Overseas laws you might be breaking without realising it

WATCH OUT TRAVELLERS: It's easy to break a law in another country without even trying.

WATCH OUT TRAVELLERS: It's easy to break a law in another country without even trying.

However much you pay in travel insurance, getting arrested overseas is a whole lot of hassle.

Here's some local laws from around the world you might be breaking without realising.

Don't leave your bikini on in Barcelona

Spain. Laid back right? Frequent naps, dinner at ten - all because of the blistering heat. But don't think that heat will excuse for losing a layer or two - a 2011 Barcelona law bans swimming attire anywhere that isn't adjacent to a body of water. In other words: togs, togs, undies.

According to TID, you could be fined $500 if caught wandering the streets in your swimmers.

Don't eat in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do - don't eat or drink in St Mark's Square or at the Trevi Fountain, you might dirty up the historical treasures.

Don't get drunk in the United Arab Emirates

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Alcohol is served in licensed venues, but to be drunk or drinking in actual public is very illegal.

Don't take an underboob selfie in Thailand

You could go to jail for five years if you take a photo with the bottom of your breasts in it. Thailand has very strict computer crime laws.

Don't honk your horn after dark in Switzerland

Those mountain roads can get pretty narrow, but don't even think about honking your horn if the sun's gone down. Illegal, completely.

Don't be awkward in a New York lift

You know those awful people who try to make small talk in elevators? New Yorkers in the early twentieth century wanted to avoid all that awkwardness, so they put some strict laws on the books: one must fold their hands, talk to no-one, and look straight towards the door at all times.

Don't chew gum in Singapore

A lot of people have heard about Singapore's strict vandalism laws, which prohibit the dropping of rubbing or the spitting out of gum. But it isn't just spitting the gum - distributing chewing gum at all is illegal.

Oh, you also can't organise any sort of public meeting without permission from the government.

Don't use drugs in the Netherlands

Despite its reputation as a hotbed of drug leniency, the Netherlands' toleration of 'soft drugs' is limited to very specific areas.

Don't shower naked in Florida

Okay, you'll probably get away with this one, but keep it quiet.

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