Seduction by city


Tokyo is a study in chaos and restraint, with latent sexuality bubbling under every surface.

Tokyo nightlife: Night visions after dark Quieter Tokyo suburbs: Going underground A traditional Tokyo 'burb with a Boho vibe

Good morning Vietnam

ho chi minh strap The time difference means you may rise before dawn, but Ho Chi Minh City has much to offer.

Rough ride to the quokkas

rottnest strap A Rottnest Island trip takes a turn for the worse, but its rugged beauty makes it worthwhile.

The final call

Air NZ A320 When a family member dies, what happens to their airline rewards points?

Lost paradise

bederra island It's one of Australia's lesser-known islands but Bedarra Island has a rich history


Quenching a thirst

yvonne lorkin strap The host of new television series about Kiwi wine producers offers a behind-the-scenes look at her experiences along the way.

Walking on water

Whanganui River was billed "the Rhine of the South Pacific" by early travellers.

Hobbits lure tourists

Skiers pray for more white stuff

Life's one big holiday

contiki Katie Lupton is living the dream as a Contiki tour manager.

Hong Kong's hidden magic

Exploring my wanderlust has opened my eyes to adventure, wildlife and breathtaking sights.

Where to stay in Hawaii

Avoiding the slow life in NZ

NZ needs more than looks

Why did I move back to the UK from idyllic New Zealand? Well, natural beauty just isn't enough.

Getting a feel for Sydney

sydstrap Blue Mountains to the harbour suburbs, a first-time visitor finds Sydney worth stepping out for.

A long, cold wait

Forget winter, a long wait is coming for fans, who are converging on this exhibition like wildings to the wall.

A transformed Brisbane

A Queensland roadtrip

Hard act to swallow

The whale sharks of western Australia can be awe-inspiring - but isn't for those with weak stomachs.

Airline policy bites

Lucy Mullinger and Brett Allen A little-known airline policy nearly ruined the holiday of a lifetime for one couple.

A travel mistake to never make

There's one simple and potentially expensive mistake that many of us make on travel insurance.

Too close for comfort

Long wait for new ride

Air NZ's Dreamliner lands

Air NZ Boeing 787-9 The newest addition to Air New Zealand's fleet was welcomed at Auckland Airport this afternoon.

Boeing demands increase

Boeing Co. has raised its long-term forecast for new airplane demand by more than 4 per cent.

Air NZ Spaceseat 'confusing'

Chicken delays spaceflight plan

'Baddest ride ever built'

Verrukt One of the possible hazards of going down this waterslide is... death.

The perfect backpack

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: what kind of traveller am I?

Luxury island escapes

Two-wheel wonders

Top 10 island beaches

Laying back on a beautiful sandy beach is the perfect way to recharge your batteries (especially in Winter).

Life's one big holiday

contiki Katie Lupton is living the dream as a Contiki tour manager.

Holiday like a French president

It's an old fortress on a tiny island, surrounded by pine trees and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Brilliant Barcelona timelapse

See the real Berlin

NZ needs more than looks

NZ Why did I move back to the UK from idyllic New Zealand? Well, natural beauty just isn't enough.

Romancing the stones

It's the stories of the people who filled their English stately homes with treasures that linger in the mind, writes Jill Worrall.

London life is exciting

Winterfell lures the tourists


Welcome to Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley The new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando has opened to crowds of fans.

Star gazing

These legendary digs have seen A-listers, presidents and Rat-Packers. If only these walls could talk.

Swim in a secret pool

Rising to the challenge

It's about to get insane

Taller than the Statue of Liberty, the Verruckt is due to open this week. Would you?

Cocktail of choices

Indonesia This wasn't supposed to be a cocktail-swilling kind of stay. I also had massages and did yoga.

Survive Taiwan's markets

If you want to know what chicken butts and deer penis tastes like, this is the place to be!

Top 10 things in Turkey

Myanmar's top five

Life in 'giant polluted city'

There are days when we feel like it's a holiday, and there are days when I feel like we moved to Mars.

The ultimate disconnect

Turtle Calling It took years of negotiations over much kava before a cruise could set sail for these islands.

Danube waltz

This cruise has no spa, no casino, no swimming pool and no nightlife. This is my kind of cruise.

Kiwi cruisers on the rise

Is this too much?

Explore world's largest cruise

Take a stroll around the biggest cruise ship in the world, from the comfort of your home.

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