unusual experiences

It's a tradition for guests to drink opium from the host's hand, or so our guide tells us.

Trunk call of triumph

Calm amid the chaos

Asia: First timer's guide

It's not Bali, Phuket or Penang - but here's why you should visit.

Sights and Sounds

Cruising Fiordland offers vistas and experiences land-based tourists can't match.

Kiwi cruise challenge

Passengers rate their experience of NZ highly, but the costs of operating are a challenge for cruise lines.

A slice of heaven afloat

Get on board

The sexiest way to travel

Helicopters, perfect powder and luxury yachts await.

Magic in the mountains

An action-packed getaway to Ruapehu district doesn't depend on snow - but it does help.

Winter is back!

Where to get lucky at the snow

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