Glamping in an old Boeing 767 is now a possibility

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An Irish holiday destination is giving guests the option of staying in a refitted airplane as part of it's list of quirky, transport themed room options.

An Irish resort, planning to specialise in some of the world's most unusual accommodation, is changing the holiday game.

Quirky Nights Glamping Village, a transport-themed accommodation park in County Sligo, is adding a decommissioned 70-tonne, Boeing 767-200 to its already unusual list of accommodation options.

Still in the planning stage, the camp will eventually feature double-decker buses, London cabs and train carriages as part of the resorts accommodations for "Glampers" who want something a little different. 

The Boeing 767 move is "plane sailing" apparently.

The Boeing 767 move is "plane sailing" apparently.

According to Commercial Real Estate, the decommissioned jet was transported by barge from Ireland's Shannon Airport and was expected to take 36 hours to tug northwards over the North Atlantic Ocean to Enniscrone. 

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Artist impression of the Irish resort, Quirky Nights Glamping Village.
Quirky Nights

Artist impression of the Irish resort, Quirky Nights Glamping Village.



The resort's owner, David McGowan, told Commercial Real Estate glamping is a kind of up-market camping experience that often includes unusual accommodations or locations, and he's hoping it will give his home the economic boost it needs. 

McGowan bought the plane for €20,000 (NZ$33,300). 

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"I'm a funeral director and embalmer," he told Irish radio station Today FM. "I'm surrounded with death every week, you need something to give you a buzz. You need to out and do something unusual."

He intends to install bedrooms in the plane, but will keep some of the cockpit as is to be a play area for children.





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