Best seat on an aircraft revealed

17:00, Apr 28 2012
Qantas A380
TOP SPOT: A survey has found the preferred seat in a plane, not considering business or first class, to be 6A.

If you want to nab the best seat on the plane next time you fly, reserve 6A.

On standard aircraft 6A is the most sought-after seat, according to a poll by international flight comparison website Skyscanner.

It polled more than 1000 passengers from around the world on seat preferences, including whether they chose window, middle or aisle seats. It also delved deeper to find out if passengers' choices were influenced by lucky numbers or odd or even row numbers.

It determined 6A was regarded as the best seat – putting aside planes that offer first or business-class travel.

The results support previous studies that found the front six rows were the most popular with the travelling public, taking 45 per cent of votes. Around 60 per cent of passengers chose window seats, and 40 per cent the aisle. Fewer than 1 per cent chose the middle seat.

The survey found the seat no-one wanted was 31E – a middle seat towards the back.

Most airlines operating in New Zealand allow passengers to reserve seats when they book, but some airlines, particularly low-cost carriers, do not assign seats and at boarding time passengers simply rush for the seat they want. Skyscanner travel editor Sam Baldwin said it was interesting passengers held so many different views.

"Some passengers opt for the middle section near the wings, where they are less likely to feel turbulence, while others want to be near the front for ease of getting off, less engine noise or even to get a better choice of food," he said.

"The window seems popular with those looking to sleep, especially on long-haul flights, while those who take more toilet breaks opt for the aisle. And taller passengers looking for more leg-room also favour the aisle."


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