Top ten best value destinations

17:00, May 25 2010
CHEAPER TRIP: Hungarian youths dance as part of traditional Easter celebrations in Szenna, near Budapest in Hungary - the best value place for Kiwis to travel as currency values fall.

As the New Zealand Dollar soars to record highs around the world, Europe is proving to be the best value destination for New Zealand travellers.

Travel website has revealed its list of top ten travel destinations where Kiwis can get the best value for money.

Topping the list is Hungary, whose currency, the Florint, has fallen almost 17 percent against the New Zealand dollar in the past six months.

Close behind is the Czech Koruna, which has fallen 15 percent against the Kiwi dollar, followed by the countries in the eurozone, where the Kiwi dollar now buys 14.5 per cent more Euros than six months ago.

"Despite a short-term rise in airfares due to the travel disruptions caused by the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, New Zealand travellers have rarely had it so good for travelling to Europe." Louise Crompton, Marketing Manager at said.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway all made it onto the list of top ten destinations whose currencies offer the best value against the NZ dollar.


For those who plan to stay closer to home, Australia now offers slightly better value for Kiwis than a few months ago, with the Aussie dollar inching into the number ten position.

List of currencies which the NZD has performed the best against in the past six months:

1 Hungarian Forint +16.6%
2 Czech Koruna +14.9%
3 Euro +14.5%
4 Danish Krone +14.5%
5 Finnish Markka +14.3%
6 Romanian Leu +11.2%
7 British Pound +8.8%
8 Swedish Krona +7.8%
9 Norwegian Krone +7.1%
10 Australian Dollar +5.6%

Source: Currency Online