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Who's your celeb seat buddy?

SEAT BUDDIES: John Key, Rachel Hunter or Richie McCaw, who would you pick?

John Key has a lot of buddies hoping to sit next to him in Parliament - but that pales in comparison to those who want to share an armrest with him.

Feeling at home in Japan

The opportunities of life in a giant Japanese city make up for some of the challenges.

Biker on ride of his life

Exploring the Amazon Basin


War deals blow to tourism

TOURISM BLOW: Israelis and tourists watch the sky on the beach during a rocket attack.

It was supposed to be a record-breaking year for tourist visits to Israel.

Chicago air traffic snarl reviewed

The US FAA is reviewing security practices and how it deals with unexpected incidents.

Airlines look for an edge

7 tips to fly like a pro

travel troubles

A nightmare flight in brilliant detail

Ryan Case twitter

Modern Family editor live-tweets experience of putting up with a very drunk woman on a flight.

Pilots end strike

The 14-day strike that grounded flights, stranded passenger and cost millions has ended.

Chicago to resume flights

Crews' worst nightmares


Call of the mountains

WINTER SPOT: The view of Mt Hutt from Methven.

Stolen from summer's trove of warm sun, flesh-bearing fashions and beach days, I am now winter's child.

Mackenzie mini-break

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions to take an overnight trip south to the Mackenzie Country.

Happy to be kidnapped

NZ lodge one of world's best

STUNNING LANDSCAPE: Bevan Percival's latest work includes brilliant footage from the North and South Islands.

NZ's epic landscapes video

Photographer Bevan Percival's timelapse brings together strong composition, dramatic light and beautiful scenery.


No-pokie casino plans

MUSEUM CASINO: Discussions to open a high-stakes mini-Casino at MONA is underway.

The owner of MONA wants visitors to take a gamble. Literally.

Australia's top 10 cycling trips gallery

The best places in Australia to see via pedal power.

Small island, big fun

Sydney's best Asian street food

A lone and lonely grave near the remains of Mt Dutton railway station.

Tracing the forgotten highway gallery

Geraldine-based travel writer Fergus Blakiston ventures into the depths of the Australian Outback, following the path of the Ghan.


Keeping a relationship on track

SPLURGE FOR A HOTEL: While there are plenty of perks to camping, sleeping in comfort is by no means one of them.

A yearlong adventure has taught us more than we need to know about making a relationship work from the road.

Etihad's new look

Etihad Airways has unveiled a new livery design, which will be introduced across its fleet.

$80,000 a night?!

Where Clooney's guests will stay

SERENE: Lake Tekapo at its wintry best.

Mackenzie mini-break

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions to take an overnight trip south to the Mackenzie Country.


Trip Tips: Munich's Oktoberfest

SWEET LOVE: Gingerbread hearts with the slogan 'Ich liebe Dich' (I love you) are offered at the 2014 Oktoberfest.

If you dislike crowds, noise or beer, this is not the time to visit Munich.

War stories from my father

Denise Irvine steps into the stillness of deserted Campo 78, where her father was held as a prisoner of war.

Where Clooney's guests will stay

The world's deepest pool video

uk and ireland

Tube to run on weekends

MIND THE GAP: Getting around London at night will become a lot easier next year.

London's underground train system will launch a 24-hour weekend service next year.

Soldier caught in the act video

It has to be one of the most boring jobs in the world, so it's no wonder this Buckingham Palace guardsman tried to have a little fun instead. 

Saving a nation

Ring, ring


Bourbon in Louisville

Glasses of Maker's Mark and water at the Maker's Mark Bourbon House & Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky.

In Kentucky's bourbon country, the classic American whiskey isn't just for sipping.

Just checking in

Turns out that after checking in to a dream resort, travellers then check in on Facebook.

How a cute bear saved millions

Fans mob Friends cafe

canada & alaska

Franklin ship found

Sir John Franklin.

It’s not often that tourists are offered the chance to be part of history but that happened in Canada this month.

Up close with bears

In the Alaska of my mind, it is always summer.

Idyll characters

Life on the ledge


Thailand to issue tourist wristbands

A tourist runs with her dog during sunset on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand.

15 min ago  Thailand has announced plans to give tourists wristbands carrying their personal details, as the kingdom falls under intense scrutiny over visitor safety following the murder of two British holidaymakers. 

Ladies learning to ride waves

Facing one's fears proves extraordinarily exhilarating, for Nina Karnikowski.

The impossible is now possible

Full steam ahead

BRIGHT LIGHTS: Visitors pose in front of a fountain at Galaxy Macau.

China's answer to Vegas

It used to be a Chinese reproduction of a US city, but now it's much, much bigger.


Franklin ship found

Sir John Franklin.

It’s not often that tourists are offered the chance to be part of history but that happened in Canada this month.

Eight magnificent rivers

Here are eight magnificent cruises that demonstrate the variety and adventure of river cruising's brave new world.

Cruising the world

Full steam ahead


Escape to the mountain

PERFECT POWDER: Top of the High Noon Express.

Spring is here and Mt Ruapehu continues to receive snowfall, perfect for those looking for an escape to the mountain.

Who should win a trip to Antarctica?

A geologist, a photographer and NZ Batman are amongst finalists hoping to win a trip to Antarctica.

Snow patrol

Is Antarctica on your list?