The Taylor family have a Queenstown Winter Festival to remember

The Taylor family (at rear) Dad Steve and mum Sharyn with (from left, at front) Austin, 17, Lucy, 10, and Hamish, 20, ...
Debbie Jamieson

The Taylor family (at rear) Dad Steve and mum Sharyn with (from left, at front) Austin, 17, Lucy, 10, and Hamish, 20, are on a "bucket list" trip to Queenstown during the 2016 Queenstown Winter Festival.

Queenstown Winter Festival is a special time for everyone in the resort, but none more so than the Taylor family visiting from Hamilton this year.

The family flew to Queenstown on Monday at the request of Hamish, the 20-year-old eldest son, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Life expectancy of those with this disease is early to late 20s and Hamish is now receiving palliative care.

Despite his physical limitations he has a sharp mind and a few things on his "bucket list".

The first is the family trip to Queenstown, which has been organised by the Race 4 Life Trust and includes a three night stay, the Skyline Gondola, a Nomad Safaris tour and an Earnslaw trip as well as meals and petrol donated by local businesses.

No one in the family has been here before and Hamish says he was particularly drawn to the scenery and the views and he would like to see some snow - though he's not hopeful given the weather forecast.

"I feel really lucky, excited and thrilled to get this opportunity," he says.

"Next I'd like to got to America - to California from Los Angeles all the way to an San Francisco and go over the Golden Gate Bridge but I'm not sure whether or not I can last on the plane."

Even making it to Queenstown is a big mission for the family who are having their first family holiday in six years.

Not only do they have Hamish's wheel chair and specialist equipment to transport but brother Austin, 17, also suffers form Muscular Dystrophy.

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"This is a big adventure," Austin added.

Younger sister Lucy is only 10 and is possibly the most excited in the family. She is almost bouncing off walls in anticipation of the delights of Queenstown.

Hamish says he copes with the realities of his disease and limited life expectancy by putting it to the back of his mind. But Mum Sharyn adds that it is something that is always there for the family.

While they are planning to make the most of their new experiences in Queenstown no one will be going bungy jumping this time.

"I'd be keen to throw these two off," Steve jokes.

"I'll give it a go," quips Hamish.


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