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8 ways to cope with travel stress stuff nation

Use common sense when trying new foods or delicacies.

Travelling overseas can be stressful. Things that can go wrong, will go wrong. These tips will help you cope along the way.

When one door opens

Sudesh Lourdes and his family are making the most of the "gateway to Europe", in Oxford, England.

'I'm going for Dad's sake'

Smugshot: Photos of the week gallery


Air NZ ends Chch-Tokyo flights

Air NZ Dreamliner 787-9

12:34 PM  The airline is pulling its last remaining long haul flights from the mainland city.

Rate of lost luggage drops

There is some good news for crowded, fee-hating airline travellers.

Music festivals ban selfie sticks

How to get rid of unused currency

travel troubles

Jetstar: The cost of a name

Changing the names on the ticket for two people "would only be for A$1184".

12:51 PM  How much does it cost to change a name on a return Jetstar flight to Bali?

Bomb hoax diverts flight

Turkish Airlines diverted an Sao Paulo-bound flight to Morocco after finding a note with the word "bomb" in the toilet.

007 crew's mid-air rampage

Jet slides off runway video


The family who live in a national park

FAMILY BACKYARD: Meadowbank Homestead at Awaroa welcomes hundreds of hikers each summer.

The seventh-generation Wilsons of Abel Tasman lead visitors to their special park on the coastal paradise they call home.

The last frantic days of summer

It was the last of the golden weather, and it was Golden Bay.

Wilson’s Abel Tasman kayak guide AJ Carrick keeps an eye on her paddling clients.

Ready and Abel to rule the waves video

It is the country's smallest national park but has the most visitors. This guide's job it is to make the Abel Tasman an experience to remember.

pacific islands

A beer for the tropics

23032015. Photo: Supplied   
Matutu Brewery Kiva Pale Ale label - from Illustration for travel story on the brewery. March 2015.

A visits to a Rarotongan microbrewery that's taking on the big boys.

10 things to do in the Cook Islands

While the Cooks Islands are known for their weather, their culture and natural gems shine even on a rainy day.

Private island pleasures: Castaway Island in Fiji.

Turning hell into heaven

Fiji's Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.


When's the best time to go to Australia?

Coolum Beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast - best between May and December.

Here's a country-wide wrap with the best time to visit these holiday hot spots across the Tasman.

Gaia Retreat and Spa review, Byron Bay

Arriving at Olivia Newton John's legendary well retreat in Byron Bay feels more like arriving at a luxurious retreat in Asia.

GAME CHANGER: The Langham hotel in Sydney.

Can $30m buy hotel perfection?

After a breathtaking $30 million makeover, the 98-room Langham Sydney is a game changer in its market.


8 ways to cope with travel stress stuff nation

Use common sense when trying new foods or delicacies.

Travelling overseas can be stressful. Things that can go wrong, will go wrong. These tips will help you cope along the way.

Top travel photos of the week gallery

Here is our round up of the top travel photos from around the world.

GET AWAY: Let someone else take Manhattan; the quiet traveller will find more rewarding experiences in the dunes of the Xiangshawan Desert, also called Sounding Sand Desert, Mongolia.

Is quiet travel the best travel?

OPINION: The finest travel experiences are those that allow you to fully engage by savouring the silence.


Don't turn a trip here down

SPECTACULAR: The Western terrace ruins of Mount Nemrut.

This treasured Turkish spot makes flying across the world for a wedding worth the effort and expense.

Longest road coming soon?

Plans for ambitious 20,000-kilometre superhighway linking the UK and America are reportedly being considered by Russia.

Keukenhof: Tour the tulips

The 'tide of a century' gallery

uk and ireland

Dive into 'virtual Barrier Reef' video

ALL AT SEA: Secret Cities of the Sea will be at London's Natural History Museum from March 27 to September 13 2015.

Visitors to London's History Museum can now take a "virtual dive" into the colourful world of coral reefs.

Skeleton horse erected in London

London's Trafalgar Square, full of tourists, pigeons and military monuments, has a new occupant.

'England's most boring city'

How this small town became part of world history


Grand Canyon: A mind-blowing view video

A Papillon Helicopters tour party during a visit to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

They say everything is bigger in America, but this is ridiculous.

An unconventional president

The photographs on the wall of this little presidential hideaway are gloriously unstatesmanlike.

Confessions of hotel front desk clerks

Manatees: Look but don't touch

canada & alaska

Living on the edge

FEELING BRAVE: Edgewalk Toronto is a test for those with a fear of heights.

I know that, in theory, it is perfectly safe to do Edgewalk Toronto.

Try Niagara without the Viagra

Niagara-on-the-Lake offers a welcome contrast to the glitz surrounding the famous falls, just down the road.

A bacon lover's paradise

How Niagara Falls freezes gallery


Why you must visit this house of terror

A Cambodian survivor stands in front of a photograph of a prisoner of the Khmer Rouge regime in one of the rooms of Tuol Sleng prison.

S-21 is confronting, but it's as important as the serene temples of the ancient Angkor civilisation.

Watching tigers in the jungle

I've just encountered the most terrifying creature in the Indian forest. It rears before me, ready to attack,.

Monkey business: Macaques in the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest are generally happy to ignore visitors, provided you don’t make the mistake of arriving with bananas.

The smells and spirit of Bali

Taking a tour of Bali with a local driver gives a new appreciation of the resort island.


Two Queens to dock in Auckland

ROYAL CRUISE: The Queen Mary 2 cruise ship dwarfs other boats as it enters Auckland Harbour where it will join its sister ship the Queen Victoria.

Two Queens are together in Auckland Harbour for the first time since the 1940s.

Following historic footprints

Cruise ships make it easier than ever to get to Antarctica, but the wilderness remains as awe-inspiring as ever.

Auckland: Slow boat to slumber

Unexpected cruise ships welcomed


Cruising in the land of polar bears

BIG DOGS: Open water in the ice makes seal hunting much harder.

Newcomers are relentlessly reminded here, where white is the new black, that polar bears are the Big Dogs.

Ecuador's skyscrapers: A photo essay gallery

As dawn washes over the icy mountain planes, the hint of a new day floats through the air, and faint sunlight kisses Cotopaxi's snowy face.

China's icy festival

Jumbo jet's spectacular journey gallery


007 crew's mid-air rampage

Drunken James Bond film crew vomit and urinate in plane's aisles, sparking international air safety alert.

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