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Hawaii from beneath the sea stuff nation

We also saw a variety of different fish, although they didn't look as bright and tropical as their pictures due to the underwater colour spectrum.

I never expected to get seasick on a submarine.

Getting a visa in Cambodia

Heading to Southeast Asia? Send us all of your travel questions.

The excitement of Edinburgh

5 things to do before Christmas


Where rocks rule supreme

Sutton Salt Lake can be reached with a 20-minute walk from SH 87.

The rocks are great, but also spare a thought for the tiny inland salt lake in the middle of them.

NZ's toughest gardeners? gallery

Check out some of the gardens that are part of Great Barrier's annual garden tour.

Lake Wanaka is now Annabel Langbein's base whenever she is in New Zealand.

Annabel Langbein's Lake Wanaka

Annabel Langbein shares some of her favourite things about her home, Lake Wanaka in Otago.


Travel tip: Get the best seat

Know what kind of seat you want - do you need more legroom, or a window seat? Is reclining a must?

Know what kind of seat you want - do you need more legroom, or a window seat? Is reclining a must?

Grandma hikes 3500km

The grandmother of 24 hiked the trail solo, armed with a blanket, raincoat and plastic shower curtain.

MacGyver-like mid-flight rescue

The greatest unboxing video ever video

travel troubles

Plane windscreen shatters mid-flight

Flight AA199 landed at Heathrow in a "textbook emergency landing" after its windscreen shattered.

American Airlines is investigating what caused a windscreen to shatter on a flight from Milan to New York.

Man scales Colosseum

"If he were a kamikaze with a gun or a bomb, he'd have blown up the Colosseum by now."

Max Key in island paradise fire video

Staff caught playing 'toss the bag' video

south america

Epiphany at El Chalten

Viva Expeditions Trekkers setting out for Mt Fitz Roy.

Paul Rush finds a new lease of life at an old Argentinian landmark.

Best markets in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital has a well-kept secret, its strictly governed artisan markets.

Six ways to see Iguazu Falls

'Fire rainbow cloud' caught on camera

middle east

A toast to Shiraz

Persepolis, a 2540-year-old monument to the grandeur of the Achaemenian​ empire.

Facelifts, nose jobs, chadors teamed with Japanese sun visors, rare artefacts and friendly people – Iran is a fascinating paradox.

See the home of Star Wars

It all began on the plains of Tunisia - which really isn't so far, far away.

20 reasons to visit Dubai with kids

The museum that hates America

pacific islands

A beautiful, rugged island paradise

A cyclone ravaged dwelling at Lenakel on Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

With a live volcano, wild horses and a machete for every man, Tanna Island is a paradise with grit.

Vanuatu welcomes tourists back after cyclone

200 days after Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu is welcoming tourists.

A trip to Fiji can be an adventure-filled getaway for the family.

Family fun in Fiji

Snorkel with sharks. Swim with manta rays. Experience a real island village in action.


20 things to do on Fraser Island video

The picture-perfect Champagne Pools.

Located off the southern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island truly lives up to its Aboriginal name – Paradise.

6 Aussie festivals you should know about

We’ve snooped around and come up with a list of six of the best little-known Aussie festivals.

Every day is Father's Day

A father-and-son two-wheeled adventure fueled on laughs, beers, and too many pies.


Ibiza: Beyond the party

The Port Area has an addictive appeal.

World renowned for its clubbing scene, Ibiza offers much more than DJ-driven dance floors and teenage kicks.

Why Transylvania is tops

Transylvania is, according to Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2016 yearbook, the top region to visit in the world.

Rome bans centurion impersonators

Why you should still visit Paris

uk and ireland

Super cute zoo arrival video

There are just 2,000 pygmy hippos left in the wild.

A zoo in the UK has been blessed with the birth of an endangered pygmy hippo.

Embrace the GOT fantasy

For diehard "GOT" fans, the real life setting for Winterfell offers a fully immersive experience.

May the 'host be with you'

Skip the Heathrow hassle


Oregon: Craft-brewery mecca

Close up of Crux beer being poured.

Looking to explore a new frontier for the ultimate craft beer? You can go past a taste of Oregon.

Giants take over New York gallery

Spectators packed Manhattan sidewalks to watch the marching bands, floats and giant balloons of Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Tales from a month in America

Gone With the Wind in the Deep South

canada & alaska

Fine dining on the rails

The Rocky Mountaineer winds its way through the spectacular Canadian Rockies.

"It's like a symphony," says executive chef Jean Pierre Guerin from inside the Rocky Mountaineer's Goldleaf Service kitchen.

The town no-one wants to leave

There's a reason why so many Kiwis and Aussies head to Whistler for a ski season - and simply never leave.

Rumbling through the Rockies gallery video

More of Canada for less


A forgotten private island paradise

It certainly needs to photoshopping.

It takes forever to get to this tiny speck in the ocean, but it's worth every second of travel.

World's most infamous border video

The famous, mysterious border between the two Koreas is a strange mix of fun parks and desolation

Chinese tourists walk on a slippery section of ice as snow is seen on the Great Wall after a snowfall near Beijing.

The Great (white) Wall gallery

The Great Wall of China has become the Great White Wall of China after snow covered the iconic site.


''Vomit comets'' bite the bullet

Tranz Rail's replacement Lynx fast ferry enters a calm Wellington Harbour in 2000 - the mid-point in a decade of fast ferry competition that ended in a watery grave for a slew of operators.

Cook Strait's fast ferry wars left plenty of blood in the water

The cheapest way to cruise the world

Retired Australian farmer has found the cheapest (and, he thinks, the best) way to travel the world.

Spectacular meeting of giants gallery video

Pelorus Tours return to Maud Island


Boeing 757 touches down in Antarctica

The Boeing 757 touched down on a blue ice runway at Union Glacier in Antarctica.

Conventional passenger planes could become more common for travel to Antarctica.

Mt Hutt named best ski resort

Mt Hutt named New Zealand's best ski resort at world awards.

Men in high heels

10km skifield gondola


Get what you want when you travel

Slate editor Jessica Winter reposted her life-changing tip from 2013 - and change your life it will.

It will change your life, or at least help you to get you what you want.

Love is in the air video

It was probably the most mortifying moment in her entire life - but she still said yes.

Travelling with your own pillow has some downsides but what's more important than a good night's sleep when you stay in a hotel?

'Always travel with your own pillow'

If you can't bring your own, stay somewhere with a pillow menu.


Love is in the air

It was probably the most mortifying moment in her entire life - but she still said yes.

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