Underwater hotel planned for Dubai

01:52, May 24 2013
Deep Ocean Technology
UNDER THE SEA: A computer generated image shows what the Dubai Water Discus hotel will look like.

A Polish company that has engineered an underwater hotel for Dubai says the two- disc design offers "breathtaking views... found only in the heart of the ocean".

The underwater disc, sitting on a coral reef about 10 metres deep, will have hotel rooms and facilities for scuba and submarine driving. The upper disc, with modules attached, rises about 6m above sea level and will have a restaurant, helicopter pad and other facilities.

Between the discs, a vertical shaft will contain stairs and a lift.

The complex will be safe even in a "fairly high tsunami", says the company, Deep Ocean Technology.

Dubai is trying to rebuild credibility with investors who fled after state-owned conglomerate Dubai World shook markets in 2009 with a $US25 billion ($NZ32b) debt restructuring plan.

"These Dubai projects that are a bit more adventurous or over the top will probably never get the funding. It's all about funding these days and investors will think before putting their money behind such plans," said a Dubai- based economist, who did not wish to be named.


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