Voyages in America Election Poll: Week 2

22:34, Oct 17 2012

Welcome to week two of the Voyages in America election poll.

Are you excited? I sure am.

We had a good week to start off with near on 50 votes. I'm pretty sure that this week we can do better. Right?

Barack Obama sped out of the blocks last week and within two days had taken in 92.5 per cent of the vote, stomping all over Romney's pitiful 2.5 per cent.

But perhaps mirroring Romney's surge of momentum nationwide in America the tides changed within the past few days. The past five days of polling saw Romney take in 37.5 per cent of all virtual ballots cast. Obama plummeted from 92.5 per cent, to 50 in that time period. Game change?

Actually, not really. The effect wasn't too radical. There was still a massive vote disparity overall. After week one, the scores lie as follows:



Barack Obama, (D) 85.4 %

Mitt Romney, (R) 8.3 %

Jill Stein, (G) 4.2 %

Gary Johnson, (L) 2.1 %


I sensed a considerable amount of lurking in last week's poll, so if you haven't voted, do! The question at hand is simple: who would be your pick for president of the USA, and (if you want to explain that out) why?

If you have voted and want to stick around a little bit, you should.

Why, in your estimation, is Republicanism so unpalatable to so many New Zealanders? Or is a surge on the way for Romney in this here poll?

And what did you make of the debate last night? I thought it was a metaphorically bloody, captivating affair, which more than made up for the snooze-fest of round one.

Can Obama stem the Romney tide and avoid an unseemly New Year's eviction from the White House?  

(Sucks to be homeless in January, 'speshly on the chilly East Coast.)

The small prize that I teased at last week is as follows: a $25 book voucher, and a copy of my favourite book ever about political campaigning, Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72, by Hunter S. Thompson (personally read by me. I'll even throw in my Rihanna bookmark!)

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