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Tache tattoo is a travel trophy

23:58, Jul 23 2014
Tache tattoo
SUITS YOU: Nathan tries out his finger 'tache tatt on a fellow traveller.

I left New Zealand on a 10-month around-the-world trip in April 2013, first destination being New York City, which is where I began a 10-week road trip.

Being 25 years young and single, I was going to party or drink myself around the world. As bad as it sounds, it's true, and I absolutely had the time of my life.

America and Canada were awesome, then I flew to Spain in time for the running of the bulls. To cut a long story short, and 25 odd countries later (I think), I ended up on a small Thai island called Phi Phi.

As always, I would wake up hungover hoping I was in one piece. This morning I was, but with an itchy finger.

Looking down at my finger, I remembered nothing of the previous night but somewhere sometime that previous night had a moustache tattooed on my finger.

Seven months later, back at work being a young professional, it's not the best sight of what is on my finger but I don't regret it. It's a memory to the best damn 10 months of my life.

People often notice it but the people who judge in a negative way are generally the people who have never done, and will never do, a 10-month round-the-world trip, and just don't understand the experience I had.

Others laugh, and I sometimes tell them this story of the countries, people, festivals, cultures and beers I enjoyed that the world has to offer, and of which they have probably had a similar experience.

Would I do it again? Yes. We are all temporary residents, make the most of it.