Vote in the Voyages in America election poll

I want to try something. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't... but let's just dive in, okay?

There are 27 days until the American election. After the last debate, things have got a lot closer. Polls are coming out at a many-times-a-day rate. Some have Romney up, some have Obama up and some have it about tied.

I know you guys are an opinionated lot when it comes to many things American. We've lived that first hand through some pretty good chats about the Republican primaries, the election itself, gun control, abortion and anti-anti-Americanism.

So herein, with this post, marks the start of the Voyages in America 2012 USA election free-for-all poll that will remain open for the next three weeks.

How it works: if you wish to participate, simply place your vote in the comments. If it pleases you to do so, you can extrapolate your reason for siding this particular way.

I will publish weekly updates on the Voyages in America Facebook page, and a comprehensive writeup of these results on Monday, November 5, before the election.    

On each of the next two Thursdays, I will post a reminder here on the blog to vote. C'mon! Do it. This'll be cool.

Some brief disclaimers:

i)  I realise that this is an extremely unscientific method of polling but it seemed like a fun exercise, yeah?

ii)  I'm also quite aware that only Americans can vote, and only Americans should vote, in their own elections. This poll, as said, is merely intended as a brief sample of international opinion toward an election that doubles as a major global event.

iii)  Only vote once. I'll do my best to scrub out double dipping, but I'm just one man.

Two rules:

i)  I will accept votes for the three candidates: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. (No Ron Paul write-in votes.)

ii)  I know that the new Stuff Nation system allows you to respond directly to individual comments, and I don't want to tamp down discourse, but I would appreciate if this could be an open assessment of opinion, and not a chance for people to belittle others.

I have one tease for you to finish this all off. Next week I will announce a small prize and all votes will go into the draw for this small, yet-to-be-announced, I promise-that-I'm-not-making-it-up incentive.

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