reader report

Kiwis' mana known overseas

For the last three months or so my partner and I have been lugging backpacks throughout South East Asia.

Now we're travelling to Honduras, Central America for a working holiday.

From the small amount of this unimaginably large universe I have seen, I say with utmost confidence I will never see a country as overly perfect as our very own Aotearoa.

I am as blue-blooded and patriotic as you can get for our small lump of land and I doubt that will ever change.

However, the basis for this argument comes from the mind of fellow backpackers and nomads from outside of our country and the views they have for our rocky, windy outcrop in the depths of the South Pacific.

When sitting in some scummy guesthouse somewhere in southern Cambodia and you mention you're from New Zealand, you can see their ears prick up and the light of their eyes light up a good few watts.

The respect they hold for us as a people is near overwhelming every time and gets that deep blue blood of mine simmering with joy.

Being a Kiwi gives you instantaneous mana that very few other countries can get (the Irish I would think rule this roost and I can drink to that).

If they haven't been, they are desperate to go and if they have been, they're even more desperate to return.

The only grudge that any of these people have had is the obvious and fair issue that it can cost a small fortune to cruise our country. But you pay for quality.

I'm am not one-eyed enough to think our land is all daisies and lollipops, but I do believe our country has most things going for it and that seems to be a fairly worldly view.

Travelling has been a wonderful experience so far and long may it continue. As always there have been problems and rip offs, taxes and hidden costs.

There are times when all I want is mother's soft shoulder to cry on, but ain't that what it's all about?