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Kiwi Traveller

How to look good after a long flight

It’s possible to fly long-haul and still look stylish at the airport.

This list of tips and tricks will help you look put-together after a long flight.

No refuge at The Church

Notorious London party bar, frequented by Kiwis, is closing down.

Readers' travel pics of the week gallery

Why everyone should travel solo


Mosaics munted by restoration

A before and after photograph showing alleged damage to an Ancient Roman mosaic from Turkey's Hatay Archaeological Museum.

Ancient Roman mosaics appear to have been restored by a child.

Runway will bring 'quality people'

$300m plan 'mandatory', says property developer - but airlines disagree.

Amazon streams free content on airline

The fate of Nepal's heritage

travel troubles

When angry birds strike

An angry little bird has left a big dent in the nose of a Turkish Airlines plane.

It was a case of nose to tailfeather when a birdstrike left this aircraft badly damaged.

Drunken fight diverts flight

A plane bound for Turkey was forced to land when a drunken fracas ensued.

Tourists shatter priceless Italian statue

'No change, no bus ride'


A 'daunting, magical' climb gallery

The precarious route to Mount Owen is littered with sinkholes and shafts.

It's like Lord of the Rings meets Jurassic Park on the trail to Kahurangi National Park's highest peak.

Go wild on the West Coast gallery

 Katie Kenny joins a bikie gang she’ll never forget.

Portage Ceramics Trust chairwoman Lorraine Wilson is overwhelmed by the interest she has received in regards to the museum

Crown Lynn pottery museum opens

The pottery that every kiwi recognises now has its own museum showcasing the many iconic designs of Crown Lynn.

pacific islands

The island where you can disappear

The remote Pitcairn Island is home to 45 people who speak a language heard nowhere else in the world.

No plane or helicopter has ever landed here, nor has any ship ever moored off its coast.

Lost in time on Tikehau

There's nothing quite so blue — vibrantly, rivetingly, blindingly blue — as the blue of the lagoon.

Sein de Nounou, an "evocative" raw goat-milk cheese.

The Karl Lagerfeld of cheese

A festival in Noumea in June will star the Karl Lagerfeld of cheese.


Six dumb ways we try to save money

Taking non-direct flights can leave you with long layovers at airports.

Everyone likes a money-saving bargain when travelling, but these common ways just aren't worth it.

Where to eat France's stinky, urine-smelling sausage

Weirdly, the smell turns me on, rather than off – it's like a slow dance of death with a knife and fork.

The souvenir you can never throw away: A tattoo.

Nine things you'll only do once

They seem like good ideas at the time. But once is enough.


Where the wild things are

Get up close to a turtle at Heron Island.

Queensland's remote Heron Island is a famous bird sanctuary and breeding ground for turtles.

Australia's biggest and best hotels

Australia's largest hotel may glow gold but it's not what you'd expect to see here.

Beer is served with vinyl at Mojo Record Bar in Sydney's York Street.

Small bars, big city

The cosy, quirky bars popping up in central Sydney are transforming the city's nightlife.


Where to eat France's stinky, urine-smelling sausage

A truly regional food: Andouillette.

Weirdly, the smell turns me on, rather than off – it's like a slow dance of death with a knife and fork.

A 9000-year trip back in time

Matera has remained so primitive until recent decades that it makes the perfect stand-in for ancient Jerusalem.

Lonely Planet's best of Switzerland

Getting lost within the Grand Bazaar video

uk and ireland

The odd case of Toast Mahal

The model version of the Taj Mahal, made entirely out of toast, appeared out of nowhere.

An unusual piece of edible street art has baffled the people of Peckham. 

Visit Game of Thrones sets

Game of Thrones has not only transformed television, it has also helped invigorate the areas where it is set.

Finding mysteries and spies in London

Stout and about in Ireland


Hollywood is a dead town

A tourist plants a kiss on the headstone of Marilyn Monroe at Pierce Brothers Cemetery in Los Angeles, a stop on the Dearly Departed Hollywood bus tour.

This twisted and fascinating tour exposes the seamy underbelly of the glitzy TV and film industry.

The best city for young people

New York has been ranked as the most popular city for young people aged 15 to 29 years old.

Elvis is back in the building

Vegas no longer just a gambling hotspot

canada & alaska

Sailing in Alaska

The Jackson's yacht Sunstone at the foot of a glacier.

Sailers in Alaska learn to quickly to gusts and lulls, and to carry pepper spray when going ashore.

The best place to watch grizzly bears

At the confluence of two streams, one glacial green, the other silver grey, it's salmon carnage.

Top 6 Alaskan wilderness lodges

Living on the edge


A sacred place for reflection

The Sakitsu Church and surrounding village is shrouded in rain in Amakusa, Japan.

The calls of deer can be heard under the starry sky, with the only other sound being the echoing of the waves against the shore.

It's my room, I'll cry if I want to

In Japan, you can check in to a hotel room to have good bawl when life gets you down.

Old Delhi's Chandni Chowk, a centuries-old market, offers an array of colorful dresses, including some made in Rajasthan.

Finding a friend in the bargain

The world's second-most-populated city can be disorienting, even for visitors who aren't suffering from retail ecstasy.


Quiz: Do you know cruising?

Couple Drinking Champagne on Cruise Ship

Do you know which side is starboard and which is port?

A meeting of three Queens

Cunard's Queens have set off on a historic sailaway that saw the liners leave Southampton in daylight together for the first time.

On the ocean, in the nude

Cruising: Is tipping obligatory?


Cruising in the land of polar bears

BIG DOGS: Open water in the ice makes seal hunting much harder.

Newcomers are relentlessly reminded here, where white is the new black, that polar bears are the Big Dogs.

Ecuador's skyscrapers: A photo essay gallery

As dawn washes over the icy mountain planes, the hint of a new day floats through the air, and faint sunlight kisses Cotopaxi's snowy face.

China's icy festival

Jumbo jet's spectacular journey gallery


Volcano-boarding in Nicaragua

Surfing the ash slopes of a Nicaraguan volcano is hot with adrenalin junkies.

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