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Readers' travel photos of the week gallery

After 16 months living in France, I made my way through the rest of Europe and eventually found myself in Slovenia. I spent 3 great days there and I had planned to move on to Milan, Italy via a 5am bus. After arriving in Venice as my stop over, there was a train strike, i missed 2 other trains and ended up spending 38euros more than I should have and eventually wound up in Verona in the evening. Upon arrival, I discovered this amazing sunset, I dumped my bags, threw my stuff in my locker and literally ran up the hill to this amazing spot and captured the photo of my trip, and here it is. Tramonto bello (beautiful sunset)!

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world?

Fiestas and siestas for Family Fernandez

The Fernandez family have made a home in Valencia, and are still learning from the locals even after 12 years.

Readers' pics of the week

Unraveling Uzbekistan stuff nation


Quake agony revealed quietly on trip from airport

Tents are seen from an airplane window in an open field next to Tribhuwan International Airport

Soon after landing, the captain made a bizarre announcement: Nobody is in the control tower.

The 18-inch squeeze Airbus banks on

Aircraft-maker says airlines will keep squeezing more seats into increasingly larger planes.

Seven ways to fly like a pro

ANZ improves airpoints

travel troubles

Quake tower a site for selfies

A man takes a selfie at the historic Dharahara Tower, a city landmark damaged in Saturday's earthquake in Kathmandu.

"This is earthquake tourism. This is not right," one man says of the smiling selfies.

Plane engine catches fire video

Turkish Airlines flight makes dramatic emergency landing in Istanbul with one engine on fire.

Airline unclear on why passengers fainted

Jet makes emergency landing


Which country is the world's happiest?

According to the 2015 World Happiness report women in New Zealand are happier than the men.

New Zealand has been named the ninth happiest country in the world, according to a new United Nations report.

Taking flight at Te Papa

New Zealand's national carrier is celebrating its history with an exhibition at Te Papa.

Sounds Air's latest addition, the nine-seater PC12, will be making flights from Wellington to Taupo

Sounds Air soars

Marlborough flyer expands again by snapping up Taupo to Wellington route Air NZ abandoned.

pacific islands

Lost in time on Tikehau

Bora Bora's Mt. Orohena frames the scene at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort.

There's nothing quite so blue — vibrantly, rivetingly, blindingly blue — as the blue of the lagoon.

Switching to island time in Fiji

Having visited Fiji 21 times, Sheriden Rhodes knows how to make the most of the island paradise in just five days.

The Pacific Islands will get its first Dreamliner service this summer when Air New Zealand begins flying its Boeing 787-9 between Auckland and Fiji.

Air New Zealand adds 787-9 to Fiji route

Air NZ will fly its Dreamliner to Nadi next summer, adding 8000 seats, driving fares down.


The most luxurious hotels in Paris gallery

A century after its original inauguration, the Plaza Athenee has colonised three adjacent buildings to create six new rooms, eight suites, a ballroom and new function rooms.

Quirky and characterful, these places are often more original than the big international five-star chains.

Best spring cities to visit right now

Things may be cooling down now, but in the northern hemisphere, it's starting to heat up.

The queue for high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong starts an hour beforehand.

It's OK to eat at hotels again

"Never eat in your hotel restaurant" has long been a go-to rule for travellers. But times have changed.


Australia's World Heritage wonders

Tasmanian wilderness: Barn Bluff at Cradle Mountain Lake, St. Clair National Park in Tasmania.

How easy is it for a place to make the heritage list, and how many sites does Australia have?

The strangest town in Australia?

What the town of Coober Pedy lacks in looks it makes up for in superlatives.

ACME restaurant, hip, hot and very Sydney.

Hot and fresh in Sydney

Make this your eating out list for your next visit to Sydney - but first, make sure you're hungry.


The other place Gallipoli pilgrims must see

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul.

I'll jump at any chance to visit this intoxicating city. And you should too, if you haven't already.

My year in France

After moving her family to a remote village in the Hautes-Pyrenees, Allyson Gofton embarked on a culinary and cultural adventure.

Off-season Berlin offers pleasures

History meets the present

uk and ireland

The odd case of Toast Mahal

The model version of the Taj Mahal, made entirely out of toast, appeared out of nowhere.

An unusual piece of edible street art has baffled the people of Peckham. 

Visit Game of Thrones sets

Game of Thrones has not only transformed television, it has also helped invigorate the areas where it is set.

Finding mysteries and spies in London

Stout and about in Ireland


All that glitters isn't gold

Venice Beach, one of the few spots in car-choked Los Angeles with a vibrant street life, has been a cultural melting pot for more than half a century, welcoming everyone from hippies and homeless wanderers to the latest generation of tech executives. .

For some LA is a place of shattered dreams, broken promises and extreme poverty.

20 reasons to take the world's longest flight

The longest non-stop flight in the world brings you to Dallas-Fort Worth. Here's what to do once you get there.

The US' most popular city is...

Grunge ground zero: Two decades on

canada & alaska

The best place to watch grizzly bears

Grizzly bear watching.

At the confluence of two streams, one glacial green, the other silver grey, it's salmon carnage.

Top 6 Alaskan wilderness lodges

Cosy, remote bases from which to explore vast forests and superb wildlife.

Living on the edge

Try Niagara without the Viagra


A different side of modern Japan

Floating lanterns are part of Kanazawa's Hyakumangoku Festival held in June every year.

Ishikawa is home to a disproportionate number of people whose ancestors peer over their shoulders.

Why this resort comes with notoriety

This Langkawi resort is definitely a product of the imagination of its architect.

Mai Kuriyama, learning how to the art of being a geisha,  gets rouge applied to her lips.

Lessons in the art of glamour

It's not just about beautiful makeup and wearing gorgeous kimono.


Quiz: Do you know cruising?

Couple Drinking Champagne on Cruise Ship

10:07 AM  Do you know which side is starboard and which is port?

Five alternative river cruises

There are many interesting options available for the keen river traveller.

Grading the first 'smartship' gallery

A guide to Cruising in 2015


Cruising in the land of polar bears

BIG DOGS: Open water in the ice makes seal hunting much harder.

Newcomers are relentlessly reminded here, where white is the new black, that polar bears are the Big Dogs.

Ecuador's skyscrapers: A photo essay gallery

As dawn washes over the icy mountain planes, the hint of a new day floats through the air, and faint sunlight kisses Cotopaxi's snowy face.

China's icy festival

Jumbo jet's spectacular journey gallery


Plane engine catches fire

Turkish Airlines flight makes dramatic emergency landing in Istanbul with one engine on fire.

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