Travelsnapped! The winning pic

01:06, Mar 01 2013
Gorilla in Rwanadan Bush
This photo was taken at the end of a long day's travelling - we arrived at Palmrya, Syria just as the sun was about to set, and were greeted by an inquisitive camel. What a way to be reinvigorated!
Travelsnaps Competition 2
George Vince Cross, Ross Island, Antarctica.
Lake Wanaka - A great place to stop for a picture & a memory.
I loved the colours in this photo that I took of a porter with his luggage at the Delhi train station. Delhi is so vibrant, noisy and fast - this was an image of stillness, and I wondered what he was thinking while he waited.
A fellow traveller tries to capture the perfect shot at one of the most incredible places on earth - Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. The scale and beauty of the mountains and lake are just breathtaking.
A astronaut's helmet in London's Science Museum.
Travelsnap Competition 2
Two sisters strolling through the misty woods near Walton on the Hill, Surrey, UK.
Travelsnaps Competition 2
While traveling through the busy markets of Hanoi, we came across a person who was selling raw meat on the streets!
The long road from Marrakech. I took this photo in 2007. The starkness of the situation was so amazing and to see a lone woman walking this huge road humbled me,as there was nothing around for many miles. I could not imagine the hardships she has experienced, and the things she would think about during her mammoth walk. I live in Christchurch and have experienced the quakes, but my life will return to what is was. This woman lives like this. Forever.
A miniature train in Northern India is so packed that children are held half out of the train and they set their own fashion trends...
Something they said? The ladies of Venice, Italy, gather to swap the local gossip - but not with everyone.
I love the surreal feeling of this picture, it sums up the spirit of Carnival in Venice.

Every traveller has a story, and every traveller takes a picture.

We asked you for your best travel images - photos that captured the essence of elsewhere and included an animal or human being. You flooded us with great shots, and it was tough to select a winner.

Our chief judge, Mark Round, is a Fairfax Picture Editor and knows a good shot when he sees one. From a shortlist of 20 selected by Travel Editors, he picked one that stood out from the crowd.

Canon photocomp
SHOOT TO WIN: Canon's SX260 HS has been won in stuff/travel's Travelsnaps competition.

The winner receives a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS travel camera, a thoroughly capable image-capture companion with a stack of state of the art features.

Melanie Hawkins grabbed the winning image - a Venetian mask peering our from a shop window display.

"I love the surreal feeling of this picture, it sums up the spirit of Carnival in Venice," said Melanie, and Judge Round agreed.


"This picture is not obvious. It's not a typical travel snap like many of the others. With its glowering face and the crowd milling in the background in front of siena and terracotta coloured buildings of an Italian piazza, it's exotic and alluring.

"Technically, it's quite accomplished too - the photographer has definitely thought about how to capture this image."

Said Melanie: "We were in Italy in the middle of winter and I'd tried to photograph these masks from inside the shop. I grabbed this one as I left - the mask was really looking at me -- and it became one of my favourite images from the trip.

Auckland-based Melanie works in e-learning training and design, and travels overseas every couple of years. Next time she leaves, she'll be packing a new Canon SX260 HS to capture her travel images.