On location in the USA

21:45, Jul 18 2012

Does anyone else get a kick out of visiting movie locations?

Some people seem happier to leave those places on the big screen, but, for me and Nathan, our visit to America has been largely about getting film shots.
Starting our trip at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, we ticked off something like 100 movies in a one-day visit, but other cities have also been lucrative for our photo collection.

New York was obviously a gold mine, and sightseeing company On Location Tours quickly had us on their books for a couple of guided trips around the city.
The first tour had a pretty general focus on films made in Manhattan, and showed clips featuring some obvious titles such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wall Street, Ghostbusters and Men in Black.
My absolute high point was the stop at the Friends building - I've been waiting to get my photo there since the 1990s (get the judgemental look off your face).

The second tour took us to New Jersey, where we got a close up look at the Bada Bing, Father Phil's Parish and the diner where Chris was shot - four hours of Sopranos flashbacks left us more than willing to rewatch the series.
Our Central Park Bike and Roll tour guide suffered as a result of our movie quest, although showed very little exasperation as he continually answered my questions - "Is this where the people fell in the water in Big Daddy? Where's the skating rink from Home Alone 2? Which bench did JLo sit on in Maid in Manhattan? This is that castle in Stepmom eh?" and so forth. 

We'll just stop for a moment there so I can acknowledge my extreme tour taker ways, I've crossed over. And Nathan has too - you should have seen him on that bike tour, constantly pushing past everyone to be at the front.

Back to the movies. We also did a film tour in Chicago, which gave us the goods for The Blues Brothers, The Dark Knight, When Harry met Sally, and Transformers - although we were gutted the Home Alone house was too far away to visit.

We've gone out of our way for a couple of movie shots. In our drive from Nevada to Colorado, we skipped the shorter freeways to stop by Forest Gump's "and that was the end of my running days" scene in Monument Valley, Utah. Well worth it.
We also took a detour of a couple of hours in Oregon to visit the town of Astoria, the setting for numerous of classics - the greatest of all being The Goonies. As well as seeing the house from the film, the jail from the movie is now the state's film museum - complete with the cell where the guy pretended to hang himself.

We were unable to get a place on the Boston film tour, but we did have a pretty unique movie experience here.
Last night we went to see the movie Ted. By coincidence, the film was set in Boston, which meant we spent the whole time nudging each other and muttering things like "yeah, there're those swan boats", "look, that's that sail boat bridge thing", and "this girl next to me is taking up the entire armrest - seriously she's trying to sit on my lap, I'm going to elbow her in the face" - see, some things don't change just because you are in a different country.

Watching locals react to the specific Boston humour was priceless, particularly when characters started ripping into how Boston women look.
As previously mentioned, American people tend to be loud, and there was no exemption in the cinema. I've had people applaud at the end of movies before, but here audience participation is taken to a whole new level.
Be it cheering, or booing, apparently adding your own two cents is essential, and I felt a little inadequate. My mission before my next US movie experience is to learn how to wolf whistle so I can join in. 























Long-awaited Friends photo






















The Shining hotel at Estes Park in Colorado





















"You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good" - Men in Black headquarters






















Ghostbusters fire house in Manhattan

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