Female travellers to NZ are also lead decision-makers

03:32, Aug 05 2013

More women are travelling to New Zealand than men, and are firmly holding the purse strings while they are here, a global tourism survey shows.

The results of the latest annual Visa Global Travel Intention study show 54 per cent of travellers to New Zealand are female, and they spend more than their male counterparts when they arrive.

Visa Country Manager for New Zealand Caroline Ada said females tended to be the lead decision-makers when it came to household finances, which included travel.

"There's an opportunity for New Zealand to look at how we market the destination to women as more women are travelling to New Zealand than men," Ada said.

"Plus they stay longer and spend more than men. On average female visitors to New Zealand stay for 16 nights compared to just 10 for males and spend $500 more."

Females spent on average $3683 per visit, while men spent about $3051.

Survey respondents said while in New Zealand they spent their money shopping, eating and drinking, with 28 per cent of purchases happening in retail and another 25 per cent spent on food and beverages.

The study also showed future visitors to New Zealand were expected to increase their spending by more than 50 per cent, from an average $3271 per visit to $4948. The global average for travellers is $3091 per trip.

Visa had shared the survey findings with key organisations in the tourism industry, Ada said.