Frequent Flyer: Daniel Pollock

16:00, Dec 26 2013
Daniel Pollock
SHORT-TERM RENTAL: Pollocksays renting an apartment is a great option when you are short on euros.

Meet Daniel Pollock, co-author with Chloe Quigley of Le Shop Guide: The Best of Paris for the Fashion Traveller.


Hotel Coste in Paris. When we were writing the book we would sit downstairs in the plush velvet armchairs, eat cheese and drink champagne.

FLYING QANTAS: Pollock says he has no idea what "status points" are but is doing his best to collect them.

It was all in the name of research cunningly disguised as good times. When the euros run dry, an apartment is also a great option. Plus it's a good way of pretending you're a local. Airbnb is a goldmine for cheap and cheerful apartments.


Someone once told me that if there's an emergency you want to be with the airline where the staff have sensible shoes.


It's the first thing I check when I get on board. Qantas have sensible shoes plus they have me hooked with their frequent flyer program.

I have no idea what "status points" are but I'm doing my best to collect them.


I'm addicted to swimming pools and the Viceroy in Palm Springs has three of them. It's the only place I've ever seen a fur coat and bikini combo.

There's nothing to do there but pool hop and drink margaritas. The whole place is like a 1950s' biosphere where smoking, drinking and tanning is all good for you.


I have an old Antler suitcase that I've been lugging around for 12 years. It's been everywhere with me and has collected lots of annoying little locks that I continually lose the keys to.

It's like the Pont des Arts (padlock bridge) on wheels.


I always carry a tube of Keihl's Eye Alert. Less baggage at the other end.


I'm back to New York in a couple of months for work and we are planning our next book on Tokyo. We haven't told our publisher yet.

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