Ask Me Anything

23:35, Jun 18 2013

Today's Voyages in America post is my 300th. By my estimation, that means at least 250,000 words have been published. Another 300 posts and I'd have my own personal War and Peace, or Infinite Jest floating around up here.

So in light of this, I thought today, cashing in on the fine tradition of Reddit and the general responsiveness of the internet, you could ask me anything.

Seriously, ask me anything. Go on. I dare you.

Maybe this will be a disastrous experiment and you won't ask me anything at all. But today, at least, I give you the chance.

I'm proud of today's milestone, for a couple of reasons. This blog launched in July 2011, there was a bit of a "we'll just see what happens" mindset at inception. It was a slightly esoteric idea. I was confident that I could find an audience but the overriding themes here, about how moving country is a little bit like splitting yourself in two, resonated even more than I ever hoped. Which has been delightful.

I also take a little joy in hitting number 300, because there's a certain amount of discipline required in making yourself post three times a week, every week, without fail. Nearly always though, the conversations, responses, discussion and banter instigated here have made for a new adventure each time a new post goes live.


Now, some of the 250,000 words so far have been better than others, but you don't always win at this. There's a good Lorne Michaels quote about Saturday Night Live that I think applies to blog writing a little bit, "The show doesn't go on because it's ready, it goes on because it's 11:30."

I like to mark small milestones on the blog, because milestones, especially in blog writing, are fleeting. I don't get to stop after what I feel is a particularly good post and just let people read and re-read for a bit. Tomorrow, I'll be on to blog 301 and 302 will be on me before I blink almost and then I'll be back here in no time getting philosophical about number 400 and you'll have to suffer through that.  

So, I thought today I would turn the floor over to you.

Through a quarter of a million words to date, we've covered a lot: religion, accents, baseball, the Tea Party, Skype, New Zealand's general lack of religion and assertiveness, visas, homesickness, gun control, public holidays, road trips, heat, cold, humour, drunkenness, Starbucks, Barack Obama, the embarrassment of New Zealanders doing the haka abroad, moving coasts, travel safety, American candy, long distance relationships, American breakfast foods, the supermarkets, coffee, cricket and so much, much more.

We could talk about that, or we could talk about you, or you could enquire about anything we haven't touched on here. We can get personal, if you'd like.

You want travel tips? Visa advice? To be corrected about your general purview on American government? Red Vines or Twizzlers?

These 300 posts have been a blast and I look forward, audience permitting, to 300 more. I have loved writing this blog as much for the creative exercise as for it being in many ways a sort of interactive therapy session for me, helping me come to grips with my own feelings about ending up so far from home in the world.

Great. Well let's get to it. Regular transmission resumes on Friday! Ask away!

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